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High performance printable vinyl wraps are the best way to transform your vehicle into a distinct personal brand or an attractive mobile advertisement to garner maximum attention. High resolution images and designs can be printed on the vinyl wrap in the most quick and cost effective manner and installed on vehicles making them a spectacular advertising tool that promises to pique the curiosity of the onlookers.

Printable Vinyl Wrap Basics

A printable vinyl wrap gives you endless design possibilities to invigorate your brand identity. With the advent of digital printing, advertising through vehicles has become all the rage. When we speak of printable vinyl films we refer to white or clear digitally printable films. These can be calendered or cast films – the former being thicker than the latter. Both can be digitally printed. Depending on your requirement, you can go for either gloss or matte printable vinyl wrap. In order to get the maximum out of your wrap, it is imperative to opt for the high-grade polymeric vinyl film which in return also ensures the longevity of the wrap giving you a long-term solution. When choosing, it is also important to consider the combination of the vinyl and the over-laminate.  

The Technology Best Suited for Printable Vinyl Wraps

It is important to use the right printer to print impeccable graphics on a vinyl wrap. Solvent printers use a heavy amount of ink to print on vinyl that takes a long time to dry. When using this technology, one should make sure that an ample amount of time is given for the ink to dry for better results. Do not laminate the wrap without proper drying as this might cause the vinyl print to look cloudy or hazy adversely affecting the quality and adhesion of the wrap. 48 hours is the recommended time to be given to drying only.

Latex printers use abrasive ink. They have multiple fans and extremely high-powered heaters to cure the ink during the process resulting in prints that are fully dry immediately after being printed. The print quality is also better and there is no need to wait for drying before laminating.

Printable Vinyl Wrap for Advertising

Printable vinyl wrap offers impactful advertising options and increases the outreach of a marketing campaign. It is the most efficient and effective way of spreading the word and getting more potential customers for your business whether it is small scale or extensive. It is a cost-efficient form of advertising, as compared to other expensive methods, that reaches far and wide gaining non-intrusive attention.  

- How printable vinyl wrap benefits a small-scale business

There is a common misconception that marketing through printable vinyl wrap is for companies with large vehicle fleets. A small scale business can resort to mobile advertising on a single truck or even advertise on their personal vehicles. Such a campaign will add a professional touch, creating the impression of an established and competitive set-up even if you are single-handedly operating the business. Hence by wrapping a vehicle, a small business gets the same playing field as a large establishment that has a whole fleet of wrapped vehicles.

- Full Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Depending on the coverage you are aiming for, you can either go for full wrap or a partial wrap. In a full wrap, your whole vehicle is a complete mobile advertisement campaign. It leaves a huge impact and an everlasting imprint on the minds of the onlookers. It ensures using the complete possible ad space on your vehicle. Such a vehicle or fleet delivers millions of marketing impressions in a year.

- Partial Vehicle Wrap Advertising

In partial wrapping, as the term suggests, not all parts of the vehicle are wrapped. It also involves less cutting, masking, and transferring graphics. A large sheet of vinyl is printed, laminated, and strategically placed on certain areas of the vehicle for maximum brand promotion. Partial wrapping costs less than a full wrap.


Making a Spectacular Personal Statement

It is not always about a business or a marketing campaign. Some enthusiasts want to make a striking personal statement using printable vinyl wraps to create eye-catching designs on their vehicles. It is only about making the vehicle glaringly visible with an aim to create a staggering impression. Such aficionados release unbound creativity making their vehicle an art piece.


Cost of the Wrap

When used as a tool for advertising, printable vinyl wrap costs way less than other methods of promotion. Its total cost depends on the coverage of the vehicle, whether it’s a full vehicle coverage or partial, the size of the wrap needed accordingly, and the number of colors used for printing. The quality of the wrap also matters.


Printable Vinyl Wrap Aftercare

In order to preserve the graphics on your printable vinyl wrap, proper maintenance is of utmost importance. If properly taken care of, they will not only be long-lasting but will also look their best. The standard method is the same as that of maintaining any vinyl wrap. Hand washes the vehicle with non-abrasive detergent and a micro-fiber, soft cloth. Do not let dirt rest on your vehicle. After washing, immediately dry the exterior. Do not let tree sap, dead bugs, road tar or bird droppings contaminate your vehicle. Avoid fuel spills. If any of these occur, spot-clean immediately. Do not let these pollutants rest for a long time. Avoid scratching the film. Do not scrub, use harsh chemicals or brushes when cleaning. Do not park near shrubs or bushes that might scratch the vinyl wrap.

How a graphic design presents itself on your vehicle depends on surface texture, the method of application of the vinyl wrap, sun exposure, weather conditions, and cleaning and maintenance of the wrap.

Hence a printable vinyl wrap is like a blank canvass on which you can creatively splash hues with infinite design possibilities to engage potential consumers. Whether it is your personal vehicle that you desire should stand from the rest or a fleet of vehicles on which you want to advertise your business to gain potential customers – a high-quality printable vinyl wrap is the ultimate solution.


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