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Color Swatch 2023

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Color Swatch 2023

£17.00 GBP



E-commerce has surged in popularity worldwide, yet people are growing increasingly apprehensive about getting the right product. This concern has trickled down to the vinyl industry as customers find it challenging to choose the perfect vinyl color. Oftentimes, you may discover that the shade you picked online was not quite what you expected. Well, now you can say goodbye to color guesswork and hello to precision with VinylFrog's Color Swatch 2023!

Our Color Swatch provides an immersive look at the 2023 collection of vinyl samples, carefully crafted to showcase the vibrant colors and captivating textures of all VinylFrog's current products. It provides a precise and consistent representation of the color options available and allows you to visually compare different color options side by side, making it easier to identify which shade complements your vehicle's design, style, and personal preferences. 

Features And Specifications:

  • Adequate sample size.
  • Easy to carry and analyze.
  • 24 samples.
  • Colors in the swatch:

2023 Version

High Glossy

  • Pastel Yellow
  • Pink Gray
  • Simply White
  • Mclaren Orange

Glossy Metallic

  • District Green
  • Avalon Green
  • Emerald Gray
  • Bernina Gray.
  • Florett Silver
  • Frozen Blue
  • Victoria Violet
  • Deep Jungle Green
  • Rubellite Purple

Carbon Fiber

  • Black Forged
  • Classic Black
  • Spiral Black
  • Glossy Spiral Black
  • Weave Black

Glitter Metallic

  • Pearl Blue Gold
  • Diamond White
  • Diamond Black


  • Glossy White Gold
  • Glossy White Purple
  • Glossy White Blue

    This is especially important when considering variations in hues and how colors may appear under different circumstances. You can also evaluate how each shade harmonizes with your car's existing features, such as trim, interior, and overall aesthetics. Holding this deck in your hands allows you to see every shade and feel every texture up close, ensuring you make the perfect choice for your vinyl project. 

    You no longer have to rely on screens to convey accurate color representation. With our Color Swatch, you can bypass the uncertainty of digital displays. Witness the real colors, untouched by pixelation or screen settings. Say goodbye to the "It looked different on my computer" dilemma!

    It also allows you to move the samples around and observe how light transforms the colors and brings out various highlights and nuances. This hands-on experience empowers you to make the most informed decision for your project, whether it is a vehicle wrap, signage, or interior design. 

    Moreover, if you are a professional in the automotive customization business, you can aid your clients in visualizing the changes they wish to make. Within the dealership, customers can mix and match vinyl color swatches to create their ideal vehicle. Especially for partial wraps, it offers a firsthand look at the various combinations you can achieve.

    Our swatches are authentic vinyl samples, not mere print reproductions. This means you are getting a true representation of the material you will be working with. Feel the quality, texture, and durability of our vinyl in real time to ease your concerns about online purchasing. 

    Take the guesswork out of your vinyl shopping experience and make confident choices with the VinylFrog Color Swatch 2023. It ensures accuracy, enables visual comparisons, aids in decision-making, guarantees color consistency, helps you avoid surprises, and opens up possibilities for captivating customization, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and well-informed choice of color for your vehicle. 

    Elevate your creativity and ensure your designs come to life exactly as you envision. Order your swatch today and experience the world of vinyl in all its vivid glory!