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7 products

All About Maroon Vinyl Wraps

VinylFrog's Maroon vinyl wraps present a captivating blend of dark reds and rich browns, showcasing the depth and beauty of these colors. Whether you're seeking to revamp the look of your vehicle or make a bold statement on the road, our Maroon Vinyl Car Wraps are perfect to add life to your ride making it a head turner.

Each vinyl roll is elegant and sophisticated transforming your car into a work of art. Our wraps offer durability and resistance to UV rays, weather elements, and minor abrasions making them a practical option for protecting the original paintwork. Hence they not only improve the vehicle's appearance but also extend its lifespan.

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Maroon Car Wrap
Maroon Car Wrap
Maroon Car Wrap

How Much Does It Cost To Wrap Your Car In Maroon Vinyl?

Expect to spend anywhere between $1500 to $5000 to wrap your car in Maroon vinyl depending on whether you want the full or partial wrap. If you take the DIY route and have the right tools, the cost will be reduced to a considerable extent. You will need around a 59ft roll of our Maroon Vinyl Car Wrap for full coverage from bumper-to-bumper that also accounts for the mistakes you might make during installation.

If you just want to add accents or go for partial wrapping of the hood or roof only, you can easily get Maroon Vinyl Wrap under $100. The price varies depending on the extent of coverage, the size of your vehicle, and the rate of the vinyl installers in your area. The cost also differs according to the finish you have chosen. The Metallic Maroon car wrap price is less than Satin Chrome and Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl.

The Maroon Vinyl Wrap Colors

The beauty of our maroon vinyl wraps is both amazing and timeless. Maroon, with its rich, deep shade, commands attention on the road. We offer the following surface finishes in this color:

The Glossy Metallic Maroon Wraps

These possess a striking and luxurious appearance that is nothing short of captivating. The gleaming metallic finish adds a sense of modernity to your vehicle creating a dynamic appearance. It is best for those aiming for a bold statement and a glamorous upgrade. Our Glossy Metallic Maroon Car Wrap delivers a premium look with practical benefits. In this finish, we have the Glossy Metallic Wine Red, Black Rose, Rosewood Red, Raspberry Red, and Rufous Red Vinyl Wrap.

The Satin Chrome Maroon Car Wrap

In the satin chrome finish, we have the Chocolate Cosmos Red vinyl wrap, the look and beauty of which are nothing short of enchanting. This unique shade seamlessly blends the warmth of chocolate brown with the beauty of deep red, all elegantly enhanced by the soft satin chrome shimmer. The result is a surface that is elegant with just the right amount of shine—neither too glossy nor completely toned down.

Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl

This is a remarkable wrap that combines the classic elegance of black with the dynamic charm of the rainbow drift effect in red, resulting in a stunning masterpiece. This dark maroon car wrap shimmers with a spectrum of colors as light falls on it from different angles. When applied to a vehicle, it becomes an instant attention-grabber.

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Wrap Your Ride In Maroon Beauty!

If you are wondering where you can buy Maroon Vinyl Wraps nearby you have landed on the right page. At VinylFrog, we invite you to explore a world of possibilities and discover high-quality wraps that can transform your vehicle with style and durability. Your vehicle is your canvas, and we provide the right color; it's time to create a masterpiece on wheels.