How much vinyl is need to wrap different type of cars

How Much Vinyl Is Need To Wrap Different Type Of Vehicles

In order to determine the amount of vinyl you need to wrap your car, you can use the following rough estimates based on the size of your vehicle:

  • Compact cars: typically require 15-17 meters
  • Mid-size cars require 18-20 meters
  • Full-size cars, small SUVs, and small vans need 20-23 meters

By considering the size of your vehicle, you can use this list as a reference to gauge approximately how much vinyl you will need. It is important to note that these estimates are rough and the actual amount of vinyl needed may vary depending on the specific dimensions and features of your car.

  • Micro: 8 meters
  • Mini: 13 meters
  • Coupe: 14-15 meters
  • Sedan: 16-18 meters
  • Hatchback: 17-19 meters
  • Sports car: 17-18 meters
  • Wagon: 19-22 meters
  • SUV and 4WD: 17-22 meters
  • Pick-up: 21-22 meters
  • Van: 23 meters