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Can You Wax a Vinyl Wrapped Car?

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Have you recently gotten your car vinyl wrapped and wondering will shine last? People with regular paint jobs on their vehicles often get wax coatings to both protect the paint and to keep their car looking sleek.

 Now, you might be thinking if you can do this on a vinyl wrapped car or not. The answer is yes! You can wax coat your car wrap to protect it from harmful environmental conditions such as dust, debris, and UV rays but you cannot just grab a tub of wax and start smearing your vinyl with it.

There are several factors to consider when having your wrapped car waxed as it is not applicable for every vinyl wrap. Fret not. Let’s look at whether you should consider wax coating your wrapped ride.

Yes! You can wax your vinyl wrapped vehicle but you have to meet the following conditions and keep these important factors in mind.

Which vinyl type can be waxed?

It is important to note that not every vinyl wrapped car can have a wax coating. Wax coatings can be done on glossy vinyl. They bring out the luster of the glossy vinyl wrap and keeps it looking brand new. Matte vinyl cannot be waxed as it is not meant to have a glossy finish and it will end up damaged. It is also not recommended to wax textured, chrome, satin or metallic vinyl wrapped cars.

You cannot use wax on Matte, textured, chrome, satin and metallic vinyl wraps.

For these vinyl wraps, cleaning them regularly and storing them properly can help maintain their look for longer. You may also use a detailer spray for non-textured vinyl wraps.

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How to wax your car?

If you have deduced that you have the kind of vinyl wrap that can be safely waxed and it will not be damaged in the process, the next step is how to do it. Before you start, take care of the following:

  • Make sure that your glossy vinyl wrap is in impeccable condition. If it is damaged and has scratches and bumps, the wax will get accumulated in these and further destroy it.
  • Secondly, check the ingredients of the wax. The wax products you are using should be non-abrasive and designed to be used on vinyl wrap. The ideal wax for glossy vinyl should contain waterless wash and wax.

The wax you chose should not contain petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals.

Once everything is checked and taken care of, let’s start the process:

  •  Clean your vehicle wrap thoroughly with warm soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Let it dry completely before applying any wax.
  • Apply the wax on a small area first and see the results. Only continue if you are happy and getting what you desire.
  • Using straight and even strokes, evenly spread out the wax on your wrapped vehicle.
  • Using a gentle cloth to remove excess wax.
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner if you see any wax or waxy residue after the job is done. Do not let it stay as it may damage the vinyl.

When to wax your car?

The frequency of wax coats depends on you and what the weather conditions of your area are like. For places with harsh conditions, shine fades faster and you may want to wax your wrapped car every four months.

However, the recommended time is once or twice every year to keep your car gleaming and reduce the chances of any damage through excessive wax coating. With time, contaminants and external environmental conditions wear out the vinyl wrap which is why it is crucial to protect vinyl wrap.

 To avoid discoloration, oxidation and peeling of your vinyl wrap, it is important to take protective measures. If wax coats are not suitable for your wrapped vehicle there are many alternates like protective films or ceramic coating available in the market as well.

Using Wax on Decals and Graphics

Experts recommend against using wax vehicle decals and graphics. In fact, if you have vinyl graphics on your vehicle and you are applying wax around them, be very careful to avoid their edges. If you see wax build up on the graphics or their edges, remove it with soapy water and a microfiber cloth. When you are doing this, take care not to lift the edge if the decal.

Do not apply wax on vinyl decals and graphics on your vehicle!

A wax spray is recommended by some vinyl sellers but in order to be safe than sorry, we suggest you use it on an unobtrusive area of the vehicle first before applying it all over. If the wax has petroleum distillates or abrasive components, it is highly damaging for your vinyl. Do not use it at all.  

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Final Words

We recommend against using wax on your car wrap. A good wash as recommended keeps your vinyl shining like a jewel. If you think using wax on your gleaming vinyl wrap will make it sparkle even more, you are wrong. Wax cannot be used on all vinyl wraps. They can only be used on certain glossy ones and that also once or twice a year. If you use wax, you have to use a product recommended for vinyl. Check the ingredients. Do not ruin a perfect wrap job with wax.     

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