Vinyl Motorcycle Wraps - Hello Designer Armor

Vinyl Motorcycle Wraps - Hello Designer Armor

Motorcycle wraps

Introduction Of Vinyl Motorcycle Wraps

Goodbye, boring motorcycles, hello designer armor!

Motorcycles aren't just a mode of transportation; they're a way of life that allows you to travel across the country or down narrow back roads at your leisure. To many, riding a motorcycle is simply not going from point A to point B; it is an experience. Many motorcycle owners customize their rides to match their style and personality.

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Benefits of Motorcycle Wrap


Motorcycles today are made from various lightweight materials and plastics. At the same time, they still keep their sporty look and appeal. And while many of us love that sporty look these days, we also want to protect our motorcycle against mud and dirt. There is a convenient way to protect your bike and keep it looking sporty.

Motorcycle vinyl wraps provide an inexpensive alternative to factory paint jobs, adding personality and color and protecting your bike from weather and abrasion. 


Motorcycle vinyl wraps adhere easily; simply peel and stick them on in a few sections or one smooth continuous piece. They're easy to remove with heat if necessary, and their durability has been tested by the wraps being pulled over fenders and even through puddles – they won't wear down or fade! The film is fade-resistant and will not need to be touched up like paint over many years of use.

If you choose to install the wrap yourself, be sure to follow the correct steps to avoid lifting, peeling, or cracking. Motorcycle vinyl also has the advantage of hiding the film joins, and can easily mislead any onlooker into thinking that the wrap is a seamless one-piece application job.


Since wraps are affordable, you can customize your chopper's color, texture, and design with a vinyl installation. Whether you're designing for a personal or professional brand, you have a wide range of options when it comes to color schemes and logos. Vinyl also has a higher scratch resistance than most paints, so it's worth your time and money.

Ease of customization

With motorcycle wraps, you can go slow or go all the way. If you’d like to experiment and see what works well and will complement your personality, you can do a partial wrap and proceed to a full wrap when you feel more confident. Vinyl is likewise perfect to use because it's easy to install and remove; hence you can customize as often as you’d like. You can also enhance customization to the next level by adding accents (i.e., decals, logos, etc) on top of your wraps.

Motorcycle wrap

Motorcycles You Can Wrap

Motorcycles come in many shapes and sizes; here are just a number of motorcycles you can dress up with a vinyl wrap:

  • Standard motorcycles
  • Cruisers
  • Choppers
  • Mopeds or scooters
  • Tricycles
  • Dirt bikes

The beauty of motorcycle vinyl is that regardless of built-in or add-on accents or finishes (i.e. carbon fiber, fiberglass, plastic, etc) you can still wrap your vehicle in vinyl, and it will not damage the material underneath.

How Are Motorcycle Wraps applied?

You have the option of having your wrap installed by a professional. However, you can also go the DIY route as well.

Before you embark on your DIY journey, decide whether you intend to do a partial or complete wrap so that you know how much vinyl you will need. Take this opportunity to also read the installation instructions and procedures of your chosen vinyl brand, material, and type, to minimize errors during application. 

Application Procedure

  • Clean the surface and remove any debris, dirt, or residue. Any of the mentioned contaminants can greatly affect the adhesive capability of your vinyl
  • Carefully remove any existing decal, sticker, or adhesive residue
  • Unscrew nuts, bolts, logos, etc.
  • Remove the backing and apply the vinyl
  • Extend the plastic wrap to cover the entire surface
  • Press the vinyl down and smoothen it with your hand
  • Apply and secure the vinyl to the bike with a heat gun
  • Once cool, you may smoothen it with a squeegee to remove wrinkles and air bubbles
  • Trim the excess vinyl
  • Screw on the nuts, bolts, logos
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Care and Maintenance of Motorcycle Wrap

Motorcycle vinyl wraps are simple and easy to clean. Simply use warm water and soap and a soft brush. It's not necessary to do anything more than give your bike a quick wash, but regular maintenance is essential to keep contaminants and dirt buildup at bay. The quality of the film will deteriorate if you don't take proper care of the vinyl.

Do not use a hard brush or a pressure washer, as this might destroy or peel your vinyl.

Keep your motorcycle out of direct sunlight and other harsh elements; hence it is advised to secure your motorcycle indoors, inside your garage, or under a shaded area. 

Beyond Vanity

 To the uninitiated, seeing a customized motorcycle might be a sign of vanity. But little do they know that motorcycle wraps are one of the best investments you can give your prized possession. How so, you may ask.

For one, protecting your motorcycle with a vinyl wrap gives it an additional layer of protection against the elements and keeps the underlying original paint job intact, which translates to a higher resale value since the original color underneath is protected. Removing the vinyl will not in any way damage the original paint job.

Second, you are also doing the environment a favor by not using paints and solvents laden with chemicals and toxic fumes and materials. Using vinyl also does not require protective wear that is usually needed for a paint job. And most importantly, vinyl cost a fraction of the price of a paint job and can be removed and changed easily, as opposed to altering a paint job.

Lastly, customization is a great way to spread advocacy or awareness amongst motorcycle clubs. Many riders have used this platform to advertise charitable endeavors.

Whatever your persuasion, motorcycle wraps are a great way to customize your ride to a whole new level, to express your style and personality. Check out what motorcycle wrap suits you best.

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