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15 products

Vinylfrog Tools

For any flourishing business, having one’s brand merchandise is highly imperative to make its presence felt far and wide. Vinyl Frog has carved a niche amongst the giants of the automotive customization industry and introduced a comprehensive range of high-quality branded tools specifically designed to meet the needs of vinyl vendors, stockists, professional installers, and enthusiasts, enabling them to hone their skills, showcase their quality and achieve exceptional results.

An Impressive Range

Vinyl Frog's collection of branded tools caters to all aspects of the vinyl selling and wrapping process, ensuring that you have everything you need at your disposal. From preparation to storage and finishing touches, our tools are carefully crafted to make the entire process smoother and more efficient. Below is a brief description of all that we offer to help you promote business, get more customers, and gain traction. 

Vinylfrog Tool Bag

Grab our meticulously designed branded tool bag to keep all your relevant accessories at your fingertips. Bid farewell to those heavy and unwieldy bags that burden your every move. Our ingeniously compact yet surprisingly roomy design lets you effortlessly carry all your essential tools, all while enjoying unrivaled comfort and mobility. 

Experience the newfound freedom as you conveniently navigate through your tasks, fully confident that everything you require is conveniently within your grasp. Prepare to feel the difference as you glide through your work with ease, unencumbered by the weight and bulk of traditional bags.

Color Display Board

Showcase the amazing presentation of vinyl colors and leave the customers in awe with a display board. Our Color Display Board is crafted with high-quality materials and boasts sturdy construction.  It has a sleek black appearance with a bold white header proudly displaying the Vinyl Frog logo, adding a touch of professionalism to your display.

It is a perfect board for those with a sizable collection of vinyl films. We also provide shade cards that can be placed on the board as curved 3D exhibits, creating an appealing presentation. You can bolt it onto your desired wall or shelf and effortlessly add your vinyl catalog.

Dust Proof Vehicle Covers

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle’s vinyl wrap, no precaution is too great. Shield your prized possession with our cutting-edge dust-proof car covers which offer the ultimate defense against the elements. Dust particles, notorious for their ability to settle on surfaces and cause unsightly blemishes, will be kept at bay, ensuring that your wrap remains flawlessly clean.

Shirts, Hoodies, And Caps

Elevate your team's style and unity with our Vinyl Frog branded shirts, hoodies, and caps designed to make a sleek and stylish statement. Showcasing the iconic Vinyl Frog logo, these allow your employees to proudly represent the renowned brand while looking effortlessly fashionable. This will also be a testimony to your quality products and services. 

Wheel Cover

This is a premium quality product designed to protect your wheels from dust, dirt, and other harmful elements. It comes in a pack of four to ensure all your wheels are protected. It slides on easily to provide maximum protection when your ride is in storage. Our logo is proudly displayed on each wheel cover in vibrant green as it guarantees to enhance the life of your tires in all weather conditions. 

Square And Sabre Flags

You can display your commitment to our company with our square and sabre flags. They feature a black background with Vinyl Frog’s name and logo displayed in the signature green and white colors. They are emblems that vividly express your company values and your commitment to selling top-quality products. They are made from durable and weather-resistant materials and can be easily attached to a board or on a table flag pole base.

License Plate Cover

This is a perfect accessory for any car enthusiast embossed with our standout logo and is designed to fit most standard license plates. It is made from durable, impact-resistant material that will protect your plate from scratches, dents, and other damage. It is also UV-resistant, preventing fading or discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. The set includes 2 pieces, one for the back and the other for the front number plate.

Signature Pen

This is a capless black and silver signature pen, encased in a sturdy plastic body. It offers ease of use to alleviate the stress and pressure on your hands during this strenuous activity of continuous writing. You can keep it in your office or give it to ardent Vinyl Frog customers as a token of their unwavering loyalty. 

Best Products To Offer!

In conclusion, our range of Vinyl Frog branded products offers a comprehensive solution for car wrap enthusiasts, vehicle owners, and businesses alike. From our high-quality tools that streamline the vinyl wrapping process to our dust-proof car covers and branded shirts that show commitment and style, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience and achieving exceptional results. 

With our branded tools, you can unleash your creativity, protect your investments, and showcase your team's unity with confidence. Embrace the excellence of Vinyl Frog and elevate your car wrapping endeavors to new heights.