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4 products

4 products

Satin Chrome Silk Rose Gold Vinyl Wrap Satin Chrome Silk Rose Gold Vinyl Wrap
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Super Glossy Bubblegum Pink Vinyl Wrap Super Glossy Bubblegum Pink Vinyl Wrap
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High Glossy Bean Red Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Bean Red Vinyl Wrap
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Coral Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Frog brings to you its premium-quality, exquisite Coral vinyl wraps, that denote the amalgam of innovation and distinction. In the realm of automotive aesthetics, standing out is the ultimate pursuit. Our collection of Coral vinyl wraps transcends the ordinary, offering you the power to redefine your vehicle's identity on the road. 

The Captivating Allure Of Coral

The beauty of our Coral vinyl wraps lies in their ability to seamlessly blend vibrant energy with a touch of elegance. These captivating films, reminiscent of the mesmerizing underwater coral reefs, add a unique and eye-catching dimension to any vehicle's exterior. 

The coral tone exudes a sense of youthful exuberance and modernity, catching the light in a way that highlights the curves and contours of the vehicle's design. Just as a coral reef's multitude of hues create a breathtaking underwater tapestry, these wraps envelop your vehicle in shades that are rich, dynamic, and ever-changing. 

Whether adorning a sleek sports car or a practical SUV, our Coral vinyl wraps manage to strike a balance between a daring statement and a refined sophistication, making it a remarkable choice for those seeking a unique and visually striking transformation for their cherished ride. Unleash your vehicle's potential for distinction and make a statement that resonates wherever the road takes you.

An Array Of Vibrant Hues

Within our Coral vinyl wraps collection, you'll encounter a spectrum of enchanting options that redefine automotive aesthetics. These are:

  • Satin Chrome Silk Rose Gold: This delicate rose gold hue lends an air of sophistication, turning your vehicle into a symbol of refinement. The supreme satin chrome finish will make your vehicle seem as if it is draped in silk adding an opulent touch to the overall look. 
  • Glitter Metallic Diamond Gold Pink: For those who crave a touch of glamor, this vinyl wrap is the answer. It doesn't just shimmer; it sparkles like the sun dancing on water, owing to the minute flecks of glitter overlaid on it. It is a unique shade of pink with a touch of golden in it that makes it truly mesmerizing. 
  • Super Glossy Bubblegum Pink: If you love high shine, this is the vinyl for you. It is an amazing gender-neutral shade that promises a burst of effervescent color that's impossible to ignore. With it, your vehicle becomes a statement piece, radiating exuberance and energy wherever you go.
  • High Glossy Bean Red: If you're drawn to the classics with a twist and colors that command attention, this is the vinyl for you. The glossy finish elevates this bold shade to an entirely new level, making your car not just red, but a symphony of power and allure.

Coral Wraps - An Emblem Of Durability 

What sets our Coral vinyl wraps apart is their exceptional durability which is a result of meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Alongside the promise of elegance, each wrap offers a long-lasting performance. It is equipped with a robust pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that forms a strong bond with the exterior surface of your vehicle.

To ensure that the vinyl roll reaches you in impeccable condition, it is overlaid with a protective film that safeguards its surface finish from scratches and other hazards. It is packaged in a sturdy box that is delivered to your doorstep keeping your convenience in mind. The vinyl rolls are available in different sizes from 3.28ft to 59ft so you can buy the one that best suits your needs. 

Superb Protection

With every wrap, you're not only transforming your car's appearance but investing in its long-term well-being. Beyond the stunning aesthetics we offer, our vinyl wraps are a safeguard for your vehicle's surface. 

Engineered to shield against the rigors of everyday life, these wraps form an impermeable barrier that defends against minor scratches, rock chips, road debris and wear, effectively preserving your car's factory finish and contributing to enhanced resale value, making it a practical choice. 

Our Coral vinyl wraps also serve as a shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun that might cause fading of the original paint of your vehicle over time. They also form a barrier against corrosion keeping your ride in mint condition for many years to come. 

Ease Of Application

Our Coral vinyl wraps can be easily applied to any vehicle may it be a Mini Cooper or a sedan. Since they are medium stretchable, maximum 30%, they easily conform to the curves and contours of your vehicle fitting its exterior snugly like a second skin. 

Equipped with an air release channel, they offer a bubble and crease-free application. In case of errors, you can easily lift and slide or reposition the vinyl film until it is placed as desired flawlessly. For a robust bond, apply a final round of heat to it when the wrap is set as you want it.   

Be Distinctive - Opt For Coral! 

At Vinyl Frog, each option in the Coral vinyl wraps collection is more than just a hue; it's an identity, a persona that your vehicle assumes with pride. Choose the shade that resonates with your style and watch as your ride transforms into a masterpiece that turns heads, ignites conversations, and announces your arrival with unparalleled flair.