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Vinyl Frog made its mark in the vinyl industry in 2014 and since then, it has steadily climbed up the ranks to become the leading manufacturer in this niche. With us, you can unlock the power of visual impact and transform ordinary vehicles into extraordinary works of art. Our brand has made a global impact as we have partnered with more than a thousand wrap retailers internationally.

Our motto ‘Go Beyond the Usual’ has aided us in creating top of the line wraps that are second to none. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, businesses and individuals alike are seeking innovative ways to stand out from the crowd, and we are here to help you do just that!

What sets Vinyl Frog apart from the competition is our attention to detail. By analyzing the latest trends and combining them with customer feedback, we have come up with an extensive range of products. Our meticulously selected categories of vinyl include five spectacular varieties.

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Metallic: With a superb shimmer and a metal like finish, this category is a dream come true. It is further available in six variants: Glossy, Candy, Rainbow, Glitter, Matte and Brushed metallic wrap. 

Matte: A timeless addition to your vehicle, matte wraps offer both style and elegance, and are scratch resistant. They also possess a more subdued finish, without a hint of shimmer, compared to the rest. We also have the Matte Chameleon series that changes color when viewed in light from different angles.

Glossy: This category is a staple in any car wrap enthusiast’s arsenal. The glamorous sheen and vibrant hues make this category a fan favorite. The finish of this wrap is closer to the original paint of the vehicle. We have High and Super Glossy wraps which slightly differ in the degree of their shine. We also have Glossy Chameleon, which like Matte Chameleon, changes color when viewed in light from different angles.

Chrome: Our chrome wrap range has a sleek and polished appearance that not only looks sophisticated but is functional too. Our Mirror and Opal Chrome collection has a specular finish with high reflective properties. Satin Chrome, however, is different, with a smooth, silken finish and a subtle shine.

Carbon Fiber: This is a unique textured category that is hard to find anywhere else. The sporty look of your car is enhanced by this wrap. You can get different patterns in this wrap such as spiral, classic, weave and forged to name a few. 

Why Choose Vinyl Frog Car Wraps 

Our Categories

Each one of our categories possess a plethora of stunning wraps which are sure to leave people awestruck. Currently, we have 300+ products that are exclusive and you will not be able to get your hands on them anywhere else! There is an option for everyone with a wide range of colors, finishes and textures. From ultra rare wraps like Candy Metallic Neon to a classic Glossy Ferrari Red, we have it all under one roof!

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Our Products

That is not all. Along with having an unparalleled catalog in car wraps, we also carry headlight and window tints, tools, and paint protection films. Our tints are available in different percentages so our customers can choose the one that is according to the law in their state. We have all kinds of tools, from heat guns to squeegees to make wrapping experience smooth and hassle free. We have quite a variety of premium paint protection films both transparent, black, matte and glossy to suit different needs.

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Vinyl Frog Car Wrap Quality

We understand the need to keep your car in mint condition without ruining its appeal. Which is why, after extensive trial and testing, we have manufactured durable and long lasting wraps that make sure your vehicle stays in pristine condition for years to come. Our products are made from high grade polymeric calendared film composed of four layers each with its own purpose.

The top layer is a protective film that acts as a barrier shielding your vinyl film from external elements dust, debris and scratches. It ensures that the vinyl is delivered to you in impeccable condition. The next layer is the high grade vinyl and then a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive with a release liner. Our one-of-a-kind adhesive has strength and integrity like no other which adds to the products’ longevity. Whether rain, hail, or storm, you can be assured your wrap will stay intact. Other than that, our products also have an air release channel which provides seamless and bubble free installation experience.

Low Investment /High Return

Our business model is designed in a way where it is profitable to everyone involved. We offer our dealers opportunities which are low risk and high in reward. Therefore, you do not require a hefty investment to reap the benefits of this program. Our plans are also flexible, and we adapt them according to the economic policies globally so you can get one custom made to maximize mutual profits. You can be assured that no matter where you are situated in the world, our dealers get the best bargains.

Flexible Plans

Vinyl Frog's Dealership Program presents a game-changing opportunity for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve. By incorporating vinyl wraps into your product line, you can provide customers with a level of customization and personalization that sets you apart. With access to a wide selection of top-quality wraps, competitive pricing, dedicated customer support, and effective marketing resources, Vinyl Frog empowers its dealers and helps them unleash their full potential. Team up with Vinyl Frog to embrace the world of automotive customization through wraps and transform your business into a hub of creativity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Join our program and start a life changing journey today!

Customer Reviews 

Very user friendly! Stretches well, adheres nicely, repositioning is easy. This was my first time wrapping and first time using Vinyl frog! I have 2 more motorcycles to go and we will be using Vinyl frog for those as well.
Holly M.

SUPER BEAUTIFUL COLOR! Great material to work with for first time users. The color is super vibrant and unique especially because it’s different in all lightings!
Ian T.

The vinyl wrap was really good product I wrapped myself worth it delivering was literally taking 5/8 day to arrive but love it and get done thank you vinylfrogwrap. I would get more in future.
Monoj R.

I was very impressed with the quality of the wrap, looks great on the car. Thankyou and kind regards.
Alan M.

I ordered more and I haven’t received any messages from you I would like to know how to track it and when it will possibly be here.
James W.

9/10! Wrap is holding well! The color has different faces according to the time of day and is so nice! Will be using Vinyl frog in the future for my next wrap!
Elaina C.

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