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Opal Chrome Vinyl Wrap

Stunning and vibrant colors that are sure to catch everyone’s attention, VinylFrog’s Opal Chrome Car Wrap is just what you need to revamp the look of your vehicle. It presents a high shine with reflective properties that make your vehicle shimmer like a gem on the road.

This vinyl has an opalescent finish and presents a play of colors when light falls on it from different angles. It is specially designed for those who love to embrace the spectacular, and would go the extra mile to make their vehicle unique and eye-catching!

The Opal Chrome Vinyl Wrap Cost

The cost of wrapping your vehicle in Opal Chrome Vinyl is around $6000. It is higher than other finishes because this vinyl is expensive due to the high-grade material required for its production and the tedious wrapping process. After all, care has to be taken to avoid marks on the film.

For a full wrap, you will need 59ft of vinyl which also accounts for the mistakes one might make during installation. The roll will cost you $599. If you go for the partial wrap or just the accents, you can easily get our Opal Chrome Vinyl Wrap for under $200.

The Perfect Opal Vinyl Colors

We have two remarkable colors in this vinyl that will add a magical touch to your ride, winning praise wherever you go.

1. Opal Chrome White Vinyl Wrap

This is a captivating film with a futuristic shine. Its iridescent finish catches the light, shifting colors and adding depth to the vehicle's appearance. This choice will definitely turn heads, making your car a standout on the road.

2. Opal Chrome Black Vinyl Wrap

This color adds a modern edge to your vehicle. It shifts colors under different lighting conditions, adding an element of mystery to the overall look. This wrap not only elevates the beauty of your car but also provides an eye-catching finish that is prominent in any setting.

The Captivating Features Of Our Opal Vinyl Wrap

Who wouldn’t want the amazing magical shimmer on their vehicle? But this is not the only characteristic of our Opal Vinyl, it has some other superb features as well such as:

  • It is durable and long-lasting if properly taken care of.
  • It features a smooth gleaming surface that shines brilliantly. Its glossy look is not just a remarkable fashion statement. Its reflective qualities act as an insulator and help in significantly reducing the temperature of the car.
  • It also wicks away moisture as water slides off easily from the wrap.
  • The panels of the car don’t come directly in contact with water and this prevents rusting of the metal parts of your vehicle.
  • It prevents the original paintwork of your car from marks and scratches that it might get when you are driving out and about on the road.
  • Our Opal Chrome Vinyl Wraps are a cost-effective alternative to a paint job.
  • Our vinyl is made from industry grade top quality material that ensures a flawless finish.
  • Maintenance of this wrap is necessary as it can easily get scratches on its surface.

Easy Application

The installation of our Opal Chrome vinyl wrap is a breeze. Here’s how:

  • It features supreme pressure-sensitive acrylic self-adhesive backing that can make application a smooth and effortless process.
  • The adhesive does not damage the car’s paint and the wrap can be easily removed afterward.
  • The adhesive is protected by a 160g double-sided silicone-coated release liner that helps maintain its strong tack for a long time.
  • It is equipped with an air-release channel that enables a bubble-free installation.
  • You can slide and reposition the film to get the perfect placement on the surface of your vehicle.
  • Made up of high quality polymeric vinyl, our Opal Chrome wrap does not stretch hence you will have to take care when wrapping around curves and contours.
  • You can be creative with the layout and go for partial wrapping of your vehicle as well with our vinyl in contrast with other vinyl colors.
  • While one can apply it to the car themselves, it is suggested to hire professionals as they possess the right tools and expertise to do an excellent job of wrapping opalescent vinyl.

Add a dash of character and revamp the look of your vehicle. Transform it into a spectacle that no one has ever seen with our extremely fascinating Opal Chrome vinyl wrap!

Get The Opalescent Finish Now!

Give your car a magical play of colors. Get the amazing Opal Chrome Vinyl Wrap nearby from VinylFrog. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home. Just visit our online store, select the color and size you want, and head for checkout. We recommend professional installation for long-lasting results.