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14 in 1 Wrapping Toolkit Set

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14 in 1 Wrapping Toolkit Set


14 in 1 Wrapping Toolkit Set

Revving up to give your car a cool new look with an exquisite wrap? VinylFrog has just the thing to make the whole process a breeze – the 14 in 1 Vinyl Tool Set. It's like a superhero kit for your vehicle’s makeover that includes the ten essential tools one needs to get the perfect, flawless wrap.

Features And Specifications

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • High-performance tools.
  • Premium quality and non-abrasive.
  • Versatile set catering to different functions of the car wrapping process. 
  • Ergonomic design for better grip.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The toolkit contains 1 branded tool bag, 1 pair of gloves, 1 microfiber cleaning cloth, 1 wrap cutter, 2 magnets, 1 heat gun, 1 branded knife, 1 tucking tool set, 4 squeegees, and 1 air-release pen.
  • The tucking tools set contains 3 tucking tools, a weeder, and a small fold squeegee.   

VinylFrog Branded Small Tool Bag

Let’s start from the top. It’s a warm sunny day and you decide to give your car the perfect overhaul. A full-body vinyl wrap. Meet VinylFrog's branded tool bag – the ultimate sidekick for your wrapping adventures. 

No more wrestling with cumbersome bags; this sleek companion is here to streamline your toolkit game. With our product, organization becomes a breeze, ensuring all your essential items are not just in one place, but easily accessible.

Car Wrapping Gloves

Digging into the bag, you retrieve the ideal pair of VinylFrog's Car Wrapping Gloves. Maintaining the cleanliness of your car, both pre and post-wrap is crucial to preserving that flawless finish. Our specialized gloves are meticulously crafted to shield the vinyl and original paint from fingerprint marks, ensuring a seamless wrapping process.

Crafzed from allergen-free fabric, they offer gentle comfort, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without irritation. They also help save your hands from nicks and cuts. Considering the precision involved in vinyl application, we've added an extra layer of protection. These gloves become your armor, guarding against harm during the intricate cutting phases.

Microfiber Car Cleaning Towel

As you gear up to embark on the exciting journey of vinyl wrapping, pause for a moment—there's a crucial step before the magic begins and that is cleaning the exterior of your vehicle. No room for dirt or imperfections; we want a flawless final product. Enter VinylFrog's Microfiber Car Cleaning Towel, your go-to solution for a pristine starting point.

This isn't just your average cleaning tool—it's a superhero for your car wrap. It not only sweeps away up to 99% of bacteria, preserving your wrap's integrity but also leaves behind no trace of residue or pesky marks. It's like a silent guardian against dirt and other contaminants, ensuring your car's canvas stays flawless before the wrap. 

Wrap Cutter

With the stage set and your vinyl sheets in hand, a new challenge arises—they're just too big for the car. Fear not, for our trusty wrap cutter steps onto the scene. This safe and convenient tool boasts an ergonomic grip, making it the perfect companion for vinyl-cutting endeavors.

Crafted for precision, the Wrap Cutter ensures that every cut is exact, leaving no room for wastage of film. Equipped with standard, double-edged blades, securely locked in place, it guarantees safe and smooth cuts without leaving behind any unwanted scratches or marks on the vinyl. Your cutting process just got a whole lot easier, thanks to VinylFrog's wrap cutter—a tool designed for efficiency and perfection.

Magnets for Wrapping Help

As you delicately position the vinyl sheets onto your beloved vehicle, frustration sets in as they keep slipping and repositioning. That's where VinylFrog's magnets for wrapping come to the rescue.

These magnets are the unsung heroes during the vinyl application process, playing a crucial role in positioning and placement. With unrivaled power, our magnets firmly grip and hold your vinyl in place, ensuring a seamless and precise application every time. No more dealing with the annoyance of slipping, sliding, or the constant need for repositioning. VinylFrog's magnets for wrapping are the key to maintaining control and achieving perfection in every inch of your vinyl application.

VinylFrog Professional Heat Gun

This is a vital tool in the arsenal of any automotive vinyl wrap professional. This premium-quality heat gun transforms your wrapping experience, ensuring a flawless outcome by allowing the vinyl adhesive to create a robust bond with the vehicle's surface. 

Durable and long-lasting, our heat gun can withstand regular use and exposure to high temperatures. Featuring a metal nozzle, it effectively sustains heat and stress without succumbing to damage.

What sets our heat gun apart is its adaptability. With adjustable temperature settings, you can seamlessly work with a variety of materials. The red dial on the gun empowers you to control the airflow speed, catering to both high-heat and low-heat applications.

Branded Knife

With the wrap now adorning your vehicle in pristine perfection, there's one last act—the finishing touches. Our branded knife is the perfect companion for those intricate corners and edges, seamlessly cutting away excess vinyl.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this knife guarantees not just precision but also durability and longevity. The ergonomic grip keeps your hand steady, eliminating any risk of slippage. This is the tool that ensures every cut is a masterpiece, leaving your wrap looking flawless from every angle.

Tucking Tool Set 

After all the meticulous cutting, ensuring the wrap is snug in every nook and cranny will add that Midas touch. Here, our tucking tool set comes in handy.

These are available in hard, soft, and medium variations and have angled edges. This trio of tools is perfect for maneuvering vinyl into trim lines, navigating extreme corrugations, reaching small gaps, handling concave angles, and addressing hard-to-reach edges. 

With their precise design, they deliver optimal results without causing the slightest damage to the film. The black tool features the hardest edge, the red one is medium soft, and the blue one has the softest edge.

Squeegee and Air-Release Pen

To wrap up the process, the squeegee and air release pen come into play, diligently removing any unwanted air bubbles and creases. And voila! Your vinyl application is not just a task; it's a meticulous, professional-grade transformation with the help of VinylFrog's essential toolkit – a must-have for both novice and professional vinyl installers!


Note : The colors for VTS02, VTN02, and VTG03 will be handpicked at random, ensuring a unique and exciting experience tailored by availability. Anticipate a delightful surprise in every shipment, adding a touch of spontaneity to your selection.