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Super Glossy Khaki Green Vinyl Wrap

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Super Glossy Khaki Green Vinyl Wrap


VinylFrog's Super Glossy Khaki Green Wrap evokes the essence of light olive drab, reminiscent of the earthy tones found in military uniforms. This vinyl encapsulates a serene state, blending the hues of sunlit landscapes, earthy elements, and lush foliage. It appeals to individuals who cherish a connection with nature and find solace in its tranquility.

The glossy finish of our Khaki Green Car Wrap contributes to an enchanting play of light and shadow on the surface, intensifying the tone of the color in various settings. Whether under the radiant sunlight or in the subdued ambiance of shadows, the gloss adds depth and dimension to the shade, showcasing its versatility and elegance.

Furthermore, it imparts a smooth and polished look, giving the khaki green wrap a sleek and high-end aesthetic. Its reflective properties make it a standout choice for those seeking a captivating and refined vehicle. The combination of the gleaming finish and the khaki green hue creates a visually astounding effect that effortlessly captures attention and admiration.

Our Super Glossy Khaki Green Car Wrap boasts several features that redefine the wrapping experience. At its core lies a strong adhesive backing, enhanced with strategically integrated air-release channels to ensure a smooth and frustration-free application process. Simply place the wrap and apply a squeegee to remove creases and bubbles. 

The pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive backing is specially formulated to adhere securely to various surfaces. It allows repositioning as well, which provides users with the flexibility to adjust and perfect the placement without compromising the wrap's integrity or leaving residue behind.

Features And Specifications:

  • High-performance and durable.
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly. 
  • Premium quality polymeric vinyl with long-lasting adhesion.
  • Water and weatherproof.
  • Easy to apply and maintain.
  • Acrylic-based, robust adhesive.
  • Easy to slide and reposition. 
  • Equipped with air-release channels for bubble-free application.
  • Heat and UV resistant.
  • Sizes available: 5ft x 3.28ft. 10ft, 16ft, 33ft, 49ft, and 59ft.
  • Color: Khaki green.
  • Finish: Smooth, super glossy.
  • Packaging: Roll.

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Our products are composed of 4 layers, starting from the outer edge is 1st layer that is to protect the underneath vinyl and is called the protection layer. After that, the high-grade polymeric vinyl is supported with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Lastly, there is a layer of High-Quality 130um Plastic Liner.



  • High Grade Polymeric Calendared Vinyl Film
  • Fashionable, Stunning Color
  • With Air Release Channel
  • Bubble-free Application
  • Slideable; Repositionable

Medium Stretchable

The Maximum is 30 %

Easy To Wrap


Recommended Uses

▲ Standard Size & Appearance

Classification Unit Spec Remark
Thickness Top protected film um 36±2% PET/PVC
Surface materials um 100±2% High-grade PVC-Polymeric
Glue um 30±2% High-quality Solvent-based
Plastic liner um 130±2%(plastic)
Surface Opaque
Width mm 1520±0. 01%
Length mm 1800+1%


Physical properties 

▲ General Properties

Features Test Method Results
Release force
25℃ and 50% 0.12
Initial tack
under 26℃ and 64%, GB31125-2014 987
Peel Strength
25℃and 42%, GB/T2792-1998 7.25
Holding power(h) 25℃ and 50%, GB/T4851-1998 72.09
Shelf life stored in +10°C to +20°C, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place 2 years
Time Limits  Must use it within 3 Months after you receive the wrap film 3 Months
Application temperature / +20℃ to +30℃
Aging Test 1 7 days under 65°C No adhesive residue with heat
Aging Test 2 10 days under 65°C No adhesive residue without heat
Shrinkage / less than 4%


Additionally, the formulation of our wrap material promotes durability and longevity. It's built to withstand various environmental factors such as UV exposure, temperature changes, and minor abrasions, ensuring that it retains its vibrant khaki color and glossy finish for an extended period. It also has anti-stain properties hence contaminants can be easily cleaned from its surface without leaving any mark behind. 

Our Gloss Khaki Green car wrap forms a formidable shield protecting the exterior of your vehicle from detrimental elements faced when it is out and about. The sturdy film bravely bears the brunt of road debris, rock chips, tar, and other harmful elements so that your car’s metal body remains scratch and blemish-free. 

Our Khaki Green vinyl wrap also protects the original paintwork from fading and losing its luster in the harsh rays of the sun. UV radiation can be extremely harmful over the years. The vinyl film does not let it reach the surface of your car preventing its damage. 

The car wrap also saves the metal surfaces of your vehicle from rust and corrosion. When all these harmful elements are kept at bay, your car retains its pristine condition so that whenever you go to sell it in the future, you will get an excellent value. 

The maintenance of our wrap is also a breeze. Wash your car regularly with your hands to prevent dirt, grime, and contaminants from accumulating on the vinyl wrap. Avoid automated car washes. Use a mild detergent or a specific vinyl wrap cleaner along with a microfiber cloth for cleaning.

Do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals and avoid using high-pressure washers as they may lift or damage the vinyl. Pat the vinyl wrap dry with a soft, clean microfiber towel instead of allowing it to air dry, especially in direct sunlight.

Whenever possible, park your car in shaded areas to protect the vinyl wrap from prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can cause fading over time. Be cautious when loading and unloading items from the car to prevent scratches or damage to the vinyl wrap.

In essence, the combination of a resilient adhesive backing, integrated air release channels, and durable material composition makes our Super Glossy Khaki Green wrap a superior choice for those seeking not only a visually appealing finish but also a hassle-free and professional-grade installation experience. Completely transform your ride into an exquisite masterpiece. Bag the roll size that best suits your needs and head for checkout!

Recommended application tools: Squeegee, buffer, knife, masking tape, heat gunmagnetsglovesIR thermometer, IR heater
Application method: Standard methods for calendered films. No overstretching and overheating and Post heating is necessary.
Post-heating temperature: 110°C flat surfaces, 130°C curves, and overlaps
Aftercare: PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents


We will peel off the protection layer before shipment if your order is 1m,3m or 5m in order to make the vinyl good for shipping.

The images, colors, and finishes on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch.