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23 products


The saying "A craftsman is only as good as his tools" holds true for car enthusiasts who want to revamp and personalize their vehicle with an exquisite vinyl wrap. Acquiring a set of the right implements is the first step and the most important arsenal for anyone embarking on this journey. At Vinyl Frog, we offer a diverse range of tools to ensure a smooth and error-free wrapping experience, all while prioritizing the safety of the user.

Everything Under One Roof!

Getting the right and trusted paraphernalia that will get the perfect job done needs a lot of recce and research. We have made it easier for you by providing all the necessary tools at a premium quality on our website.  

Our Tucking Tool Set, made from durable stainless steel, is indispensable for tucking vinyl wrap around challenging corners and angled edges. With its precise design, this tool ensures that vinyl films are applied seamlessly to the narrow flat edges of car panels without damaging the material. It comes in a handy box with all the tools neatly stacked inside.

Our range of Squeegees, designed for both Paint Protection Film and vinyl wrap installation, is essential for ensuring an effective application. Without a good squeegee, you cannot ensure a crease-free, flawless installation. Our squeegees have a felt edge which ensures that the vinyl is not damaged in the process. Made from high-quality materials, these squeegees glide smoothly over surfaces to provide a professional-looking finish.

To further aid in achieving an immaculate wrap, Vinyl Frog also offers its efficient Air Release Pen. This tool eliminates little air bubbles that might pop up during the application process. It has a retractable nib to ensure the safety of the user. You can simply pop a bubble and smooth it out with our squeegee.

Installing vinyl wrap often involves cutting through large sheets of material, which can be challenging and dangerous without the right tools. At Vinyl Frog, we have the perfect Wrap Cutter for you. It is designed with a user-friendly handle that provides a safe and accurate way to cut through large pieces of vinyl. For smaller cuts that demand precision, our Wrap Cutting Knives are the perfect solution. They provide the control and accuracy necessary for creating detailed shapes.

Once the vinyl is cut, how will you hold it in place to gauge its correct position and see whether you have cut it according to the dimensions or not? This is where our strong magnets come in handy. They will hold the vinyl so you can analyze your placement and see if you are on the right track or not.   

For the safe execution of the whole project, we offer Car Wrapping Gloves that are a must-have accessory, especially when working with cutting tools. These gloves not only provide protection from cuts and scrapes but also enhance grip and control. They are designed to prevent fingerprints, grease, and other contaminants from leaving marks on the vinyl, ensuring a clean and professional-looking finish.

Without providing ample heat to the vinyl, you cannot seal it in. Each vinyl film has a different level of heat resistance. You have to see that you reach the right temperature and not go beyond or below it to fully activate the adhesive. For this, you will need our accurate Infrared Thermometer. Battery operated, with this excellent device you can never go wrong. 

And finally, where will you keep all these tools? Proper storage in one place is very important and so we present our Tool Organizing Bag - the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their tools neatly organized and easily accessible. This high-quality, sturdy bag is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, ensuring that your tools stay safe and secure.

It is time to buy one of each to complete your supreme quality tool set and start customizing your car in a luscious shade of vinyl easily available with us. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our range of tools is essential for anyone looking to get the visually stunning vinyl wrap job done.