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Automotive Car Interior Wrap Film Spanish Red

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Automotive Car Interior Wrap Film Spanish Red


Features And Specifications

  • Premium-quality, durable, and long-lasting film.
  • High-grade suede fabric/faux deer velvet. 
  • Thin and flexible. Easily conforms to different surfaces.
  • Strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Offers quick and easy installation. 
  • Resistant to scratches and harsh UV rays. 
  • Ideal for dashboard, door panels, center console, seats, and interior trim. 
  • Provides a uniform look across different parts of the interior.
  • Offers customized and professional coverage.
  • Can be used to match or contrast with other interior elements.  
  • Perfect for DIY projects.
  • Do not overstretch around curves or over the surface. 
  • Avoid application if you reside in a highly humid environment. 
  • Sizes available: 4.85ft x 0.98ft, 1.64ft, 3.28ft, 9.84ft, 16.4ft, 32.8ft, and 39.37ft.
  • Color: Spanish Red
  • Available in box packaging for 39.37ft and paper tube packaging for 0.98ft to 32.8ft.


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Recommended application: Car Interiors Enhance, your car's dashboard door panels seats, and floor. Home Decor, and wall panels, Add a touch of luxury to sofa covers. Phone cases, and other DIY handmade items.
Application method: Do not overstretch. Avoid sources of fire and use in overly humid environments.

▲ Characteristics

Classification Unit Spec Remark
Thickness Fabric mm 0.7±0.02 -
Adhesive mm 0.03±0.005 -
Width cm 145±3
Unit Weight of Fabric  g/m2 400+20
Unit Weight of Release Liner   g/m2 160+5