22 products

22 products

Vinyl Frog brings you its premium quality, superb vinyl wraps that sell like hotcakes. Enliven the overall look of your vehicle; add a dash of color and perfection with a touch of glamor and elegance with our top-seller series.

Vinyl wrapping for complete transformation is definitely in vogue. Car enthusiasts come up with new ways to make their vehicles the talk of the town with a complete makeover through the vinyl. The film also offers supreme protection and high value for money.

At Vinyl Frog, we have the best quality vinyl films available in a variety of colors and finishes. Whether you want a complete overhaul or a partial change, or if you are those quirky ones who always want to think out of the box and want their set of wheels to be cut above the rest, we have vinyl for you to match your taste and needs. 

The Magic of Metallic 

Our Glossy Metallic collection is the finest. It stands at the top-notch for being the best seller. The superb metallic sheen paired with the amazing shades of black, purple, blue, and green boast a shimmer like no other. 

Candy Metallic is another favorite choice in this series. With colors like neon green, neon yellow, purple, and gray being the hot choice, it wraps your vehicle in fun, festivity, and sheer vibrance. Your car will be noticed from miles due to the metallic shine and the amazing display of color.

The Glamor of Glossy 

The Super and High Glossy films at Vinyl Frog are the most sought-after by car enthusiasts. We provide one of the best, high-quality glossy vinyl, which shrouds the vehicle in brilliance, glitz, and sophistication. 

It is available in a wide range of colors but the most popular are lavender, black, Miami blue, and China blue. These wraps have a smooth texture and a lustrous, classic finish well-loved by all. 

Captivating Carbon Fiber 

Carbon fiber is another popular vinyl film on the list. The deep black color exudes charm and mystery. It is a versatile wrap that is aesthetically appealing. It replicates carbon fiber in its surface finish and reflects light in the same way. It is one of the best vinyl choices that are in high demand.

Amazing Features

Vinyl Frog offers high-grade polymeric calendered vinyl films that are durable and long-lasting. They have air-release channels that ensure a bubble-free application. They can be repositioned quickly and have a great ability to stretch. They fight the harmful effects of environmental factors keeping your vehicle safe and stunning. 

Our vinyl comes with a protective film on top that ensures that the roll reaches you damage-free. With a pressure-sensitive adhesive, it is well-loved by both professionals and DIYers. 

If you want to give your vehicle a completely different look or are planning to make it a tool for advertisement, select from our Top Sellers. We hope that you have already chosen a few and loaded your basket. See you at checkout!