Metallic Vinyl Wraps - Including 6 Series Contains Shiny Texture



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93 products

Metallic Vinyl Wrap - Including 6 Series Contains Shiny Texture

Sleek, sophisticated, and visually aesthetic, metallic vinyl wraps transform your vehicle into a distinctive brand. It gives the vehicle that spectacular sheen that makes it magnificently exceptional. Metallic vinyl wrap films have metal flakes that add that extra shimmer to the surface. When light interacts with it, the vehicle sparkles brilliantly. This unique aspect of a metallic wrap is based on its processing technique. The premium quality metallic wrap uses precious metals such as titanium and the magnetron sputtering method which not only increases the transmittance but enhances the insulation as well.

Metallic vinyl wrap is always a better option because it has at least six layers than the general vinyl wrap which has only three. The extra metallic layers enhance the durability of the vinyl wrap while offering greater protection. There is a wide variety of metallic vinyl wraps to choose from not only in the availability of hues but types as well. You can easily customize your vehicle may it be a car, bike, quad, boat, or any other surface according to your preference giving it a distinguished personal touch. The possibilities are endless.

The Metallic Collection is the most popular product including 6 series like GLOSSY, GLITTER, MATTE CANDY, BRUSH, and RAINBOW. After metallization coating, magnetron sputtering, interlayer synthesis, and other processes, it becomes a stylish film with different characteristics. A gorgeous luxury finish can be achieved with our metallic vinyl wrap on your vehicle. This glossy metallic vinyl wrap is visible and will make your vehicle glow like a diamond. Our metallic vinyl wrapping is significantly superior and provides additional protection from the weather while driving or riding.

From Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple, Candy Metallic Dark Gray, to Rainbow Metallic Majestic White, there are a variety of colors to pick from. These metallic wraps will certainly offer the correct color and finish option for any kind of modification that you want for your vehicle. A full metallic vinyl wrap on your vehicle will appear luxurious and will still look the same as expensive car paint, but shinier. So, there’s really no need to respray your vehicle when you can save the extra cost and still make your vehicle shine.

These vinyl wraps contain a metallic flake that gives your vehicle the extra glow to make it stand out. It guarantees a sophisticated and beautiful surface with diverse features after metallization processes. Use it to wrap cars, motorcycles, bikes, and any other vehicle! Our metallic vinyl wrap is resistant and flexible and is stretchy enough to wrap around your vehicle's edges and deep areas with ease. You can gently remove the excess vinyl with a sharp knife or blade after applying it to the vehicle.

Types Of Metallic Vinyl Wrap 

Metallic vinyl wraps are available in a plethora of vibrant colors such as purple, white, neon green, deep blue, black rose, and more. These colors are available depending on the type of metallic vinyl wrap chosen for the vehicle such as gloss, matte, satin, and glitter.

If you want an attractive and eye-catching vehicle that will leave an everlasting impression on the onlookers, then gloss metallic vinyl wrap is for you. Gloss metallic vinyl wrap gives a smooth glossy finish to your vehicle. It has flakes of metal added during the manufacturing process that makes your vehicle shine like a diamond in light. The material is stretchable and can easily cover difficult curves and recessed areas. Matte metallic vinyl wrap is for those who want a subtle matte, elegant look for their vehicle. Though it has tiny metallic particles, it does not have shimmer and does not reflect light as much. It is available in a variety of colours that are perfect to accentuate the body of the vehicle enhancing its curves and the overall look. The material is durable and stretchable and is best for a full vehicle wrap.  

If you do not want a high gloss look or a complete matte finish then go for satin metallic vinyl wrap. Its velvety finish will make your vehicle look very sophisticated and chic. Satin metallic wrap is not ultra-shiny but it reflects more light than a matte metallic vinyl wrap. Glitter metallic vinyl wrap is for those who want their vehicle to glimmer with ostentatious brilliance. It gives the effect of a vehicle covered in little flecks of glitter that are highly reflective. Hence it dazzles as light fall on it. Customization with Metallic 

Customization With Metallic Vinyl Wrap 

Once you have settled on the type of metallic vinyl wrap and the right color for your vehicle, you have the option of full or partial wrapping your vehicle. If you want to completely transform your vehicle from, let’s say, bland white to a sparkling gem, giving it a luxurious, state-of-the-art appearance, then go for the full wrap. This will not only give your original paint premium protection but is also easy to maintain enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle making it attractive, interesting and a head-turner.

If you do not want to completely overhaul the look of your vehicle but want to design a custom livery based on your preferences then you can opt for partial metallic vinyl wrap. Partial wrap can be done on the roof, wing mirrors, bonnet, spoilers, trunk, and so on. Contrasting metallic wrap on roof or bonnet is very common. Dark shades are used on the roof to visually streamline the vehicle. Metallic vinyl wrap on the bonnet, which is the main body panel of the vehicle, is not only visually appealing but also adds panache. Wrapping the wing mirrors, spoilers, and bumpers is another styling option that will personalize your vehicle making it different from others.

Metallic Vinyl Wrap Aftercare 

Once you have applied the metallic vinyl wrap of your choice, caring for it is highly imperative to enhance its durability and maintain the impeccable, unique look of your vehicle. A properly tended metallic vinyl wrap can last for five to seven years. After the application, wait for at least 72 hours before washing the vehicle. It is necessary for the metallic wrap to fully adhere to the vehicle.

Metallic vinyl-wrapped cars have to be washed regularly, preferably once or twice a week with a non-abrasive detergent. Any road debris, sand, bird droppings or other contaminants have to be properly cleaned immediately. The wrap should be protected from pollutants as well. For example, avoid spilling fuel on it when filling your tank. If any fuel is spilled on the wrap, wipe it immediately. The cleaning agents used should not be oil-based and should be pH neutral. Test them on a small portion of the metallic vinyl wrap before using them. Hand washing the vehicle is the best option. The water pressure should be set under 2000psi and the nozzle should be 30cm away from the vehicle set to a 40-degree wide spray angle to avoid a concentrated jet of water. The water temperature should be below 80°C (180°F). Carelessness in this regard may lead to the surface getting warped.

Lastly, do not park your vehicle under the hot sun for extended periods of time. The vehicle should be parked in a garage or in a shaded area to avoid any damage to the wrap from heat and light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl frog has a wide variety of metallic vinyl wraps available in myriads of shades to suit your personal needs. From glossy metallic midnight purple, candy metallic dark grey to rainbow metallic majestic white there is a broad range of colors available in significantly superior quality.