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31 products

Blue Vinyl Wraps

Blue vinyl wraps are all the rage these days. They not only transform the look of your vehicle but are also known for their calming effect and the ability to hide dust and dirt relatively well. They are more cost-effective than a paint job and can be easily removed without damaging the underlying surface.

At VinylFrog, we have a wide range of colors available in blue vinyl that can be used to create a variety of effects—from a subtle change in shade to a bold, custom look. Here are all the amazing options you can get.

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Blue Car Wrap
Blue Car Wrap
Blue Car Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Blue?

Wrapping a car in blue vinyl will cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 depending on the finish and color of the wrap that you have chosen, the size of your vehicle, and the expense of installation in your area. If you possess a Mini Cooper, you will have to spend less than what you might while wrapping a Ford Ecosport.

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Blue?

If you want to partially wrap your car to add a design element to it, you can get a Blue Vinyl Wrap for under $70. For those who want a glossy finish, our 3.28ft vinyl is available for just $61. The Satin Chrome and Glitter Metallic finish of the same length can be acquired for $63 and $67 respectively.

Our Range Of Blue Vinyl Wrap Colors

We have quite a variety of blue vinyl wraps for cars. They come in different styles and textures. Once you've decided to wrap your car, you must choose which shade and finish would be suitable for you! 

Following are the different types of blue wraps available:

  • 1. Glossy Vinyl Wraps
  •  High Glossy
  • .  Super glossy
  • 2. Metallic Vinyl Wraps
  • .  Glossy metallic
  •  Glitter metallic
  • .  Matte metallic
  • .  Candy metallic
  • 3. Satin Chrome Vinyl Wraps.

Glossy Vinyl Wraps

Glossy blue vinyl wraps are ideal for people seeking a paint-like look. This is the most common finish of vinyl used for vehicle wrapping and is well-liked by all. These can further be categorized into super and high glossy. We have High Glossy Miami Blue, Tiffany, Sky Blue, Super Glossy China Blue, Air Force Blue, Glacier Blue, and many more colors in this series.

Metallic Vinyl Wraps

These present a superb metal-like shimmer that makes the color more vibrant and adds a glamorous touch to your vehicle. Our Metallic Blue Vinyl Car Wraps are available in a number of remarkable shades and finishes that will make you spoilt for choice. These include Candy Metallic Neon Ice Blue and Neon Light Blue, Glossy Metallic Pearl Blue, Light Steel Blue, Frozen Blue, Glitter Metallic Diamond Purple Blue, and so on.

Satin Chrome Vinyl Wraps

Our Satin Blue Car Wraps are an excellent compromise between gloss and matte. They give a distinctive, dull satin chrome finish that highlights your vehicle's contours and lines. They are not dazzling and do not glisten a lot when in light. Their smooth satiny finish provides the best of both worlds. We offer Satin Chrome Silk Azure, Silk Prussian Blue, Saint Patrick Blue, and Silk Ultramarine in this category.

Two-Toned Blue Wraps

We have certain shades of blue that are a mix of two colors. They present an amazing shade that is not commonly seen on vehicles making your ride unique and exquisite. These shades include Candy Metallic Silver Gray Blue and Dark Gray Blue, Glossy Metallic Silver Lake Blue, and Glossy Metallic Glitter Black Blue.

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Revamp Your Ride With The Blue Vinyl Car Wrap!

If you are looking for a vinyl that will jazz up your vehicle and make it more appealing, this is the right color for you. You can get Blue Vinyl Wraps nearby from VinylFrog—the one-stop online shop for all your car customization needs. Order today and give your vehicle the stylish upgrade it deserves.