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Glossy Metallic
Candy Metallic
High Glossy
Matte Metallic
Brushed Metallic
Rainbow Metallic
Silk Chrome
Matte Vinyl
Paint Protection Film
Satin Metallic

Metallic are Real

Amazing Colors in Matte Metallic Vinyl Wraps.

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Super Matte Russian Violet
  • From $59.00
Glitter Metallic Diamond Gold Pink
  • From $63.00
Candy Metallic Gray Purple
  • From $59.00
Super Glossy Lavender Purple
  • From $59.00

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See our wrappers giving a glowing edge to the vehicle with our quality vinyl wrap.


What our Customers Say

I’m the Malaysian distributor for Vinylfrog brand and all of my clients was very happy with the quality and the colors is outstanding and up-to-date.


Vinylfrog you have great quality for vehicle vinyl and all kinds of colors that we need and most important thing is that all our clients are satisfied with the vinyl’s quality in their car πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lenoks Nebiu

Love vinylfrog's product and very satisfied, I started my career wrapping cars thats my passion with vinylfrog, 1st done my car and then few others, all very satisfied with quality.

Ahsan Ali Khizar

Vinylfrog does supply the most vibrant colours for car wraps.They have all kind of special effects vinyls with easy installation and perfect outcome.Satisfaction and Guarantee 😎😎😎


I use Vinylfrog for race cars wrappings. It has really nice deep colors and I specially recommend Gloss Vinyl Series.

Sarah Walton

We’ve been using the product for awhile now and we are very happy with the product.

George Mathew

Its been great to see them develop their product line to make it easier to install and offer a wide variety of interesting colors and finishes.

Stephen Lee

We have been working with Vinylfrog products for quite some time and we are very satisfied.

Clark Stephen

Some of the richest, deepest most unique offerings you will find in an incredibly user friendly film.

Jonathan Brown

Vinylfrog has stepped up to solve the issues that many other brands have let fall to the wayside.

John Dwayne

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