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High Glossy Baby Pink Vinyl Wrap

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High Glossy Baby Pink Vinyl Wrap


Amidst the sea of conventional car colors, VinylFrog’s Glossy Baby Pink wrap sets your vehicle apart, making a bold yet graceful statement. This is a color that is seldom seen embracing a car and embodies innocence and grace. It paints a soft and tender blush that is reminiscent of cotton candy skies and blossoms. 

The gentle pastel Baby Pink shade of the wrap captivates the eye and radiates a sense of tranquility, tenderness, and sophistication. The combination of the mellow sheen and the soft, delicate hue creates a stunning appearance elevating the overall aesthetic of your vehicle to the next level. 

When applied to your vehicle, our Baby Pink Vinyl Wrap imparts an unparalleled elegance. Its subtlety stands out amidst the vibrant and bold colors typically found on the roads. The choice of this shade for a car speaks volumes about the owner's refined taste and appreciation for understated beauty.

Crafted with precision using high-grade polymeric vinyl film, our Baby Pink Vinyl Wrap transcends its captivating aesthetics to become a formidable shield for your vehicle. It stands as a resilient guardian, safeguarding your car from the relentless onslaught of dust, road debris, small rocks, minor dents, and scratches. Moreover, it prevents tree sap, bug splatter, and bird droppings from contaminating the exterior.

Features And Specifications:

  • Durable and long-lasting performance.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, high-grade polymeric vinyl.
  • Water and weatherproof.
  • Heat and UV resistant.
  • Easy to apply and maintain.
  • Pressure-sensitive, robust acrylic adhesive.
  • Easy to reposition and slide.
  • Medium stretchable, up to 30%.
  • Equipped with air-release channels for bubble-free installation. 
  • Sizes available: 5ft x 3.28ft. 10ft, 16ft, 33ft, 49ft, and 59ft.
  • Color: Baby pink.
  • Finish: High glossy.
  • Packaging: Roll.

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Our products are composed of 4 layers, starting from the outer edge is 1st layer that is to protects the underneath vinyl and is called the protection layer. After that, the high-grade polymeric vinyl is supported with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive. Lastly, there is a layer of High Quality 130um Plastic Liner.



  • High Grade Polymeric Calendared Vinyl Film
  • Fashionable, Stunning Color
  • With Air Release Channel
  • Bubble-free Application
  • Slideable; Repositionable

Medium Stretchable

The Maximum is 30 %


Recommended Uses

▲ Standard Size & Appearance

Classification Unit Spec Remark
Thickness Top protected film um 36±2% PET/PVC
Surface materials um 100±2% High-grade PVC-Polymeric
Glue um 30±2% High-quality Solvent-based
Plastic liner um 130±2%(plastic)
Surface Opaque
Width mm 1520±0. 01%
Length mm 1800+1%


Physical properties 

▲ General Properties

Features Test Method Results
Release force
25℃ and 50% 0.12
Initial tack
under 26℃ and 64%, GB31125-2014 987
Peel Strength
25℃and 42%, GB/T2792-1998 7.25
Holding power(h) 25℃ and 50%, GB/T4851-1998 72.09
Shelf life stored in +10°C to +20°C, relative humidity 50%, in original package, away from direct sunlight, clean and dry place 2 years
Time Limits  Must use it within 3 Months after you receive the wrap film 3 Months
Application temperature / +20℃ to +30℃
Aging Test 1 7 days under 65°C No adhesive residue with heat
Aging Test 2 10 days under 65°C No adhesive residue without heat
Shrinkage / less than 4%



It also stands as a robust barrier, protecting your vehicle's metal surfaces against moisture and environmental elements, and plays a crucial role in preventing rust formation. It doesn’t allow UV rays to wreak havoc on the original paint of your ride too. These can cause fading of the color over time and your car’s exterior might lose its luster. Our vinyl bars them completely bearing the brunt instead. 

These features not only preserve the original paint of your vehicle but also significantly bolster its resale value. They serve as an impenetrable barrier, fortifying your car against everyday wear and tear while ensuring that its pristine condition remains intact for years to come. Whenever you opt to sell your car, you will get an excellent offer. 

The installation process of our High Glossy Baby Pink car wrap is also effortless, thanks to its core features. It incorporates a robust adhesive backing designed for durability, coupled with intelligently integrated air release channels that ensure you do not have to encounter unsightly bubbles during installation. 

The adhesive allows you to easily slide and reposition the vinyl, leaving no room for error. This helps in getting rid of the creases and folds.  These elements work harmoniously leading to a smooth and hassle-free application and a seamless finish without any frustration. Once applied, the vinyl wrap stays giving a long-lasting performance and promising to make your ride the talk of the town. 

Our Baby Pink Wrap is easy to maintain as well. You just have to wash it regularly using a mild automotive detergent and a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt and contaminants gently. Avoid abrasive materials, pressure washers, and automated car washes. Dry the wrap thoroughly with a clean, soft microfiber cloth to prevent water spots.

Park away from the sun as much as possible and avoid fuel spills. Periodically inspect the wrap for any signs of damage or peeling edges and address issues promptly to maintain the pristine and reflective quality of the high-glossy car wrap. 

Our High Glossy Baby Pink car wrap is a serene and sophisticated option for car enthusiasts. It is available in different roll sizes so you can get the one according to the coverage you want. Whether you are opting for a full or partial wrap, this vinyl film is the perfect choice. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this delicate hue resonates with emotions of tranquility and tenderness, offering a unique opportunity to make a distinctive statement on the road. Embrace elegance and a touch of uniqueness by adorning your vehicle with our enchanting High Glossy Baby Pink Vinyl Wrap.

Recommended application tools: Squeegee, buffer, knife, masking tape, heat gunmagnetsglovesIR thermometer, IR heater
Application method: Standard methods for calendered films. No overstretching and overheating and Post heating is necessary.
Post-heating temperature: 110°C flat surfaces, 130°C curves, and overlaps
Aftercare: PH neutral, Avoid wax or solvents


We will peel off the protection layer before shipment if your order is 1m,3m or 5m in order to make the vinyl good for shipping.

The images, colors, and finishes on the screen are approximate. For the real representation of the product always check the color swatch.