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Brushed Metallic

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When you want an exotic look of a luxurious vehicle, the brushed metallic wrap is what you need. You will adore this VinylFrog film. You can quickly wrap the self-adhesive vinyl on any non-porous surface, especially vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, trucks, boats, etc.You can install it yourself if you're a DIY enthusiast, which means you don't need any expensive tools or special fluids. Just read the step-by-step guide, and you will be able to apply the pressure-activated film quickly all by yourself. The film manufacturer exploited cutting-edge technology to provide you with the unique and best vinyl wrapping experience ever. These technologies create an edge that makes installation a breeze, which means you can snap up, slide, and reposition the vinyl during installation.

It also features air release channels that easily allow air to escape, preventing air bubbles. Our brushed metallic vinyl is strong with metal texture, and it is fashionable. The film is smooth, finely drawn, durable, and you can feel the metal style in the finishes.

Your public status will never remain the same in our exotic brushed metallic film. We have black and gray colors, which are some of the best hues in the market. I can assure you that among the vinyl producers worldwide, VinylFrog stands out.