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28 products

All About Green Vinyl Wraps

It seemed like an emerald on the road, glimmering in the morning sun, pure and traditional – a vehicle swathed in green vinyl looks like a precious jewel that is surely a treat to behold. Green being the most balanced color in nature depicts the trustworthy persona of the owner. It is a rare choice opted by those who dare to be different and want their vehicle to stand out and be highly distinctive from the rest of the crowd. Why blend in when you can be different aesthetically, winsome and captivating!

The Variety in Green

Vinyl Frog offers almost every shade there is in green. Whether you want to be strikingly visible with a vibrant neon shade or go gung ho with a military look, you will get it in premium quality vinyl satiating your inventiveness.  

There are different textures available in green vinyl film. Depending on the one you choose and whether you are opting for a partial or full wrap, the cost of wrapping also differs ranging from $500 to $3000. This is just an estimated figure and will vary according to the size and make of the vehicle.

  1. Glossy Green.
  1. Matte Green.
  2. Metallic Green.
  1. Satin Chrome Green.

Glossy Green Vinyl Wrap

With a lustrous sheen that gives the vehicle a jewel-like appearance, glossy Green Vinyl Car Wrap is the highly coveted Vinyl Wraps. Available in two variants of shine namely high and super glossy, you have the choice to select the one that best suits your persona. The price starts from $61 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll. Glossy finish is the nearest to the original paint job and the most sought after finish that looks perfect on any make and model of the vehicle.

High Glossy Vintage Racing Green Vinyl Wrap

This shade of green looks classy and sophisticated on a vehicle. With a dark tone, the high grade polymeric calendared vinyl film with its ease of application and maintenance is simply eye-catching.

Super Glossy Paris Green Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl film has a higher shine on a lighter shade. It is different from other common shades of green that are available in the market, hence best for those who love to think out of the box and want their vehicle to be pleasantly different from the humdrum crowd on the road.

Matte Green Vinyl Wrap

Matte green vinyl wrap has a completely toned down look. If you do not want your vehicle to have a shiny appearance like every other car on the road and want to add depth and dimension to its overall look, then matte green vinyl is for you. It is available in dark shades creating an aura of enigma and mystery. The 5ft x 3.28ft roll of our matte vinyl wraps is available in a range of $58 to $62 depending on the shade you choose.

Matte Hunter Green Vinyl Wrap

This is the beautiful shade very near to forest green, with a plain, slightly textured matte finish. If you own a vehicle with a unique shape and design, this is the best color as it enhances the curves and contours and brings the exquisite body into limelight.

Matte Military Green Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl film has a class of its own winning accolades and positive reviews from innumerable customers. It gives a sturdy, durable and clean look to your vehicle, adding style and personality to it. It is a different dark shade of green that is highly captivating due to its matte finish.

Metallic Green Vinyl Wrap

The vinyl with a metallic finish has the same surface and shine as that of a polished metal. It makes your vehicle picture perfect with its superb look. Depending on the level of shine that you want, the price of this amazing vinyl finish ranges from $61 - $62 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll. Metallic green comes in four variants:

Candy Metallic: The vinyl with a vibrant shade that is extremely eye-catching.

Glossy Metallic: This vinyl has a high shine as it amalgamates gloss and a metal finish.

Matte Metallic: This combines two opposite qualities – the muted look of matte and the shine of metallic, hence the vinyl has just the right shimmer needed for a decent, sophisticated look.

Metallic Kaitoke Green Vinyl Wrap

Kaitoke green with its saturated, dark hue is very close to nature. It is not very bright and gives an elegant, luxurious look to your vehicle. It is a rare shade that you seldom come by on the road, hence it is highly praised.

Candy Metallic Neon Green Vinyl Wrap

A neon color is very loud by nature. It is a true attention grabber. It is a bold choice for the vehicle and is for those who dare to be different. This is the vinyl for those who think out of the box, have a happy go lucky nature and do not want their car to be run of the mill and boring.    

Glossy Metallic Gotland Green Vinyl Wrap

This is a unique shade with a spectacular sheen that makes your vehicle glimmer in the sun. It is highly intriguing and mesmerizes the onlooker with its superb reflective finish and a luxurious feel.

Matte Metallic Forest Green Vinyl Wrap

The matte metallic finish has a slight hint of sheen that is just perfect for a sophisticated, glamorous look. Forest green is a very dark shade that gives the impression of being black when viewed from a distance. Wrapped in it, your vehicle will seem to be out of a high-end catalog depicting luxury and grace.

Satin Chrome Green VInyl Wrap

A car wrapped in soft and smooth satin, this is how this vinyl looks. It does not have an ostentatious shimmer and is neither too dull. It brings out the richness of green and is highly appreciated and praised by all and sundry. As far as the cost is concerned, satin chrome vinyl is a bit on the higher end. A 5ft x 3.28ft roll will cost $63 which is more than the other varieties but it is totally worth it in terms of look and performance.

Satin Chrome Silk Green Vinyl Wrap

This has a silky smooth finish and is an emblem of grace and panache. It gives a sleek and modern look to your ride, The shade of green is perfect as well, neither too dark so as to resemble black, nor too light - an enchanting, glorious deep green.

Satin Chrome Paolo Veronese Green Vinyl Wrap

This is a medium dark shade of green-cyan that has a grayish and bluish effect when viewed in different angles of light. It is a new shade in cars that is truly captivating. A car wrapped in Paolo Veronese Green Vinyl Is definitely a treat for the onlookers and a unique choice by the owner.

Partial Wrapping with Green Vinyl

Partial wrapping is a budget friendly way to give a distinctive look to your car. If you want to use green for it, you should have a design element in mind because it is not the shade that is partially wrapped. It looks best on a white or a black car. You can go for a green hood or just the roof on a black car. Neon green will look best for this. You can also get just the bumpers or simply the wing mirrors wrapped in contrast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the color of my car to green using a vinyl wrap?

Yes, you can easily change the color of your car to green using a vinyl wrap. Any shade of green that you like, even if it is normally not seen on cars, can be applied. This way your precious set of wheels will grab a lot of attention. It has never been easier or more affordable to change the color of the car.   

Q: Do vinyl wraps devalue a car?

No. Having a vinyl wrap on your vehicle and then removing it after some years will not reduce the value or resale of your vehicle in any way. In fact, it may increase it because a vinyl wrap has protected your car from environmental hazards.

Q: Which wraps last the longest?

Higher quality vinyl films, such as those at Vinyl Frog, will last longer as they are UV resistant, scratch resistant, and less fragile than low-quality vinyl.

 Q: What is the easiest vinyl to wrap a car?

Though applying any vinyl is not an issue if you know what you are getting into and have the right expertise, some wrap professionals find the gloss vinyl film to be the easiest to wrap.


Green is a different color to wrap your car with in terms of elegance and sophistication. It is available in many color varieties and finishes. If you want to go loud and make your presence felt than neon green or candy metallic magic gray green is the shade to choose. For those who love darker tones, forest green, Sacramento green or hunter green is the best choice. No matter which shade you go for, the ultimate result will be an eye-catching jewel on the road that is sure to win praises from all.