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Car Wrap Stickers

If you are one of those enthusiasts who love to add a unique designer aspect to your precious set of wheels, making it exceptionally remarkable in its appearance depicting your style and persona, car wrap stickers are just what you need!

Vinyl wraps for vehicles are the ultimate customization option. They give your vehicle a complete overhaul with a new look. You can either go for full or partial wrap but if you really need to create a breathtaking look that promises to make heads turn, design a personal livery for your vehicle with vinyl car wrap stickers.

 Applying car wrap stickers to your vehicle is a great way to change its overall outlook without the expense of painting or costly re-spraying. Painting your car is the story of ancient times. You can simply buy these car wrap stickers and design as you like. It will be easy on the pocket plus the design is going to be to your taste.

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Why is customization more convenient?

We all love the ready-made stuff, but designing from scratch and seeing it realized is much more satisfying. Since, there is no room for the intrusion of any other person’s idea, it becomes a personal labor of love. It costs less plus the outcome is what you had in mind which satisfies one's soul. Customization does not bind you to follow a certain pattern. Instead, you can cut, mix and match the colors and paste them on your car however you find it appealing. It opens a wide door for you to be imaginative with your creative side. Though it can be time consuming, it is not such a big deal as the end product is the creation of our own mind.

The sense of personalization in a design on the car makes the vehicle much more appealing. Vinyl stickers are not necessarily used for decorating the car. They can be pasted on public transport for advertising.

Advertising companies can buy these vehicle wraps for making ads, this is also known as Vehicle Branding or Vehicle Advertising. Many people commute daily through public transport to travel distances. Hence a product advertised through vinyl wraps reaches a vast audience daily. You can even advertise on your personal car to publicize your own business as well. Marketing your venture will be a whole lot fun and easier just by driving around town or getting stuck in traffic will not be that useless anymore,

 since a good number of people will be eyeing that advertisement. Letters can be cut out for the text in a combination of colors highlighting the whole commercial. Ideas are numerous if the imagination is triggered. With customization through vinyl stickers, one is not limited to use these car wraps in a certain way but can easily be imaginative with the wraps. Unique color combinations and funky patterns will oomph up the exterior.

 The option of customization also gives room to use the car wrap for different purposes.

car wrap stickers

Steps to Apply the Wrap Stickers

The process of applying vinyl stickers is easy peasy, there is no rocket science involved. All you need are the right tools and a clean surface to work on. We would recommend taking professional help for an error-free smooth application but if you think you have the right expertise and can execute the task yourself, then go ahead. Below is the step by step procedure for impeccable application of the vinyl stickers:

  •  Park your car in a shaded area where it is not under direct sunlight. Do not resort to the process of application if it is a particularly hot day as you may not get the desired results.
  • Clean the surface. Make sure your target area does not have any hindrances and is all neatly wiped off. There should not be even a tiny dirt particle as it will spoil the quality of application and the final look.

    You can do this by using either soap and water, or a mixture of rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and water. If you are cleaning with soapy water, rinse thoroughly with water until no soap or residue remains. It is advised not to use window-cleaning products as they leave a residue and mess with the adhesive of your vinyl sticker.
  •  Cut the vinyl stickers into desired shape and size. You can even buy pre-cut vinyl stickers.
  • Use a masking tape to mark the position where the sticker has to go. This will ensure that the sticker is in the exact place where you want it to and the overall design element is not marred by wrong positioning.
  • Now, with a little help, remove the backing from the wrap and place it gently on the surface. Use your thumb to press from center out. Work your way from top to bottom.
  • Gently stretch the vinyl sticker to remove any bubbles.
  • Repeat with the rest of the vinyl stickers to create your idealized design.
  • Small decals can be easily applied with this method but if your decals are of a large size, we recommend the wet method. After cleaning the surface, wet the area again using a spray bottle having a solution of 5% soap and 95% water. Apply the sticker to the wet surface.

    It will not adhere immediately and give you time to reposition it to the right spot. You can also easily remove creases and air bubbles using a squeegee with this method. As the water will dry, the sticker will firmly adhere to the surface. 
  • If you have a decal that comes with a transfer tape. Make sure that the design and the transfer tape are firmly pressed together on the surface. You can use a squeegee to affirm this. It is important to ensure this step because we do not want the sticker to come off too when we are removing the transfer tape. Leave the transfer tape on the car for 24 hours.

     If you live in an area that has harsh winters or constant low temperature, leave the transfer tape on for longer. You can use a blow dryer to apply heat to the vinyl car sticker.
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Characteristics of Vinyl Stickers

  • Weather Resistant The vehicle vinyl stickers are specially designed to be suitable to last in all kinds of weather and climates. The nature of these stickers is survivable in scorching heat and extreme cold. Continuous exposure to heat does not affect the quality of these wraps. They hold onto their shine while being exposed to sizzling sun beams. Also, if visible to cold weather, the temperature will not do anything to the design on your cars.
  • Waterproof The vinyl vehicle stickers are also water resistant, hence you can easily wash them without worrying that they will come off.
  • Easy Application The vinyl stickers can be applied easily because these are adhesive and can easily be glued to the surface. The wrap stickers are easy to cut with all kinds of cutters; you can carve the decals as per your wish. You can go all abstract with the carving or be particular with shapes. Use different colors and textures to form various designs.
  • Flexible and easy to stretch The vinyl wrap stickers are flexible. If you want to remove a crease or a bubble from within, you can do so easily as they can be the sticker can be re-lifted, repositioned, and stretched while installing.
  • Durable and long-lasting Vinyl wrap stickers are incredibly long lasting with the tendency to tolerate minor dings and chips without coming off. They can easily last for three to four years if properly taken care of.
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Different Ways to Style the Wraps

With car wrap stickers, personalization is pretty easy since there is a wide variety of vinyl available both in colors and surface textures. With the choice of color that has been provided, you can be creative beyond anyone's imagination. Not just the colors but you can be playful by using plain or textured car wraps too. Combining plain car wrap with a textured one will make the design much more attractive for the onlookers. Also with colors, you can balance out by using basic colors with vibrant ones to keep the look perfectly balanced.

 If you are a minimalist, opt for basic colors and create your designs. The quirky individuals can choose all the vibrancy provided to create a funky look for the car. You can make your car stand out by going all abstract or being particular with the design. The abstract designs can be of any shape or size while you can also go for a cartoon character, some text, or an image of your favorite personality. If you are not that creative yet want to revamp that vehicle of yours, it is no big deal, just choose your favorite colors,

cut the car wrap into rectangular pieces and paste it on the surface of your car creating stripes. So, only by using a number of different colored car wraps you have created the easiest yet beautiful design.

Buying Options in Car Stickers

Pre-cut and pre-designed vinyl stickers for vehicles are easily available online. You can choose the one you like best and stick it to your vehicle in a hassle-free manner. If you are one of those who want to stand out by being different from the rest of the lot, you can design your own sticker or decal as well.

 There are many online outlets that allow you to realize the design you want on your vehicle with the vinyl of your choice. Hence there is no dearth or ideas out there. Simply go, select or create a design, and revamp your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion: Is Camouflage Wrap worth it?

It must be clear by now that this economical way of revamping or advertising is definitely worth trying. You can buy the vehicle wrap stickers and make your car unique because spraying or painting for a new look is going to cost you much more so why not invest in a vehicle sticker. Plus, if you decide to create ads with these vehicle wraps, they can prove to be cost -effect since you do not have to spend on renting billboards, a section in a newspaper or a segment on the television.

Hence a little expenditure on these vehicle vinyl stickers will make it worthwhile for you. A decision you will never regret!

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