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Air Release Pen for car wrap installation

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Air Release Pen for car wrap installation


Material: Plastic+Stainless steel

Feature: The needle of the weeding pen bubble remove pen is made of stainless steel, which is safe and durable, does not rust, and can be used for a long time.  This highly portable tool features a retractable fine-tipped, stainless steel needle. ideal for puncturing poorly installed vinyl surfaces to scrape any unwanted fluid deposits in the air. 

Function: It can be used to release air or eliminate bubbles when assembling vinyl. It is suitable for most vinyl tapes, adhesive vinyl, paper crafts, car wrapping paper, window tinting, protective film installation, etc.

Vinyl Frog Air Release Pen is the ultimate tool to remove even the slightest imperfections in vinyl installation. It is an ideal spot-fixing tool for vinyl wrapping, window tinting, paint protection film installation and large crafts projects. The aluminium and plastic pen that comes in a foamed box has a stainless steel retractable precision needle tip that is best for effectively removing residual bubbles without damaging the film. To release the pin inside, the top of the pen is pressed and the pin comes out. It slightly pricks the vinyl putting a pinhole at the site of the bubble or a rivet at a ninety-degree angle to help release air and flatten the film graphic onto the substrate. When removing a bubble from a recessed area, always make a pinhole at the edge of the recessed area at a ninety-degree angle for best results.

The air release pen also assists in weeding by removing scraps and tiny cuts. After using, the pin can be retracted so that it does not poke or prick and can be safely stored. Durable, easy to carry and rustproof this perfect tool is a must-have