VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set
VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set
VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set
VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set
  • SKU: VTT01

VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set


    Material: PP+ Stainless steel

    Hardness: Hard, Medium, Soft

    Usage: The Hard one is good for applying films at narrow flat edges of car panels, and to ensure the film is perfectly applied around the edges of logos and emblems.

    Vinyl Frog tucking tools are ideal to give your vinyl wrapping a professional finish. Available in a handy box that is easy to carry, the set contains three tucking tools of variable hardness, a weeder, and an edge fold squeegee applicator.

    While wrapping any surface, it is highly impractical to wedge a film into a crevice or edge without a proper device. The three tucking tools have angled edges with different degrees of hardness that are perfect for manoeuvring vinyl into trim lines, extreme corrugations, small gaps, concave angles and hard-to-reach edges. They obtain the best result without the slightest damage to the film. The black has the hardest edge, the red one has medium soft, and the blue one has the softest edge.

    The box also contains a stainless steel weeder which is a versatile tool with an angled tip perfect for removing tiny negative cuts and excess vinyl after application. Weeding vinyl for a perfect finished look can be a tedious task. This tool makes it a lot easier and saves time as well.

    The Vinyl Frog tucking tool set also has a plastic edge fold squeegee applicator that helps to apply vinyl in very small corrugations. The whole package is the best to give your vinyl application and installation a perfect finished appearance.

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