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14 products

All About Candy Metallic Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Frog brings you its Candy Metallic vinyl wraps in a number of amazing bright shades that will surely make your ride a cut above the rest. Candy colors are vibrant, adding life to the surface they are applied to. The fusion of these brilliant shades with a metallic texture makes for a truly captivating vinyl wrap that can transform any vehicle into a gem on the road.

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Candy Metallic Car Wrap
Candy Metallic Car Wrap
Candy Metallic Car Wrap

The Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap Cost

The cost of Candy Metallic Vinyl starts at $2000 for a full car wrap if you own a standard sedan or coupe. For smaller cars, the cost will be less, up to $1500 which includes the price of the vinyl and professional installation. If you know how to apply vinyl, the cost will decrease considerably. You can get a partial Candy Metallic Car wrap for under $70

Candy Metallic Vinyl Wrap Cost

The Candy Metallic Car Wrap Colors

The bright colors in our Candy Metallic series will add life to your vehicle making it pop with energy and style. For our ardent customers who want something different for their ride, we have come up with shades by mixing two colors such as Candy Metallic Gray Purple. Gray Pink, Purple Pink, Rainbow Drift Black Red, and so on. We also have six electrifying neon shades adding a sense of energy and excitement to your ride.

The Fantastic Features

You must be wondering why Candy Metallic vinyl wraps are better for your car. Repainting your car just because you want a fresh new look is not only going to make a sizable dent in your pocket but also be very time-consuming. Instead, you can just go to VinylFrog’s website and pick out one of our Candy Metallic Vinyl to drape your vehicle in an ultra-modern shade. Below are some of their superb features:

  • Our premium quality films are manufactured using high-grade polymeric calendered vinyl film.
  • It is equipped with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that forms a robust bond with the smooth, clean, and dry surface of your car.
  • Our Candy Metallic Car Wraps are durable and weather-resistant bravely withstanding the harsh elements and minor chips and dings on the road.
  • These are available in 14 beautiful and unique colors such as Purple-Pink, Gray Purple, Emerald Olive, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Dark Gray, and so on.
  • They are medium stretchable making it easy to conform to the curves and contours of your ride no matter how complex its body shape is.

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Let’s Buy The Best Candy Metallic Wrap For Cars!

Our Candy Metallic wraps add a beautiful touch of charm to your vehicle. They can make your car stand out and be exceptional. If you have a sparkly and spirited personality and you love bright shades, then what are you waiting for? Select a vinyl film and head for checkout. It’s time to transform your cherished set of wheels into a captivating masterpiece!