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Vinyl Wrap vs Plasti Dip

Caliper Vinyl  Wraps

What should you choose: vinyl wrap of Plasti Dip? Vinyl Frog has weighed the pros and cons for you to make the selection easier. Read on.

Your vehicle is a reflection of your taste, your personality and your creative expression. Nowadays, people are choosing bolder and brighter decals and colors to upgrade their car.

In the 21st century, the go big or go home philosophy applies to everything, even your vehicles! However, with countless options of paints, wraps and stickers, how does one decide which way to go? Vinyl wraps and Plasti Dip have been gaining significant traction with car enthusiasts.

Both are used for decoration and protection of vehicles, but there is a lot more to be known about these products. Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages each has.

Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip is a multipurpose air-dry, rubber coating that can be sprayed onto the surface of the vehicle and its wheels as well, using a spray gun or a spray can. It provides a waterproof coat to the automobile as well as protection from scratches to the original paint. Plasti Dip comes in various colors and its application is similar to that of a paint job.

Vinyl Wrap

Gloss Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrap is the most popular way to modify the exterior of your car due its affordability. Not only that, the intricate decals you adorn your vehicle with are a cut above the rest of the options. Vinyl wrapping your automobile means that you do not have to completely change the look but can also partially wrap it. The vinyl adhesive films come in a variety of colors, finishes and textures which make it an aesthetically enticing option.

Which one should you choose?

Practicality is more important than the look of a vehicle, let's look at some of the factors in which these products differ.

  • Price: 
    Nobody wants to drop thousands on their ride just for it to be underwhelming. It's integral that you look at what value you are getting for your money and what your budget is before making any modifications. Plasti Dip is way cheaper than vinyl wrap costing you around $500 while the latter costs more than $1500. These are ballpark figures. The important question here is: will you go for a better solution or a cheaper solution? Go for Plasti Dip if you have a very limited budget for autostyling.
  • Durability:
    For the amount of cost it has, vinyl wrap takes the cake in terms of durability. Vinyl wrap is tougher and resilient and can easily bear the brunt of minor scratches, chips and dings, and flying debris. It protects your vehicle from UV damage as well. It lasts up to 3-4 years and more if taken care of properly. Plasti Dip will also protect the vehicle but not as much as a vinyl wrap and not alone.

    You will have to assist it with a UV protector and a gasoline protector. Come to think of it, if you add all these, the cost will also increase hence the complete package is not comparatively cost-effective. It wears out around the 3-year mark and peels off.
  • Application
    It is highly recommended to let a professional handle the application process whether you opt for Plasti Dip or vinyl wrap. However, if you know the tricks of the trade and can do it yourself, the application of both Plasti Dip and vinyl wrap is a painstaking process which requires a lot of perseverance and patience. There is no clear winner here.
  • Protection
    Both Plasti Dip and vinyl wrap will provide your automobile with substantial protection against external elements and contaminants. However, vinyl wrap gives you the option of a clear protective film which will safeguard the actual car paint. Although Plasti Dip is not clear, it is best for protecting rims and tires, something that vinyl wrap does not do.
  • Visual Appeal
    Plasti Dip simply provides you with a solid color, so in terms of a creative approach it gets a zero. It offers limited options and only has matte or glossy finish. The color palette is not that wide either. On the other hand, vinyl wrap provides you with endless possibilities. Matte, chrome, textured, glossy or satin, you will find everything you are looking for with vinyl wrap.

     At Vinyl Frog, every color has different shades available as well so you may get the exact color of your choice. Using electronic cutters and software, you can come up with unique designs with vinyl wrap. Furthermore, if you are a brand, vinyl wrapping your car or truck with lettering and ads is an excellent marketing strategy. With Plasti Dip, this is not possible.
  • The Removal Process
    The process of removal for vinyl wrap, if it is done at the right time and the vinyl is not allowed to overstay its welcome making it sun baked, can be pretty hassle-free. It comes off in one swift movement by freeing a corner of the panel. If the adhesive residue is left behind, it can easily be removed with kitchen hacks.

    For Plasti Dip, you have to find the right angle. When you do, it is removed swiftly. If Plasti Dip leaves residue behind, you have to buy special cleaners to remove it. Sometimes these cleaners have harsh chemicals that destroy the original paint of your vehicle.
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The Final Verdict

With all factors taken into account, vinyl wrap is a clear winner. It has more durability, visual appeal, and protection than Plasti Dip. Even though it is on the expensive side, the value for money is present and so is the quality. However, if you are on a budget and looking for something protective then Plasti Dip is a good alternative.

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