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5 products

5 products

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Glossy White Gold Vinyl Wrap Glossy White Gold Vinyl Wrap
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Glossy White Chameleon Vinyl Wrap

White has always been the favorite shade for vehicles. It suits any make and model to a tee and is the safest bet that looks elegant while being consistently in demand. Keeping in view its high popularity, VinylFrog presents its Glossy White Chameleon Wraps a superb collection that offers to give your ride a sleek and sophisticated look making it a cut above the rest.

Our glossy white chameleon vinyl wraps are magical because of their unique ability to change colors depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. As the vehicle moves or as the observer changes their position, it gives a two-toned look shifting from one shade to another. This dynamic appearance makes the car stand out and gives it a futuristic appeal.

The Chameleon Wrap Cost

With the special shade-shifting ability of our white chameleon wraps, one might think they will be expensive but it is not so. The supreme quality vinyl is a steal deal. For a full wrap, our 59ft roll costs $569 only. If you hire professionals and own a sedan, compact car, or coupe, you can get it wrapped for as low as $2000 to $3000.

The cost will increase depending on the size of your vehicle and the rate of the installer in your area. If you just want to add accents, you can get our glossy white chameleon vinyl for under $100 as the price of our 3.28ft roll is $61 only.

The Chameleon Car Wrap Colors

White is the base shade of our chameleon car wraps. Each roll, however, has a different color shift so you can buy what you would like for your car. You can choose from White Blue, White Gold, White Red, and White Purple.

One of our most popular shades is the pearl white chameleon wrap. It has a captivating shimmer that draws attention, making the vehicle look more upscale. Unlike flat white paint, our chameleon pearl white car wrap adds depth and dimension and gives the surface a rich appearance. It’s a timeless color that doesn’t go out of style and always looks polished and well-maintained.

The Amazing Features

With its high luster and shimmery finish, our white chameleon vinyl promises to add a touch of elegance to any vehicle it is applied on, may it be a luxurious car, motorcycle, truck, or trailer. It is not only perfect for a full wrap but can also be used to create custom designs in contrast with other vinyl films. Here are a few of its great features:

  • As the glossy finish catches the light, the colors appear to change making it a captivating and unique sight. The wrap's ability to shift shades leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.
  • Made from the highest quality polymeric calendered vinyl, our glossy white chameleon wrap is extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • It will not fade or peel over time and will protect your vehicle from minor dents, rock chips, and harsh elements of the weather.
  • It will also shield the original paintwork of the car from UV rays and scratches caused by debris on the road, thus adding to its resale value.
  • Our roll sizes start from 5ft by 3.28ft and go up to 5ft by 59ft giving you the freedom to purchase as much as you need.

Easy Installation

Our stunning glossy white chameleon vinyl is also a breeze to apply. Here’s why:

  • It is medium stretchable allowing you to easily drape around any shape, highlighting the curves of your car.
  • It is equipped with an air-release channel that helps in creating a smooth and seamless wrapping experience with no bubbles or creases.
  • It can also be easily repositioned for a flawless installation.
  • We, at VinylFrog, use the highest quality pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive which conforms firmly to any smooth surface and will last for years to come if applied and taken care of properly.
  • After placing it on the desired area, a heat gun can be used to activate the adhesive to ensure it adheres firmly to the surface of your vehicle. Use a squeegee for a smooth finish.

Definitely The Best Buy!

If you are wondering, “Where can I get this chameleon car wrap near me?” The answer is simple: Head to the VInylFrog website, select the size you want, and buy it with a single click from the comfort of your home. It is as simple as that!

Available in five different variants, each wrap adds a superb shine to the vehicle while also providing an added layer of protection. So what are you waiting for? Get our glossy white chameleon vinyl now to create a stunning and elegant statement and redefine your vehicle’s look.