The Idea

VinylFrog's idea emanated from a "chameleon" frog nature. Our brand depicts the fundamental disposition of nature that means fresh and diverse, which is why our logo is green in color.

Because we believe in fashion and innovation, in 2016, we started producing several variants of vinyls in various colors. We are currently working with 1000+ vinyl wrap retailers worldwide since the distribution of our quality products began in 2018.

Why Vinyl Frog?

Despite our humble beginning, our goal is to manufacture a wide range of high-quality and durable vinyl wraps at a pocket-friendly price. Our team endeavors to offer better and high-range calendared vinyl products. We keep up with trends based on our cutting-edge technology and research, and we're constantly improving on our arrays of products. We also strive to ensure that our films are accessible worldwide.

At VinylFrog, we are obligated to offer you the best vinyl wraps in the industry at lower prices. Thanks to modern eCommerce, you can now easily order your desired vinyl wrap style and color directly from our website.


We invent colors at will; there is a stunning range of colors and films to personalize your vehicle. Having a variety of unimaginable colors at VinylFrog; it's very hard not to find your desired one. 

VinylFrog offers an impactful collection of stylish and protective options for all vehicles. Most of our products are DIY friendly; therefore, you may not need a professional installer to enjoy hassle-free wrapping splendor. But for a full wrap and especially on curved surfaces it's better to give it to professionals.


You can currently order for the following categories on our website: Metallic, Gloss, Matte, Chrome, Paint protection, Printable, etc.

Our Promise

As a global player in vinyl manufacturing, we are committed to customer satisfaction, superior products, and cost-effectiveness. VinylFrog is always available for all of your vinyl needs and wants to give you the best bang for your bucks.

VinylFrog head office and factory are in Guangzhou, China. Meanwhile, we have a network of dealerships worldwide. The door is open if you also want to join our network of dealers who are smiling to the bank and finding fulfillment in their business.

VinylFrog is sincerely excited to give you limitless possibilities to create fashionable, stylish exterior designs with different colors and finishes.