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Matte White Chameleon

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Fascinate with the classy nature of matte and the color dynamics of a chameleon changing from white to red or gold, your car is attractive in a unique way. When you wrap your vehicle with our matte white chameleon vinyl, the white base color can change into purple or blue depending on the angle of light reflection.

This effect will make your vehicle exterior more fashionable and exceptional. VinylFrog has a collection of five stylish colors: matte pearl white, matte white blue, matte white red, matte white purple, and matte white gold. This matte white chameleon wrap series gives your cruise a super classic finish, which is dynamic with peculiar radiance.

Our vinyl collections are durable and perfectly conform to the vehicle. The film material stretches to wrap all edges and recessed areas. The adhesive is also safe and will never give you any problem when uninstalling it. The most exciting part is that these wraps are high-quality but half the market price. If you are searching for a premium matte white wrap, look no further than VinylFrog films. It is slideable and repositionable. It also has an air release channel that makes installation and uninstallation easy such that even a DIYer can install it himself.

You can install on cars, trucks, SUVs, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, and other types of vehicles.