Color Swatch 2021
Color Swatch 2021
Color Swatch 2021
Color Swatch 2021
Color Swatch 2021
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Color Swatch 2021


    2021 Version

    VinylFrog color swatch includes two booklets with 2 series of vehicle wraps in one set.

    F001 Series for the fashionable colors:

    1. Rainbow metallic
    2. Matte Metallic
    3. Satin metallic
    4. Glossy metallic
    5. Candy metallic
    6. Glitter metallic

    C001 Series for the classic colors:

    1. Matte
    2. Super matte
    3. High Glossy
    4. Silk Chrome
    5. Brushed metallic
    6. White chameleon

    Note: We stopped the production of some colors in 2022. Here is the color list

    SMP55 Metallic White
    SMP51 Metallic Silver
    SMP31 Porpoise Gray
    SMP32 Anchor Gray
    SMP50 Metallic Black
    SMP54 Black Star Sky
    SMP39 Midnight Green
    SMP38 Brunswick Green
    SMP37 Aegean Blue
    SMP56 Stone Blue
    SMP36 Violet
    SMP53 Hornet
    SMP52 Tawny Brown
    SMP33 Interstellar blue
    SMP35 Ghost Purple
    SMP34 Dark Purple
    GMP19(PET) Champagne Gold
    GMP42 Tourmaline Red
    SGP14 Abu Dhabi Blue
    MSP01 Carnation Pink
    MSP02 Tiffany
    SMP10 Bond Gold



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