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You've seen the wrap, now try the wrap!

This product is the perfect accent to your vehicle's paint or chrome and is designed to make your ride look great. The vinyl is made of a durable, glossy, satin chrome film and is designed to enhance the look of your vehicle without looking too shiny.

The luster chrome vinyl wraps from VinylFrog are perfect for giving your vehicle a shiny new look. This vinyl wrap comes in various colors, with an even glossier and more durable satin chrome finish that won't leave scratches on your car.

VinylFrog right now only focuses on two matte finish chrome colors which have a finish like silk. So we call it silk chrome. As we know many wrappers like chrome colors especially mirror chrome. We also know there are matte chrome or satin chrome in the market. But there is still a risk to wrapping a chrome color because the silver layer will peel off from the color layer on the car paint and it is difficult to remove it. While VinylFrog has the idea to make chrome with a white layer with adhesive which solves the above issues.