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10 products

Teal Vinyl Wraps

Welcome to the captivating world of Teal wraps at Vinyl Frog! This collection is a treasure trove of creativity and innovation, designed to provide you with a seamless way to transform your vehicle into a work of art. Dive into the ocean of possibilities as you explore this collection that caters to all your customization desires.

The Terrific Teal!

Our Teal vinyl wraps offer an exquisite and captivating aesthetic transformation for cars that truly stand out. The unique blend of green and blue hues creates a mesmerizing and dynamic appearance, reflecting the interplay of nature and technology. 

Teal, with its balanced and calming undertones, invokes a sense of tranquility while also exuding a modern and adventurous spirit. When applied to a vehicle's exterior, the teal vinyl wrap not only enhances the car's visual appeal but also adds an element of sophistication and individuality. 

Under sunlight, our wraps come alive with a radiant shimmer, highlighting the curves and contours of the car's design. Whether cruising down city streets or parked under starry skies, our teal vinyl wraps redefine automotive beauty, making a statement that's both elegant and bold.

The Exquisite Variety

In the Teal vinyl wraps category, you'll find a range of films that celebrate the unique charm of teal while infusing it with the modern elegance and the dazzling flair of high sheen. As you explore the catalog, you'll discover a stunning array of teal shades, including High Glossy Tiffany, Jamaican Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Candy Metallic Neon Blue, and much more. 

Each hue is chosen to match your preferences and desires, allowing you to create a customized look that's uniquely yours and deliver a breathtaking visual experience that's bound to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

High And Super Glossy Teal

At Vinyl Frog, you will find two variants of glossy wraps: high and super glossy. As the name suggests, they both have a difference in sheen with one slightly shinier than the other. Both are a testament to automotive refinement and luxury. The deep teal color, intensified by the glossy sheen, exudes confidence and allure.  

In High Glossy you will get Miami Blue, Sky Blue, Tiffany, and Jamaican Aqua. In Super Glossy you can choose from Paris Green, Yacht Blue, and Glacier Blue. These wraps command attention, turning heads and leaving a lasting impression. 

Candy Metallic Teal 

Our candy metallic wraps merge artistry and modernity. They showcase a rich, multi-dimensional color reminiscent of deep-sea treasures and celestial wonders. As light dances upon its surface, it reveals a captivating interplay of metallic flakes, producing a mesmerizing shimmer that adds depth and texture to the vehicle's exterior. 

The candy hue shifts gracefully between blue and green, creating an ever-changing visual spectacle that's both luxurious and enchanting. This wrap not only pays homage to automotive aesthetics but also blurs the line between craftsmanship and innovation.  We have the following teal shades in this category: Neon Light Blue, Neon Ice Blue, Magic Gray, and Dark Gray Blue.  

The Unmatched Durability

Whether you're a proud car owner, a truck enthusiast, or an SUV lover, our Teal vinyl wraps have you covered. Each wrap is more than just a style upgrade – it's a reflection of your individuality and a statement of your exceptional taste. From sleek city rides to rugged adventurers, these wraps are designed to complement every vehicle type with a touch of sophistication.

Our Teal vinyl wraps are made with the finest polymeric calendared film that ensures longevity and durability. They have a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that bonds perfectly well with the surface of the vehicle. It is protected by a double-sided silicone release liner maintaining its high performance.

Our Teal wraps do not fade or crack and are not easily scratched or stained. They maintain their beautiful surface finish for many years to come making them highly coveted amongst those who want a distinctive road presence.  

Excellent Protection And Easy Application

No matter the weather conditions or the challenges of the road, these wraps are up to the task, resisting fading from UV rays and standing strong against the elements. Plus, with waterproof, anti-stain, anti-scratch, and corrosion-resistant properties, they make vehicle maintenance a breeze.

Our Teal wraps act as a second skin, forming a protective barrier against various environmental elements that can harm the car's original paint. They act as a shield against minor abrasions, small stone chips, road debris, insects, and other daily wear and tear, preserving the car's finish underneath. 

Furthermore, our wrap can deter rust and corrosion by preventing moisture and contaminants from reaching the paint surface. In essence, our teal wraps not only enhance a car's appearance but also safeguard its investment value by maintaining the original paintwork's integrity.

Easy application is at the heart of our Teal vinyl wraps. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the world of vinyl, you'll find the process straightforward. These are equipped with air egress technology that helps in a smooth, bubble-free installation. Just follow our simple steps – clean the surface, cut the vinyl to size, apply it, and smooth it out for a flawless finish.

Opt For The Best Now And Get Noticed!

So, whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your everyday commute or you want to make a bold statement on the open road, our Teal vinyl wraps are your destination. Indeed, these wraps offer a multitude of benefits that transform your vehicle into a work of art while keeping your budget within limits. 

Our wraps are more than just a style upgrade – they're a long-term investment that yields remarkable results. But don't just take our word for it, explore our collection and place an order on our website today!