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27 products


Vinyl Wrap Tools

The right tools in premium quality are indispensable companions for any vinyl wrap installer. They are the cornerstone of success that convert your vision and design for your vehicle into reality. Getting all the necessary accessories and equipment under one roof is highly convenient and this is what VinylFrog aims for its ardent customers.

Precision And Power – The Superiority Of Our Tools

Our vinyl wrap tools empower you to overcome challenges with ease during the installation of the film. They help streamline tasks and amplify productivity. They directly impact the overall finish, durability, and longevity of the installation.

From the simplest step of cutting the vinyl according to the measurement of your vehicle to the most complex one of wrapping around difficult curves, contours, and edges, our tools enhance efficiency and precision, making the journey toward a perfect wrap job achievable and smooth.

Enhancing Accuracy

Cutting is a significant part of the vinyl wrapping process. Our cutting implements such as wrap cutter and branded knife, are sharp and can make clean, accurate cuts. Getting the right temperature so that the vinyl does not get scorched is also imperative and for this, a heat temperature measuring gun comes in handy.

Safe To Use

Your safety is our priority. We have designed our car wrap tools and equipment in a way that minimizes accidents and mishaps. For example, our branded knife has a retractable blade, and our air release pen has a fine-tipped stainless steel needle that you can withdraw before storing. Our heat gun has overheating protection, a heat-resistant housing, and a safety cover for the nozzle to prevent accidental burns. Our gloves have anti-cutting properties providing a barrier between your hands and sharp objects.

Non-Abrasive With Ergonomic Design

Our tools are convenient with an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged use. They are also of a suitable size and weight for comfortable handling and enhanced efficiency. We also have squeegees that are made to be non-abrasive hence perfectly safe to be used on vinyl. They prevent scratches and do not cause any damage to the material.

Exclusive Brand Equipment

And if you are one of our dealers, we have our distinctive selection of top-tier brand merchandise as well for promotional purposes. This presents a lucrative opportunity for you to enhance sales, thereby maximizing rewards and profits.

Through these tools, you show your association with VinylFrog, one of the giants in the vehicle wrap industry thereby increasing your overall worth. You can distribute these at events, trade shows, or as part of marketing campaigns, fostering a connection with the target audience.

Vinyl Wrap Tools & Equipments

These will not only boost marketing efforts but also transform customers and employees into brand ambassadors, promoting business in diverse settings.

Let’s explore our finest offerings in both tools and equipment so that you may elevate your endeavors and drive success:

Vinyl Wrap Tools & Equipments
  • Microfiber Car Cleaning Towel: This is the first thing you might need while preparing your vehicle for the wrapping process. A perfectly clean car ensures robust adhesion and longevity of the vinyl film and no one does that better than our Microfiber Cleaning Towel.
  • VinylFrog Gloves: These are highly essential to carry out wrap installation keeping your hands safe. We have two types of gloves: VinylFrog Cut-Resistant Gloves and Car Wrapping Anti-Cutting Gloves.

    These are resistant to cuts and keep your hands protected when applying the vinyl. They are flexible so you can use tools and manipulate the vinyl film without any hassle.
  • Cutting Tools: These play a pivotal role in the meticulous process of wrapping vinyl, contributing significantly to the precision and quality of the final result. We have for you our high-grade Wrap Cutter and the VinylFrog Branded Knife.

    You can achieve clean and seamless edges with these, enhancing efficiency and making the installation process smoother and more time-effective.
  • Air-release Pen: This tool serves as an excellent solution for precise adjustments in various applications, including vinyl wrapping, window tinting, and paint protection film installation. Its needle tip is highly effective in removing residual bubbles without causing any damage to the film.

    If you purchase vinyl from us, this might not be needed as much since our wrap is equipped with air-release channels that mitigate the development of bubbles. But this is an essential tool that you should keep handy when wrapping your car.
  • VinylFrog Professional Heat Gun: If you want to significantly enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of vinyl application, you will need our excellent quality heat gun. With the adjustable settings of our heat gun, you can work on a wide range of materials.

    It is pivotal for making the vinyl more pliable and flexible, allowing it to conform seamlessly to the contours of the surface. It also aids in activating the adhesive on the vinyl, promoting a strong and durable bond with the exterior of your vehicle.
  • IR Thermometer: This valuable tool helps you maintain the temperature when using a heat gun during vinyl application. Our heat temperature measuring gun is equipped with advanced infrared technology and allows you to take the measurement from a safe distance.

    It has an easy-to-read LCD and memory to record and store data values. It enables installers to monitor and maintain the optimal temperature range for effective vinyl adhesion.
  • VinylFrog Tucking Tool Set: This is an essential set that contains three tucking tools of variable hardness, a weeder, and an edge fold squeegee. These are meticulously crafted to aid installers in seamlessly tucking vinyl wrap into intricate and hard-to-reach areas, including challenging corners and angled edges.
  • vinyl wrap tool kit: To get the best deal, buy all the above-mentioned 10 tools in one set. It's the best kit to give your car a makeover and get everything ready for the process.

It’s Time To Buy The Best Implements

Our tools and equipment embody a wrap installer's knowledge and experience, reflecting the mastery of their trade. Armed with these, you can ensure the quality and durability of the finished vinyl wrap job on any vehicle and transform aspirations into tangible achievements.