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19 products

19 products

Super Glossy Nardo Gray Vinyl wrap Super Glossy Nardo Gray Vinyl wrap
From $61.00 USD
Mirror Chrome Silver Vinyl Wrap Mirror Chrome Silver Vinyl Wrap
From $65.00 USD
Matte Gunmetal Gray Vinyl Wrap Matte Gunmetal Gray Vinyl Wrap
From $59.00 USD
Glossy Metallic Coal Ash. Glossy Metallic Coal Ash.
From $61.00 USD
Matte Silk Gray Blue Vinyl Wrap Matte Silk Gray Blue Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Glossy Metallic Dark Gray. Glossy Metallic Dark Gray Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Matte Metallic Dark Gray. Matte Metallic Dark Gray.
From $59.00 USD
Matte AMG Gray Vinyl Wrap Matte AMG Gray Vinyl Wrap
From $58.00 USD
High Glossy Bright Gray Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Bright Gray Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Matte Black Olive Vinyl Wrap Matte Black Olive Vinyl Wrap
From $61.00 USD
Super Glossy Gentle Gray Super Glossy Gentle Gray
$61.00 USD
From $57.95 USD
Glitter Metallic Star Ash Aurora Vinyl Wrap Glitter Metallic Star Ash Aurora Vinyl Wrap
$67.00 USD
From $56.95 USD

Gray And Silver Vinyl Wraps

Gray and silver are the most sought after colors and also showcased as the bestselling vinyl wraps for performance vehicles. They have zero saturation and this quality allows the colors to complement the architecture of sleek cuts and sharp edges in a vehicle.

Silver vinyl wraps are reflective in nature. When introduced to light, they shimmer as a metallic luster providing for a very clean, elegant look and feel. Gray vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are a bit toned down as compared to silver and are perfect for a dramatic effect. Both are an emblem of elegance and panache. Vinyl Frog offers a wide range of hues in gray and metallic silver finishes.

Variety In Silver And Gray Vinyl Wraps

Silver and gray vinyl is offered in an abundance of finishes and shades. It can get overwhelming when you cannot decide which wrap to choose for your vehicle. Hence it is highly recommended to have a visual perspective of the texture and design that you want to imprint on your car. As price is a major factor, the wraps can cost you anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on the size of your vehicle and the design of your choice. Following are the options for vinyl wraps in the silver and gray color segment:

Metallic Wraps

One of our top selling finishes and an excellent complement to any ride! The multiple color options in this product are listed below.

Glossy Metallic Dark Gray Vinyl Wrap

A unique and bold look supported to amplify the dullness of brushed out charcoal significantly. This vinyl color will make your vehicle stand out during the sunniest of days as it is a good reflector of light.

Glossy Metallic Metal Silver Vinyl Wrap

This extravagant color promises a simple yet modern look along with a smooth texture on the car. The beneficial aspects are that the wrap is quite durable against UV rays and has premium automotive grade adhesive.

Glossy Metallic Brown Gray Vinyl Wrap

Are you looking for a luxurious finish? This vinyl is sophisticated visually and adored by many. Popular among Sedans, the brown and gray depict a highly polished metal which is tempting and loud, bringing all the attention to detail.

Candy Metallic Gray Pink Vinyl Wrap

Fashionable and attractive, the vinyl is shiny and portrays high gloss and shimmer in the sun. The stronger tone will be predominantly gray with undertones of pink. Also, this wrap is best for compact vehicles.

Candy Metallic Silver Gray Blue Vinyl Wrap

Different from the rest, there are three hues to this vinyl, gray, blue and silver, that project a night sky tint during the day and also at night. Protect your original paint with this exquisite color to match the vibe.

Rainbow Metallic Majestic Dark Gray Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl wrap is a sheer epitome of enchantment all set to mesmerize the onlooker with its vibrant play of different hues in light. Rainbow metallic vinyl is a beauty in itself which presents a unique amalgam with other solid shades. With dark gray, it takes grace and elegance to the next level.

Matte Metallic Metal Silver Vinyl Wrap

A silver vehicle is always a hot favorite, especially if it resembles polished metal. Our metal silver presents a combination of matte and metallic qualities with just the right amount of shine - it is neither completely muted nor highly shimmery, just perfect for those who want their car to be an emblem of grace.

Satin Metallic Graphite Gray Vinyl wrap

Silky in disguise, the satin graphite gray gives a classy look to your vehicle with all surfaces having a smooth feel. The satin resembles liquid metal which looks really good on SUVs and Trucks!

Glitter Metallic Star Ash

Exude luxury and ride in style with our Glitter Metallic Star Ash vinyl wrap! Definitely an attention grabber as hues of light bounce off of the serene ashy coating of your vehicle. The glitter metallic finish only adds to the posh look making it extremely versatile.

Gloss Wraps

Mimicry of sheen and shimmer, the gloss wraps have a unique blend of style and feel over the surface of the vinyl which closely depicts the original paint of the vehicle. Listed below are the bestsellers:

Super Glossy Nardo Gray Vinyl Wrap

Transform your car into a spectacular visual art. A light tint of blue amplifies the gray, which illuminates hues on a sunny day. Also economical on the wallet, the Nardo Gray is also popular among the BMW owners.

Super Glossy Khaki Gray Vinyl Wrap

If you are looking for an ideal approach then Khaki is the best fit. Appealing to everyone, this color tone will surely make your vehicle thrive on the road. Built with durable properties, this color is highly sought after amongst car enthusiasts.

High Glossy Gainesboro Gray Vinyl Wrap

Subtle within its own limitations, the Gainesboro provides an authentic look and feel of the color gray and silver. An all-purpose shade that sparkles in the night as it has high reflective properties.

High Glossy Light Nardo Gray Vinyl Wrap

Keeping a gray tone as the base layer, a tint of blue shades makes Nardo spectacular for your vehicle. It is highly durable and long lasting.The best fit for this wrap is a custom built off roader.

Chrome Wraps

Give your vehicle a new splendid look with textures ranging from opal to satin and also mirror chrome that will elevate the lines and curves of the car. Unique in its own category, the most sought after chrome wraps are listed below:

Mirror Chrome Silver Vinyl Wrap

The high reflective property of this vinyl adds a great touch to style. It is a good choice for an update with its most captivating feature being that it looks a lot like melted mercury.

Satin Chrome Metallic Gray Vinyl Wrap

Majestic and sublime, the chrome brings a tangent of disguise as the shades of gray compliment the shimmer of satin on the surface of the vehicle. Strong and durable, the vinyl wrap increases the life of the original paint and protects the vehicle as well.

Matte Wraps

Vinyl Frog’s fastest selling compact and durable vinyl wraps are bought all over the world for their adaptable designs and color, and enjoyed by everyone. Below are the best matte options in gray and silver color theme:

Matte Gunmetal Gray Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl has a dull color and a fine gloss. Jeeps are usually a best fit for it. It has a strong and sturdy look, with a bold solid shade sans the sheen. A must-have for those who want their car to make a bold statement.

Matte Silk Gray Blue Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl features a completely toned down silken finish. Matte silk gray blue vinyl wrap is a great choice. With easier light tints on the surface, the color resonates with its surroundings portraying a beautiful glow on the vehicle.

Partial Wrapping In Gray And Silver Vinyl

Partial vinyl wrapping has become a staple in the car customization industry as a way of giving your vehicle that personal touch without applying a full wrap. It allows you to change the color or finish of certain sections of your car, while leaving the rest of the vehicle's original paint intact.

Silver partial wrap has become highly popular due to a variety of reasons. It is a neutral shade that can complement a variety of different styles and colors, and is perfect for those looking to make subtle changes to their vehicle. It provides a sleek and modern look, and with a glossy or metallic finish, it can give your ride a futuristic and sophisticated façade. It is especially useful for areas that are more prone to chips or scratches, such as the hood or bumper.

Imagine a black car with a metallic silver hood or roof. Silver also works well with white and red vehicles. You can also apply it partially on a blue car. Give a touch of shimmer with this vinyl by doing just the bumpers or simply the side mirrors. Gray vinyl, on the other hand, is mostly opted for full wraps.

In conclusion, partial car wrapping is a great way to add a custom touch to your vehicle while protecting the original paint. Silver wraps are a popular choice for those who want a contemporary and refined look, and they can be easily installed and removed without damaging the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Silver and gray are not the same colors; however, shades of each color can look similar depending on the light conditions or how polished the color has been.


Vinyl wraps are perfect for saving the original paint. They keep the vehicle protected from debris, scratches and acid. Weather and environmental factors assist in the wear and tear of paint and metal; a less expensive and creative concept is a vinyl wrap that also amplifies your art through the design process.