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5 products

Heat Rejecting Window Tint Films

Soaring temperatures in the summer can cause your vehicle to heat up significantly and this can damage the interior of your car and potentially result in costly repairs. To help mitigate this risk, Vinyl Frog offers a remarkable range of Heat Rejecting Window Tint Films that are designed to reduce the amount of heat and UV radiation that enters a vehicle through the windows.

The Amazing Features

Our supreme window tints are available in 5ft rolls of varied lengths so you can buy one according to your need. The eight different sizes are 3.28ft, 10ft, 18ft, 33ft, 49ft, 65.6ft, 82ft, and 98.4ft. They are durable, long-lasting and scratch resistant. They also enhance fuel efficiency by keeping the interior cool and reducing reliance on the air conditioner. With their solar control properties, our window tints are definitely top-of-the–line!

The Different Tint Percentages

Our window tint films are available in a range of light to darker shades to suit your preference. These upgrade the aesthetic appeal and the overall look of your vehicle making it more captivating and luxurious. Depending on the law in your state regarding tint percentages, you can choose from 70%, 50%, 35%, 20% and 5% of visible light transmission (VLT).

The different range of grades in the tint shades also allows you to choose the level of protection that best meets your needs. For example, if you live in a particularly hot climate, you might choose a film with a higher grade of heat rejection to provide maximum protection. On the other hand, if you live in a milder climate, you might choose a film with a lower grade to provide a balance of protection and visibility.

High Utility and Comfort

Our specialized window tints are crafted using Nano-ceramic particles that offer premium privacy to the customer. The external appearance of the window tint is reflective, creating a mirror-like effect from the outside. It is difficult to clearly see inside the car but it allows a clear view from the other end. The passengers can see outside without any distortion or interference. This also helps protect the valuables inside your vehicle and rejects unwanted attention.  

Window tints are also effective at reducing glare, which can be a problem in bright sunlight or when driving at night. By blocking a portion of the glare-causing light, it can help to create a more comfortable and eye-friendly environment inside the vehicle.

Window tints are not just for usage in vehicles only. You can also apply them on windows in your home to provide privacy from neighbors or passersby, making it great for a variety of uses. If your home receives a lot of sunlight and you want to reduce it as it can fade the color of the furniture, or you want to lower the temperature inside your home, window tints are the best option to do so.

Overall, Vinyl Frog's Heat Rejecting window tint films offer a convenient and effective solution for anyone looking to reduce heat and UV radiation, improve privacy, reduce glare, and protect the interior of their vehicle from fading. Whether you own a Mercedes or a Mini Cooper, your car deserves the best. Select the tint percentage that is allowed in your state and head for check out!