Vinyl Car Hood Wraps : Jazz Up Your Car

Vinyl Car Hood Wraps : Jazz Up Your Car

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Hood wraps have become a hot topic in the car marketing world. Car owners find them to be an inexpensive way to spruce up their vehicles and show off their personalities! It’s like having an expensive car paint job at a fraction of the cost.

When you put your car hood wrap on, it changes the look of your vehicle completely. You get to show off your cool style to the rest of the world and make an impression everywhere you go. Depending on your theme, other people will want to be like you simply because they want their vehicles to look as good as yours.  

What is a Hood Wrap?

The hood wrap is a process in which layer/s of the film are applied to the surface of a flexible film to create an image that is strong and vibrant enough to display on a flat surface, such as a car hood. The car hood wrap is a polymer product that can be easily wrapped around the front of your vehicle. 

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Characteristics Of Hood Car Wraps

Hood wraps come in many different colors and designs, so you will be able to find one that suits your taste. The great thing about these wraps is that they are thin and durable, so you won't have to worry about them causing damage to your car. 

The driving force behind the popularity of this product is its versatility and adaptability to other applications such as boat hulls, truck bed liners, and many other surfaces. It also allows graphic designers to create images that are impossible with any other method. 

This has paved the way for expansion into new markets, creating a new niche industry where custom designs can be printed.

Kinds of Hood Wrap Vinyl

Skies the limit with hood wrap types of vinyl. There are many materials and colors available to match your taste and needs. 

Popular hood wrap colors include 

And it does not stop with the colors. You can even choose a vinyl material type to suit your mood. The types of materials are 

Or you may go a step further and have your design customized.

Vinyl Hood Wrap

Hood Wrap vs. Paint Job

Hood wraps are a very affordable alternative to car paint jobs. Car paint jobs can cost a few hundred dollars and reach thousands of dollars or more depending on your car's size, color, and design. 

Car paint jobs are also permanent, and once you put that fresh coat on, it's there for good. However, for a one-time thing, if you do something memorable or cool that you want to promote or show off without ruining the rest of the car, hood wraps are the way to go. 

Car wraps come in all different color options, including glow in the dark, and can be removed almost instantaneously when they are no longer needed.

Many car owners sometimes start with hood wraps before seriously considering taking on full car wraps, taking on the hood wrap as a sort of trial phase. But regardless of the reason, car wraps in general, offer a wide array of advantages.

Here, we will be listing a few reasons to help you create confidence should you pursue tackling this endeavor. 


As mentioned earlier, hood wraps are more affordable than paint jobs. More than this, vinyl wraps can be done DIY or by a professional installer at a fraction of the time vs. a paint job. Paint jobs undergo a series of steps, and may require hours or even days for a hood job to be done, whereas applying a hood wrap has fewer steps and quicker to get done.


Paint jobs are permanent, and doing a new paint job over an already existing paint job is a very tedious process. It is not as easy as simply putting one paint job over the other.  With vinyl wraps, you can change colors and designs easily. 


Paint jobs although permanent do not equate it to being long-lasting. Paint jobs can fade over time. Vinyl wraps are designed to be highly resistant to fading and are created to last 4-5 years, depending on the material, and exposure to elements. Best to keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the life of the vinyl wrap, the same applies to your paint job too. Park your vehicles under the shade or inside your garage.

Benefits of a Hood Wrap

Hood wraps are arguably the most effective car advertising tool available today. It is an awesome means of advertising your product or service. 

This technology lets you attract new clientele by having your business name or message displayed on the exterior of vehicles, thus gaining you greater exposure and a higher return on investment.  

It's a great way to swing by traffic and make your brand visually pop in front of an audience hungry for some entertainment while they sit there and wait for the traffic lights to change. 

If done properly and applied with care, your car hood wrap can last long enough to attract enough attention for you to make gains from it. 

How to Apply a Hood Wrap

Here is a video on how to apply a hood wrap

Care and Maintenance of a Hood Wrap

Should you invest in a hood wrap alone, the care and maintenance of a hood wrap is different from the rest of your vehicle. Traditional cleaning methods and implements may be used to clean the non-vinyl-wrapped portion of your vehicle. 

However, for your vinyl-wrapped hood, always make sure to refer to the cleaning instructions included with the purchase of the car vinyl wrap. The use of a brush is a no-no in cleaning vinyl, as this might destroy the material. 

Delicate handwashing is highly recommended. Also, make sure to test a small area of your hood wrap with whatever cleaning detergent you plan to use to check how it will react with the vinyl.

Vinyl Car Hood Wrap


Car wrapping customization has grown in popularity over the years. What was once a passionate endeavor limited to serious car enthusiasts, is now being enjoyed not only by many car owners but by businessmen and entrepreneurs as well.  

Hood wraps have become one of the more popular car wraps to liven up the color of your car or a perfect and unique way to advertise your business. Whatever the purpose, there will be a vinyl frog product to suit your car wrapping modification needs.

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