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All About Coral Vinyl Wraps

VinylFrog brings to you its premium-quality, exquisite Coral vinyl wraps that signify innovation and make your car unique and different from others on the road. If you want to stand out and get noticed by all, go for the full coral vinyl coverage.

Our collection of Coral Car Wraps brings a touch of elegance and modernity to any vehicle and enhances its beauty with its rich, saturated color. They offer a versatile and non-permanent transformation, giving owners the freedom to refresh their vehicle's look with a stylish upgrade without burning a hole in their pockets. Wrapping a car in Coral Vinyl is certainly a better option than getting a paint job.

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Coral Car Wrap
Coral Car Wrap
Coral Car Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Coral?

The cost of fully wrapping your car in coral vinyl starts from $2000 and goes up to $5000 or more depending on the size of your vehicle and the rate of the professional installers in your area. A sedan or coupe is more on the lower end compared to an SUV.

If you own a high-end luxurious car such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or BMW, the cost can even go up to $10000 due to the complex shape and care involved in vinyl wrapping these vehicles. If you want to reduce the expense, go for partial wrapping and get our Coral Vinyl Wrap under $65.

The Different Coral Vinyl Wrap Colors For Cars

Within our Coral collection, you'll find enchanting options that redefine automotive customization. These are:

  • Satin Chrome Silk Rose Gold: This delicate rose gold shade lends an air of sophistication, turning your vehicle into a symbol of refinement. The supreme satin chrome finish has just the right amount of shimmer that will make your vehicle seem as if it is draped in silk adding a glamorous touch to the overall look.
  • Super Glossy Bubblegum Pink: If you love high shine, this is the vinyl for you. It is an amazing gender-neutral shade that promises a burst of bright color that's impossible to ignore. With it, your vehicle becomes a statement piece, radiating energy wherever you go.
  • High Glossy Bean Red: If you're drawn to the classics with a twist and colors that command attention, this is the vinyl for you. The glossy finish elevates this bold shade to an entirely new level, making your car not just red, but a symphony of power and beauty.

Coral Car Wraps Near Me

If you are looking for Coral Wraps nearby, the VinylFrog online store is the best website to visit. Being a trusted vendor, we ensure that you will get premium quality vinyl films and other car customization products and tools here at affordable rates. Simply choose the shade and finish that you like and buy it in the size that you want. It will reach your doorstep in 10-15 working days in perfect condition packed in a sturdy box.

Our wraps remind one of mesmerizing underwater coral reefs. This unique and eye-catching color is seldom seen on cars making yours the talk of the town. The vinyl highlights the curves and contours of the vehicle's design. Whether you apply it to a sleek sports car or a practical SUV, our Coral Car wraps are a remarkable choice for those who want a complete transformation for their cherished ride.

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Be Distinctive – Opt For Coral Vinyl Wraps For Cars!

At VinylFrog, each option of the Coral Vinyl collection is more than just a shade; it's an identity and a reflection of your personality. Choose a Coral Vinyl roll that resonates with your style and watch as your ride transforms into a masterpiece that announces your arrival with style.