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3 products

3 products

7.5mil Ultra Paint Protection Film
From $99.00 USD
6.5mil Ultra Paint Protection Film
From $89.00 USD
9.5mil Ultra Paint Protection Film
From $119.00 USD

All About The Ultra Paint Protection Film

A perfect, gleaming vehicle without any imperfections and blemishes is a captivating sight on the road. Now you can also achieve such a great exterior for your car with the transparent and sturdy paint protection film by VinylFrog. This invisible layer serves as a robust shield against harsh elements and everyday wear and tear on the road.

The Ultra Paint Protection Film Cost

The cost of fully wrapping your vehicle in Ultra Paint Protection Film starts from $2000. The price of this PPF roll is on the higher end due to its supreme quality, durability, and enhanced protection. A more budget-friendly option is to apply it to the vulnerable areas of your car such as bumpers, hood, and fenders. If you know how to install the film, you will save a lot by taking the DIY route, however, only opt for it if you have the necessary expertise and required tools.

The Different Types Of Ultra Paint Protection Films

Our amazing PPF is available in three variants according to their thickness levels: 6.5mil, 7.5mil, and 9.5mil. All these types are resistant to scratches and stains and have excellent clarity. The actual face film of our Ultra PPF has a heat-activated self-healing topcoat which is covered with a protective layer to safeguard its integrity.

Underneath it has excellent acrylic adhesive with a PET release liner that helps maintain its tack for a long time. Our Ultra Paint Protection Film is a high-grade solution for preserving the original appearance of your car and maintaining its resale value.

The Amazing Features Of The Ultra PPF

All our Ultra Paint Protection Films have amazing features and are highly beneficial for your vehicle. They offer:

  • Protection of your car’s original paintwork from scratches, chips, harsh environmental elements, and flying debris on the road. These can leave unsightly marks on the body damaging its overall look.
  • Prevention from fading by blocking out harmful UV rays and exhibiting a strong resistance to yellowing. This maintains the gloss and shine of the original paintwork and reduces the need for frequent waxing and polishing. It also enhances the price point of the vehicle when it is sold.
  • One of the biggest advantages of our Ultra Paint Protection Film is its self-healing properties. Minute scratches and abrasions on it disappear on their own without the need for any repairs or replacement. Healing activates at room temperature or in sunlight. This ensures longevity when it comes to making your car paint look brand new.
  • Our film is highly durable with elasticity and resistance to stain and abrasion. As it interacts with light, it brings out the paint color giving it a shiny appearance and producing a smooth high-gloss finish.

Easy Application Of The PPF

Our Ultra Paint Protection Film is easy to apply no matter what the make and model of your car is. It is known for its excellent performance giving superb coverage and protection. Here’s how it helps:

  • One of its key features is its premium acrylic adhesive. It is specifically designed to conform firmly to the smooth surface of the vehicle, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond.
  • The flexible clear coat is stretchable, which allows it to be easily applied to even the most difficult-to-reach areas of your car.
  • Whether you have curves, crevices, or small corners, the film will fit perfectly, providing comprehensive coverage and protection.
  • This also means that it will not wrinkle, bubble, or peel over time, even when exposed to extreme temperatures, UV rays, and other harsh elements. Your car’s paint will remain protected for years to come, without the need for any touch-ups or repairs.

The Ultra Paint Protection Film Is Available Near You!

If you are looking for the Paint Protection Film nearby, VinylFrog has got you covered. Visit our online store and find everything you need to customize your vehicle under one roof. We understand the importance of keeping your car looking like new. That's why we offer top-of-the-line Ultra PPF. Simply select the thickness level and the size you want and head for checkout. The film will be delivered to your doorstep ready for installation.