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18 products

18 products

Glossy Metallic Black Rose Vinyl Wrap. Glossy Metallic Black Rose Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap
From $69.00 USD
Glossy Metallic Rufous Red Vinyl Wrap Glossy Metallic Rufous Red Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Satin Chrome Prismatic Red Vinyl Wrap Satin Chrome Prismatic Red Vinyl Wrap
From $63.00 USD
High Glossy Ferrari Red Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Ferrari Red Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
High Glossy Reddish Orange Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Reddish Orange Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Super Glossy Carmine Red Vinyl Wrap Super Glossy Carmine Red Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
High Glossy Bean Red Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Bean Red Vinyl Wrap
$61.00 USD
From $51.85 USD
Sold Out
Matte Metallic Pearl Red Vinyl Wrap Matte Metallic Pearl Red Vinyl Wrap
From $59.00 USD
Glossy Metallic Wine Red. Glossy Metallic Wine Red.
From $61.00 USD
Glossy Metallic Cherry Red Vinyl Wrap Glossy Metallic Cherry Red Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD

Red Vinyl Wraps

Tap into the art of passion and heroism, and give your car a fiery makeover with the captivating Red Vinyl Wrap. Red vinyl encapsulates heroism and adventure. With every edge and feature highlighted, the car radiates confidence and charm in its essence inviting a daring attitude of its owner.

Red is a popular color in the car industry after its acquaintances black and white, it is also a best seller when it comes to car wrapping.

Variety In Red Vinyl Wraps

There are several diversified finishes available in red vinyl. Even though you know that you want to make a daring decision and stand out by wrapping your car red. It comes down to what kind of red are you really looking for? 

This is where it becomes significantly important that you do your own research and understand the spectrum of red and towards which pole do you gravitate more. Are you into deeper tones or lighter? Researching and surfing between options can help you see which one suits you best!

Red vinyl films differ from one another in terms of texture and visuals. Furthermore, there is a variation in the cost as well, as these wraps can range from $600 to $4000 depending on the kind of wrap chosen and the size of the car. 

For high-end vehicles, the price may increase further because of their complex body structure. These are just the benchmarks as there are several factors that contribute to the price range and amount of wrap required. Following are the different types of red wraps available:

  • Glossy Red.

High Glossy.

Super Glossy.

Glossy Red Vinyl Wrap

If you want an attractive finish, Glossy Red Vinyl Wrap is your best bet. It has non-directional properties, which means that you are free to wrap different directions for each panel and the color would still look the same. A 5ft x 3.28ft roll costs around $61. 

Glossy red cars are showcased as the attention grabbing, mystic vehicles hence they are treated with attention to detail and perfection. At Vinyl Frog, we have the high glossy and super glossy series.

High Glossy Rouge Red

Rouge Red is the bestselling ultra-gloss wrap adding luxury and style to the car. It accentuates the bold features. Our premium quality vinyl is vibrant, durable and top of its class. With attention to detail, the finished look is one that is non-reflective unlike other glossy wraps, the red hue is the deepest and most vibrant red wrap on the market. 

Super Glossy Maroon Vinyl Wrap

Maroon is a charming color with the ability to gleam in the night. It exudes ultra-high luster, making your car look nothing less than a ruby. The film is high quality, durable and weather resistant. Vinyl Frog recommends that this wrap should be used for cars, trucks, boats, and any other flat surface of any vehicle.

Matte Metallic Pearl Red Vinyl Wrap

This wrap is distinctive and different from its glossy counterpart. It is very hedonistic and gives a stealth look. The wrap is just the right amount of shiny because of its matte and metallic qualities. In fact, it gives your vehicle a redefined appearance while adding 360º protection.

This is a classic and timeless shade of red that can be used to customize your vehicle. The wrap is slightly easier to install and therefore can be removed without damaging the paint or leaving behind any residue. Standing in a lower price bracket than its glossy counterpart, it costs $59 for  a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Glossy Metallic Red

Protection and preservation are the two most important functions of car wraps. A glossy metallic vinyl wrap offers you this much, where it is able to conserve the original color of the car, it also transforms it into a glinting piece of precious metal.

The metallic wrap nurtures flakes of metal engraved within the film, having high reflective qualities thereby making the wrap shine outstandingly in light. Metallic red vinyl wraps cost the same as your regular glossy wrap that is $61 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Glossy Metallic Vampire Red

It has a deep undertone with brilliant shine. Vinyl frog offers premium quality that is durable and easy to use. Adding a hint of shimmer but not exaggerating or flaunting shine is the aim of this wrap.

Vinyl Frog offers a wide range in this category:  Glossy Metallic Vampire Red, Glossy Metallic Black Rose, Glossy Metallic Wine Red, Glossy Metallic Rufous Red, Glossy Metallic Rosewood Red, Glossy Metallic Raspberry Red, Glossy Metallic Crystal Red, and Glossy Metallic Dragon Blood Vinyl Wrap. These are the types of glossy metallic red vinyl wraps available in the online store.

Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap

Get ready to be fascinated with the awe-inspiring and majestic look when your car is wrapped in the Rainbow Drift Vinyl Wrap by Vinyl Frog. The monotone base color with contrasting light refraction is able to display shades drifting across the vehicle as if there is a rainbow on the shiny surface. This is comparatively more expensive than its glossy and metallic counterparts that is $69 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Satin Chrome Red Vinyl Wrap

Satin red wraps are the core definition of rarity and class. It isn’t super shiny nor completely muted like a matte red wrap. It has just the right amount of shine and gives the impression of a vehicle being draped in silk. The price range associated with Satin Chrome Red is $63 for 5ft x 3.28ft. It is a versatile wrap that adds style and protection to your car’s exterior.

Satin Chrome Chocolate Cosmos Red

It has a soft satiny shine that speaks for pure class and sophistication. Forming a deep retro connection with your style and sense of self, it has a satin-finish that will transform the exterior of your car into a real piece of art.

Satin Chrome Silk Cardinal Red 

The satin look gives a soft and memorable shine. It is not completely glossy but gives a visually pleasing dimension to your vehicle. Moreover, it is the perfect way to customize your vehicle's appearance. It is a durable form of wrap that is flexible and sits well on every edge and corner of the car, reforming the whole style of your vehicle.

Partial Wrapping With Red

Partial wrapping with red is well liked by car enthusiasts. They often go for just the roof and the hood. Rouge red or carmine red are opted for it especially if you own a small car like a Mini Cooper. Partial wrapping gives the car a unique look and is not expensive as well. Reds can be used in contrast with a black or a white vehicle. It also looks good with silver and gold color schemes. A mix and match color palette with glossy red and carbon fiber black wrap is also the hot favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a red wrap cost?

In its essence there is a range that you can cite. Except for Pre-sale Satin Chrome Silk Rose Gold Vinyl Wrap and Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap, all the red wraps start from a margin of $61. On an average the range is between $600-5000

Q: Is red wrap worth the money?

It is worth your money if you want to be daring and stand out in the crowd.

Q: Why is glossy red vinyl popular?

It is dramatic and attention-grabbing. The high gloss shine is an added attractive feature to your car. 

Q: Is red a good color for cars?

Red is a daring color to choose for your car.


In a nutshell, a red vinyl wrap of any type is known to be a game changer for your vehicle. Be sure to do your research and compare the colors before making a decision. There are many options available in terms of texture, style and color, so you are given a wide range to choose from. Visit the Vinyl Frog online store now and choose the one that best fits your style!