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8 products

Window And Headlight Tints

If you're a passionate car aficionado, who values customization and attention to detail, you'll highly appreciate the transformative effect of the window and headlight tints. These modifications not only enhance the overall aesthetic of your vehicle but also offer a range of practical benefits. Whether you're looking to give a sporty, sleek look or to protect your ride from the sun's harmful rays, the window and headlight tints can help you achieve your desired outcome. 

The Supreme Array Of Window Tints

Vinyl Frog's range of heat-rejecting window tint films, made from premium-grade Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), is the perfect solution for those looking to enhance the privacy and energy efficiency of their vehicle. They also give your ride an elegant and contemporary look, making it a showstopper on the road. Our films come in different percentages of visible light transmissions (VLTs), with 5% VLT being the darkest and 70% being the most transparent. 

These films effectively block 80% of the sun's infrared heat and 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping the interior of your car cool and pleasant. They also prevent the fading of seats and accessories making them look as good as new at all times. While traveling, you may also rest assured that your skin will be protected from damage caused by the sun. The films also reduce glare for a more comfortable driving experience. 

For ease of application, they are available in rolls of varying sizes: from 5ft x 3.28ft to 98.42ft. Whether you want to get your Mini tinted or the whole fleet of vehicles, you can get as much as you need with us. 

The Best Tints for Your Headlights

At Vinyl Frog, we have a budget-friendly solution for those looking to revamp the appearance of their vehicle with our range of shaded and transparent headlight tints. Not only do they add a lustrous and stylish touch, but also act as high-quality shields, protecting your headlights from chips, scratches, and dents caused by road debris. Their self-healing characteristics keep them in impeccable condition for many years.  

Our headlight tints come in different shades. If you only aim to protect your lights, you can opt for our transparent film. For those who want a darker look can choose from our light black, deep black, and smoky range. All these are available in rolls of different sizes from 1ft x 4ft to 49ft so you can easily buy as much as you need. Our premium quality tints boast superior temperature and UV resistance, reducing the risk of yellowing and dulling due to dirt and damaging rays. Additionally, they can also improve visibility, especially in areas with frequent fog. 

It’s Time To Get Maximum Protection!

Our range of heat-rejecting window tints and supreme headlight tints are a must-have. Durable and long-lasting, they offer the best value for money. Whether you're looking to reduce heat and UV exposure, improve visibility, or simply enhance the appearance of your vehicle, there's a tint option available for you. 

Our tints provide high-quality, budget-friendly solutions that deliver both style and functionality. If you're looking to take your ride to the next level, consider investing in these versatile and practical modifications today!