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Vinylfrog Adjustable Flap Cap

$14.90 USD
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Vinylfrog Adjustable Flap Cap

$14.90 USD


Everyone needs a cap that comes in handy irrespective of the weather. Our latest product provides you with the perfect accessory to jazz up your outfit and battle the blazing sun. Introducing the Vinyl Frog Adjustable Flap Cap which is a one size fits all. A company cap is a great marketing tool that shows you only associate with the very best in the industry. Our Vinyl Frog logo is prominently embroidered on the front which adds to the cap’s allure.

We have designed our cap using high-quality materials so it can keep its shape and last you a lifetime. The material allows for ventilation keeping you comfortable and cool during long periods of wear. The base color of our product is black which is not only fashionable but versatile as well allowing you to wear it with most outfits. 

The best part is if you ever get it dirty, it will not stain easily. Even if it does, our hats can easily be washed with our hands. The Vinyl Frog Adjustable Flap Cap is not just a statement and a marketing tool for our products, but it is practical too. The flap at the back of the cap provides added protection from the sun and wind, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

This cap is a must-have for our dealers and anyone who loves cars and wants to show their support for Vinyl Frog. Wear it while facilitating customers or wrapping vehicles with vinyl to show that you only sell the best products. It makes a great giveaway for your customers as well who share your passion for cars and vinyl wrapping. Order yours today and take your vinyl wrapping game to the next level!

Features And Specifications:

  • Durable and long-lasting. 
  • Sturdy washable material.
  • Premium quality product.
  • Hand wash only. 
  • Free size with an adjustable strap at the back.
  • Color: Black with a green and white Vinyl Frog logo in the front. 
  • Cap Size: 28 x 18 x 15cm.
  • Box Size: 68 x 45 x 42cm/10pcs.
  • Weight: 95g.