Boat Wrap - Don’t Rock the Boat, Wrap It Instead

Boat Wrap - Don’t Rock the Boat, Wrap It Instead

Boat wrap

Introduction of Boat Vinyl Wrap

When it comes to boats, one thing's for sure: no one wants a plain and bare hull.  A well-designed boat wrap is a show-stopper, for sure. Boat wraps are creative and fun as well as functional. Boat wraps are one of the coolest ways for you to display your style and personality. From large yachts to sailboats, an incredible design will definitely make your vessel stand out from the crowd.

A boat wrap is akin to a paint job but at a fraction of the cost and is durable and long-lasting, and easy to apply. 

Types of Wrap

You can wrap your boat in a variety of ways:

Complete Wrap: You can apply marine-grade vinyl on the exterior of your vessel, from bow to stern, in a variety of available solid, vibrant, or eye-catching colors.

Partial Wrap: A practical alternative to a full wrap should you wish to decorate sections of your vessel. Most boat owners prefer to apply vinyl to the port and starboard side of their vessels.

Spot Wraps: These are customized decals placed in certain areas of your vessel to display a name, branding, or logo.

Interior Wrap: Perhaps the most uncommon of boat wraps, but yes you can use vinyl to decorate the inside of your vessel as well. Decorate your interior to complement your exterior boat wrap. An example of the versatility of vinyl wraps.

boat vinyl wrap

Boat Wrap Benefits


Marine-grade boat wrap types of vinyl are designed to be durable, and water-resistant to withstand the sea’s many harsh elements like algae, slime, and grime, adding many more years to the use of the vessel. 

Ease of Use

Boat wraps are easy to apply and remove, for short and long-term use. Because of its easy application and removal procedure, many boat owners prefer using vinyl over having a paint job done since they can DIY the installation themselves. 


Boat wraps are of marine grade quality; hence it offers added protection to the surface of the vessel from scratches and marine elements while at the same time protecting the original paint job underneath. Much to the delight of many boat owners, they can resell their boats at a higher resale value because the original paint job is retained at the same time, and the surface is protected by the vinyl.

Ease of customization

There are many ways to design and decorate a boat’s surface to reflect the owner’s style and personality. And many boat owners do consider their vessels as extensions of themselves and may opt to customize them in various ways. Just as there are many vinyl types, kinds, and materials available, gives the owner a multitude of ways to customize their vessel. 

Wrap That Boat and More

Marine-grade boat wrap vinyl can be applied to the following:

  • Maritime Vessels
    • Barges
    • Bass boats
    • Pontoon boats
    • Racing boats
    • Sailboats
    • Speed boats
    • Yachts
  • Commercial Fishing Operations
    • Fishing boats
  • Boat Taxis
  • Aquatic Tourism
  • On-Water Towing
  • Watercraft Dining Experiences
  • “Floating” Bars and Cafes
  • Jet skis

The popularity of boat wraps is widespread because of their multi-functionality. There is hardly any sea vessel out there that is without any sort of customized graphic design using vinyl. 

Boat wraps ideas

How Are Boat Wraps Applied?

Boats vary in shapes and size, and customized vinyl application requires more attention than its motorcycle and car cousins.

Having a customized boat wrap installed is entirely up to you. You can hire the services of a professional or do the procedure yourself. And the size of the vinyl to wrap a boat can vary, you may contact us to assist you with your vinyl size requirements. Boat wrap sizes will vary depending on coverage requirement.

Should you go the DIY route, do take note of the following: 

Place your vessel in a trailer and secure it in a dry and shaded area like a garage or marina.

Application Procedure

  • Carefully remove any existing decal, sticker, or adhesive residue
  • Remove any exterior hardware such as handles, hooks, and rub rails
  • Unscrew nuts, bolts, logos, etc. if any
  • Clean and wash the surface and remove any debris, dirt, or residue. Any of the mentioned contaminants can greatly affect the adhesive capability of your vinyl
  • Thoroughly dry all the surfaces of the vessel
  • Following manufacturer’s installation instructions:
    • Apply the vinyl and slowly and gently remove the backing
    • Extend the plastic wrap to cover the entire surface, following the contours and bends
    • Press the vinyl down and smoothen it with your hand
    • Apply and secure the vinyl to the boat surface with a heat gun to stretch the vinyl and remove creases
    • Once cool, you may smoothen it with a squeegee to remove wrinkles and air bubbles
  • Trim the excess vinyl
  • Reinstall all exterior hardware
  • Screw on the nuts, bolts, logos, if any
  • Let the boat wrap sit for a few days to ensure adhesion
boat wrap

Care and Maintenance of Boat Wrap

Boat vinyl wraps are simple and easy to clean, despite the large surface area. Simply use warm water and marine-safe soap, and a soft brush. It's not necessary to do anything more than give your boat a quick wash, but regular maintenance is essential to keep contaminants and dirt buildup at bay. You may opt to use a polish formula to buff up the boat. The quality of the film will deteriorate if you don't take proper care of the vinyl.

Do not use a hard brush or a pressure washer, as this might destroy or peel your vinyl.

Owning a boat is a big investment, hence It is advisable to schedule a regular maintenance check even if it’s not being used and simply secured in storage or docked at the marina. 


A boat wrap is a worthy investment, it is a cost-effective way to protect and prolong the life span of your vessel, protecting the boat’s surface, from wear, tear, fading and damage, adding more years of enjoyment.

And if you are using your boat for commercial purposes, a boat wrap is an investment that can pay for itself in the long run. You can use a boat wrap to advertise a brand, or product, or even promote an advocacy.

Wrap your boat now.

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