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VinylFrog 6-in-1 Vinyl Accessories Set

$84.99 USD
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VinylFrog 6-in-1 Vinyl Accessories Set

$84.99 USD


At VinylFrog, we are excited to announce the launch of our new 6-in-1 Vinyl Accessories Set! This is an essential kit for our dealers to show that they only associate with the very best in the automotive vinyl industry. Here’s what it includes:

VinylFrog Black Wheel Cover 4 pcs

Our black wheel covers are a great way to protect your wheels from the elements and give them a sleek, new look. They’re easy to install and remove, and they’re made of high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean.

Enhance the appearance of your wheels with the chic black design of our sleek covers, maintaining their pristine condition effortlessly. Our logo is proudly showcased in vibrant green on each cover adding a stylish burst of color to elevate the overall look. Each pack contains four covers, ensuring comprehensive protection for all your wheels. Ideal for cars, these covers effortlessly slide on, offering maximum safeguarding during storage. 

If you have damaged wheels, our wheel covers can help to hide them and make your car look more presentable whilst protecting it from tire debris and other forces of nature.

VinylFrog Black Square Flag

Our black square flag is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your car. It’s made of durable material and features a sewn-in grommet for easy attachment. This impactful accessory is an ideal way to convey your steadfast connection with our company and your dedication to promoting top-tier products in the market.

Flags are a great way to show off your affiliations. Measuring 70 x 90 cm, this accessory is an ode to your commitment to our company loud and clear! If you’re planning on attending a car show or other event, a flag can help to make your car stand out from the crowd.

VinylFrog License Plate Cover 2 pcs/set

These are excellent to protect your license plates from the elements and get a distinguished look with our embossed logo on the front and back of your ride! They’re made from durable, impact-resistant material and feature a raised VinylFrog logo.

License plate covers can also help to make your car look more unique and stylish when parked. And if you live in an area with harsh winters, these can help to protect your license plates from snow and other related damages.

VinylFrog Sticker

Our VinylFrog sticker is the perfect way to show that you only opt for the best for your vehicle. It’s made of high-quality PET and is weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Our sticker has a sleek design and shall make your car’s windows, rear-view mirror, or even your laptop, stand out from the rest. They serve as the best giveaways for your customers especially in fairs and exhibitions. They are an excellent promotional tool.  

VinylFrog Branded Signature Pen

Our VinylFrog branded signature pen is the perfect accessory for our deals or any vinyl enthusiast. It’s a sleek and stylish pen that’s perfect for writing notes, signing contracts, or just showing off your love of vinyl.

Measuring 13.8 x 10cm with a retractable nib and weighing 58 grams only, it’s made of durable plastic and features a comfortable grip. It has been designed to alleviate strain on your hands during the demanding task of continuous writing. The ink glides smoothly, drying quickly without any dragging or scratching, resulting in a clean and precise script. With a simple click at the end of the pen, the nib can be effortlessly retracted.

VinylFrog Adjustable Flap Cap

Our VinylFrog adjustable flap cap is the ideal way to protect your head from the sun and reflect your love of vinyl. It’s made of high-quality durable material and features the vibrant green and white VinylFrog logo.

Our VinylFrog adjustable flap cap is the perfect marketing tool for depicting that you’re affiliated with the best in the automotive customization industry. It’s comfortable to wear and features a wide brim and a back flap to protect you from the sun. Easily cleanable, it has the vivid VinylFrog logo on the front.

The VinylFrog 6-in-1 Vinyl Accessories Set is an excellent choice for our dealers. With six essential items included, you’re sure to find everything you need that makes for great marketing tools. So what are you waiting for? Order your set today!