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14 products

Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap

Candy colors signify vibrance, enlivening any surface they are applied to. The amalgam of these brilliant shades with a metallic texture makes for a truly captivating vinyl wrap that can transform any vehicle into a gem on the road. Vinyl Frog brings to you Candy Metallic vinyl wraps in a number of amazing bright shades that will surely make your ride a cut above the rest.

Boring old solid colors are not the trend anymore when it comes to cars. Everyone is going for a distinctive look these days. Don’t you just love how shiny and eye-catching a car looks in a snazzy metallic wrap? Whether it be a bus, boat, motorcycle, or a car, you can have it looking shiny and glamorous with our Candy Metallic vinyl wraps.

The Fantastic Features

You must be wondering why Candy Metallic vinyl wraps are better for your car. Repainting your car just because you want a fresh new look is not only going to make a sizable dent in your pocket but also be very time consuming. Instead, you can just go to Vinyl Frog’s website and pick out one of our Candy Metallic vinyl to drape your vehicle in an ultra-modern shade.

Our premium quality films are manufactured using high-grade polymeric vinyl using pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. They are durable and weather resistant bravely withstanding the harsh elements and minor chips and dings on the road. They protect the exterior of the vehicle from the damaging UV rays of the sun, corrosion and stains. Hence they promise longevity while protecting the original paint and ensuring that the resale value remains intact.

Available in beautiful and unique colors such as purple-pink, gray purple, emerald olive, neon green, neon orange, dark gray, and so on, our Candy Metallic wraps are perfect for adding a touch of liveliness and vigor to the overall appearance of your vehicle. The slight shimmer on the surface gives them a sleek and smooth finish and a metal like appearance.

Flawless Installation

Our Candy Metallic vinyl wraps are easy to install. They are equipped with air release channels that make application a breeze. Each film is available in rolls of different sizes from 5 x 3.28ft to 59ft so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs according to the model and dimensions of your vehicle. They can be easily repositioned to remove creases and bubbles, and smoothly conform to curves and contours giving your vehicle an elegant, sophisticated look.

With the right tools and expertise, you can even install our candy metallic wrap yourself in your own garage. You can apply it as a full or partial wrap, or mix and match it with our other films to create an eye-catching, two-tone design giving your vehicle an exquisite look. Each film lasts through multiple washes and remains damage-resistant for a long time.

Our Candy Metallic wraps add a beautiful touch of charm to your vehicle. They can make your car stand out from the crowd. If you have a sparkly and spirited persona and you love bright shades, then what are you waiting for? Select a vinyl film and head for check out. It’s time to transform your cherished set of wheels into a captivating masterpiece!