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Chrome Vinyl Wrap For Cars

This product is the perfect accent to your vehicle's paint or chrome and is designed to make your ride look great. The vinyl is made of a durable, glossy, satin chrome film and is designed to enhance the look of your vehicle without looking too shiny.

The luster chrome vinyl wraps from Vinyl Frog are perfect for giving your vehicle a shiny new look. This vinyl wrap comes in various colors, with an even glossier and more durable satin chrome finish that won't leave scratches on your car.

Vinyl Frog right now only focuses on two matte finish chrome colors which have a finish like silk. So we call it silk chrome. As we know many wrappers like chrome colors especially mirror chrome. We also know there are matte chrome or satin chrome in the market. But there is still a risk to wrapping a chrome color because the silver layer will peel off from the color layer on the car paint and it is difficult to remove it. While Vinyl Frog has the idea to make chrome with a white layer with adhesive which solves the above issues.

Satin chrome vinyl wrap is for those who do not want to add ostentatious shimmer to their vehicle and they do not favor a completely matte look either. They want a wrap that is halfway between gloss and matte - just the right amount of shine and a chic and sophisticated look.

Adding Wow Factor To The Overall Look With Satin Chrome

Satin chrome vinyl wrap adds a unique, dull, satin chrome effect that accentuates the curves and lines of your vehicle. It is not flashy and does not extensively glimmer when light falls on it. It reflects more light than a matte vinyl wrap and less than a glossy one giving the vehicle a decent, toned-down look. The UV-resistant vinyl adds a contemporary touch protecting the vehicle from harsh weather elements. Replicating chrome or metal plating, its deep, rich-colored, semi-lustrous finish gives the impression that your vehicle is wrapped in silk making it a head-turner.

Wide Range Of Hues

Though the original satin chrome colors grey with blue undertones, it is also available in other color variants providing you a wide variety and the shade of your choice. Some of the colors are crimson red, velvet blue, yellow lime, hot pink, and emerald green. You can choose the shade depending on the kind of look you prefer, whether bold or muted.

Satin Chrome Vinyl Wrap Installation

Satin chrome vinyl wrap is a premium quality durable polymeric vinyl film. When applied perfectly and taken care of, it can last up to six years. Its application method is the same as that of standard calendered films. It is stretchable enough to wrap every edge and recessed areas at can bend, flex, and bond onto smooth, rounded corners with ease. This quality brings out the curves of the vehicle making it look exquisite. However, while applying, care has to be taken not to overstretch the film as it might destroy the chrome effect. It has a transparent, ultra-weather-resistant, solvent-based acrylic adhesive with a viscosity of 1000~3000cps. It can easily be repositioned or removed with no risk of chipping factory paint providing ultra-protection from damage. Its application requires directional installation with a standard squeegee having soft (wet) buffer.  

Satin Chrome Vinyl wrap has air drain technology that promises a bubble-free installation to any non-porous surface. Creases or folds can be easily removed with heat however care has to be taken not to use high temperatures as its chrome finish can easily burn, melt or haze over.

Satin Chrome Vinyl Care Tips

Satin chrome vinyl wraps need more care than regular matte or glossy vinyl wrap. Their chrome finish can be more readily damaged by scratches and cuts that are hard to remove. In order to avoid this, it is imperative not to use anything abrasive to clean the wrap. As with all wraps, no polishes and cutting compounds should be used. The same is the case with solvents and oil-based cleaners. Only pH-neutral products can be used that do not have any detergents.

Since satin chrome vinyl wrap is slightly more delicate than a matte or glossy wrap, only hand washing the vehicle is highly recommended. In this regard, mere two buckets are required to clean the main body of the vehicle. Wheels can be washed separately with a third bucket. One bucket should be filled with the car wash shampoo specially recommended for the satin chrome vinyl wrap and the other with fresh water.

Before washing with water, make sure that the vehicle is clean and there is no dust or other contaminants on it. This will greatly reduce the risk of scratching the wrap. Once the vehicle is washed, take utmost care to dry it immediately and not to let the water soak in and reach the adhesive. Do not let it dry naturally. Use a high-quality microfiber soft towel to dry your vehicle so as to protect the surface of the wrap.

Take the utmost care not to let dust rest on your vehicle. Bird droppings, squashed bugs, tree sap, or other difficult stains should be removed immediately. So also any fuel spill. These can be highly detrimental to the wrap. For spot cleaning, and isolated stains use isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

The Pros And Cons Of A Satin Chrome Vinyl Wrap

There are certain pros and cons of a satin chrome vinyl wrap that must be taken into account before making the decision. These pros and cons emanate mainly because of its chrome finish that is a bit different from other vinyl wraps in its handling and aftercare.


  • Satin chrome vinyl wrap gives your vehicle a luxurious, upscale, state-of-the-art appearance that will surely catch the eye. It looks exceptionally good on executive, high-end vehicles. Even an economy vehicle garners a lot of attention when it is wrapped in satin chrome vinyl whether fully or partially.
  • Satin chrome vinyl wrap offers an extra coating of paint protection. It acts like a second skin and protects a vehicle from rock chipping in the front and from elements such as salt, grease and grime.
  • It can be easily removed without damaging the underlying original paint of the vehicle.
  • It comes in a variety of hues giving you the choice of partial or complete color change.


  • Satin chrome vinyl wrap is a bit difficult to install because of its chrome finish and it is always better to get professional help for flawless installation on your vehicle.
  • Another downside of this kind of finish is that it scratches and cuts really quickly. These scratches cannot be easily removed either. One has to be really careful while handling this vinyl wrap.
  • A vinyl wrap with a chrome finish is a little bit more expensive than normal vinyl.