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3 products

Welcome to the mesmerizing universe of Lavender vinyl wraps, meticulously curated by Vinyl Frog. This collection represents a harmonious blend of artistic excellence and cutting-edge technology, offering a seamless avenue to transform your vehicle into a veritable work of art. 

The Ever Elegant Lavender

This is a truly distinctive color of vinyl wrap for vehicles. It is a mesmerizing choice that effortlessly combines elegance with a touch of uniqueness. The soft, muted shade of lavender is like a whisper of spring, invoking feelings of serenity and grace. When applied to a vehicle, it transforms it into a fascinating masterpiece, catching the eye and turning heads wherever it goes. 

Lavender's understated charm lends an air of sophistication to any car, making it stand out in a crowd of more conventional colors. Whether under the bright sun or the soft glow of streetlights at night, lavender vinyl wraps exude a soothing and ethereal beauty that elevates the car's aesthetic to a whole new level.

The Exquisite Array Of Vinyl

As you delve into this captivating category, you'll be enthralled by the delicate allure of lavender, gracefully intertwined with the contemporary charm of a glossy and metallic finish. Lavender vinyl wraps are a manifestation of elegance and sophistication, showcasing an impressive spectrum of mellow purple shades. 

Each hue has been thoughtfully selected to resonate with your personal preferences, granting you the creative power to craft a unique look that leaves an indelible mark and captures the admiration of onlookers. Here’s what you get:

The Candy Metallic Vinyl

Our candy metallic wrap finish is an alluring testament to the artistry of automotive design. It goes beyond mere aesthetics; it embodies an enchanting blend of color, depth, and brilliance. When sunlight dances upon it, the surface comes alive, revealing an ever-shifting spectrum of hues that captivate the eye and defy simple description. 

The same is true for our Candy Metallic Gray Purple vinyl wrap. This enchanting color possesses an almost magical beauty, thanks to its dual personality. By day, it radiates a soft, pastel-like grayish-purple hue that bathes the vehicle in an aura of tranquility and sophistication. 

Under the sun's gentle caress, it shimmers with an almost otherworldly luminosity, evoking images of fairy tales and dreams. But when night falls, this candy metallic lavender transforms into a celestial wonder, reflecting the city lights and stars with a luminous intensity that captures the essence of glamor. 

The Super Glossy Vinyl

Our super glossy vinyl is a testament to the allure of sleek and contemporary aesthetics. It bestows upon any surface a luxurious and polished appearance that immediately commands attention. This finish creates a smooth, polished sheen that is nothing short of captivating. It enhances the depth and vibrancy of colors, making them pop with an intensity that's hard to ignore. 

We have Super Glossy Lavender Purple and Super Glossy Periwinkle Purple in this series that add an element of glamor and modernity to your vehicle. Our lavender vinyl not only enhances the beauty of the surface but also leaves a lasting impression of refinement and quality.

The Utmost Protection

The Lavender wraps at Vinyl Frog are not just a cosmetic solution but are highly beneficial as well. They offer an invaluable shield of protection to a vehicle, serving as versatile armor against the elements and the rigors of daily life on the road. These wraps act as a durable barrier that safeguards a car's original paint job from a multitude of potential hazards. 

Our vinyl effectively shields against scratches, stone chips, and minor abrasions, preventing them from reaching the vehicle's delicate surface. In addition, it is UV-resistant, guarding the car's finish against the sun's harmful rays and preventing paint fading or discoloration over time.

Moreover, our Lavender wraps offer a layer of defense against environmental factors like road salt, pollutants, and bird droppings, which can corrode and damage a vehicle's exterior. Their water-resistant properties also make them effective at repelling rain and moisture, reducing the risk of rust and other weather-related issues. This protective layer not only maintains a vehicle's appearance but also preserves its resale value.

Furthermore, vinyl wraps provide the flexibility to change a car's look and style without the commitment of a permanent paint job. This reversibility allows owners to experiment with different colors, patterns, and finishes, all while maintaining the underlying paint in pristine condition.

The Durability Of Our Versatile Lavender Vinyl

No matter if you're a fervent car enthusiast, a dedicated truck aficionado, or an impassioned SUV admirer, our Lavender vinyl wraps cater to all discerning tastes. These wraps transcend mere aesthetic upgrades; they become a canvas for expressing your distinct identity and showcasing your impeccable taste. Whether adorning sleek city cruisers or rugged off-road adventurers, our wraps have been meticulously engineered to complement vehicles of every type, infusing them with a touch of grace and allure that's bound to turn heads.

Crafted from a premium-grade polymeric calendared film, our Lavender vinyl wraps boast exceptional durability and longevity. Come rain or shine, they stand resilient against the harshest weather conditions, steadfastly resisting the fading effects of relentless UV rays and emerging victorious against the elements. Furthermore, equipped with waterproof, anti-stain, anti-scratch, and corrosion-resistant attributes, our wraps simplify vehicle maintenance, ensuring that your investment remains as pristine as the day it was applied.

Easy Installation 

At the heart of our Lavender vinyl wraps lies the commitment to ease of application. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the world of vinyl wrapping, our wraps offer a user-friendly experience. With straightforward steps that involve surface preparation, precise cutting, seamless application, and a final smoothing for a flawless finish, you'll find that the process is not only accessible but also highly rewarding.

Available in six different size options such as 5ft x 3.28ft, 10ft, 16ft, 33ft, 49ft, and 59ft, you can buy the roll that best suits your needs. Our Lavender vinyl films are equipped with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that has air release channels so you can apply the wrap without worrying about creases or air bubbles. 

The vinyl is medium stretchable, up to 30%, so you can apply it around the curves and contours of your vehicle with ease. You can also slide and reposition it in case of an error. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the film, apply the final round of heat with a heat gun, this activates the adhesive and the vinyl forms a robust bond with the exterior surface of your ride. 

Get Our Exquisite Lavender Vinyl Now!

If you're searching for a vinyl wrap to infuse a touch of sophistication into your daily commute or make an audacious statement on the open road, Vinyl Frog's Lavender vinyl wraps beckon you to take the leap. These wraps bring a multitude of benefits, transforming your vehicle into an authentic work of art while keeping your budget intact. 

Explore our wide range of options and mix and match to create a look that's uniquely yours. They're not just a style upgrade; they're a long-term investment that promises extraordinary results. But don't merely take our word for it – embark on an exploration of our exquisite collection and secure your order through our website today!