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31 products

Blue Vinyl Wrap

In the automotive industry, there has been a surge in the popularity of blue as the color for the vehicles! If you want to join the trend as well but do not possess a blue car, invest in a premium quality wrap. With the magnificent blue vinyl, you can turn on the charm and give your vehicle a new sense of depth and dimension!

Blue vinyl wrap is all the rage these days. It does only overhaul the look of your vehicle but is also known for its calming effect and the ability to hide dust and dirt relatively well. It is more cost-effective and can be easily removed without damaging the underlying paint.

At Vinyl Frog, there is a wide range of shades available in blue and can be used to create a variety of effects - from a subtle change in color to a bold, custom look. Have a look at all the amazing options you can get. 

Our Range of Blue Vinyl Wraps

Blue vinyl comes in a variety of styles and textures. Once you've made the decision to wrap your automobile in blue, you must choose which shade and finish would be suitable for you!

The visual and tactile characteristics of blue vinyl films vary along with the prices. A blue vinyl wrap costs between $500 and $3000, depending on the size of the vehicle, the type of wrap chosen and whether you have opted for a full or partial wrap. This is merely an estimate because many factors impact it. Following are the different types of blue wraps available:

  • Glossy blue vinyl wrap.

High glossy.

Super glossy.

Glossy metallic.

Glossy Blue Vinyl Wraps

Glossy blue vinyl wraps are ideal for people seeking a consistent and cohesive appearance. They make your vehicle sparkle even on a cloudy day due to the layer of exquisite sheen on their surface. These are perhaps the most common form of vinyl used for vehicle wrapping and are well-liked by all and sundry. They are an excellent alternative for anybody seeking a paint-like finish. Their cost is $61 for a 5ftx3.28ft roll.

Our glossy vinyl can be further categorized into super glossy, high glossy, and glossy metallic vinyl. This classification is according to the difference in shine on the surface of the vinyl.

At Vinyl Frog, we have High Glossy Miami Blue, Super Glossy China Blue, Glossy Metallic Glitter Black Blue, and a few more - they can be used to modify any make and model of the car on the road, and their sheer brilliance will astound you.

High Glossy Miami Blue

They are perfect to jazz up your ride and make it look like it belongs in the thick of a nightlife scene. The vinyl wrap is glossy, so it shines brightly in any light - and that means that no matter what you're driving, whether it is a high end vehicle like Audi or a simple Mini, you'll always be noticed as one of the most stylish people on the road!

Super Glossy China Blue

This super glossy China blue vinyl will make your car look like a million bucks! It offers elegance with a sportive edge. It's the ideal way to give your ride some style and flair. With its vibrant, glossy color, our China blue vinyl car wrap will make your ride stand out in the crowd.

Glossy Metallic Glitter Black Blue

You don't have to settle for boring old-school black or white vinyl wraps anymore. At Vinyl Frog you can get the glossy metallic glitter black blue wrap that will make your car look bright, fun, and modern! The metallic, sparkling quality of the black blue wrap with minute specks of glitter that reflect light in all directions, will make your cherished ride shine like a jewel on the road. It will be impossible to ignore.

Matte Metallic Blue Vinyl Wraps

Matte combined with metallic tendencies emphasize on body lines and draw attention to curves more effectively. If you want a metallic effect but dislike the high shimmer, matte metallic is the way to go! While matte metallic wraps are still generally non-reflective, they include microscopic metallic particles that lend depth to the shade of your wrap, making it look more intriguing and dimensional. Due to its subdued finish, it is considerably less expensive than other types of blue wraps, costing $59 for 5ft x 3.28ft.

Vinyl Frog offers Matte Metallic Oxford Blue, Matte Metallic Tiffany as well as Matte Metallic Pearl Blue, which are merely variants of the same grace and appeal.

Matte Metallic Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue is considered to be an iconic color shade that is refreshing and rejuvenating. The matte finish gives the material a non-glossy, velvety appearance, while the metallic element gives it a shiny, reflective look. This type of wrap is used to give your car a unique and eye-catching appearance, with the matte and metallic elements working together to create an interesting visual effect.

Candy Metallic Blue Vinyl Wrap

Our extensive variety of blue candy metallic wraps is the best for altering the appearance of your car, giving it a durable, smooth, and appealing finish. Candy colors are vibrant and highly appealing. The same is true for these vinyl wraps. A candy blue color with metallic sheen will always be a hot favorite. The cost is $63 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Vinyl Frog’s selection in this area includes Candy Metallic Neon Ice Blue and Neon Light Blue, Candy Metallic Dark Gray Blue,  and many more.

Candy Metallic Neon Ice Blue

It refers to a color that is a combination of a candy blue hue, a metallic shine, and the neon brightness. The term ‘ice blue’ indicates that the color has a cool, frosty appearance. This type of color or finish gives a car a bold and distinctive look, with the combination of different elements creating a vibrant and eye-catching effect.

Candy Metallic Silver Gray Blue

This is a truly unique shade of silver gray with blue undertones. It is simply a treat for the eyes – a color that is never seen before in cars. It will not be wrong to call it the rarest of all. It gives your vehicle a sleek and stylish look as if it is straight out of a fantasy world, an epitome of high fashion. Blend it with super shine and your car will surely be the most captivating on the road.

Satin Chrome Blue Vinyl Wrap

Satin chrome wraps are an excellent compromise amongst gloss and matte. They give a distinctive, dull satin chrome finish that highlights your vehicle's contours and lines. They are not dazzling and do not glisten a lot when light shines on them. Their smooth satiny finish provides the best of both worlds. 

If you want your car to outshine and make passersby stop and gaze, satin chrome blue vinyl wrap is the way to go. It guarantees structural accuracy and looks best as a full car cover. A 5ftx3.28ft roll costs around $63. 

Vinyl frog offers Satin Chrome Blue, Satin Chrome Silk Azure, Satin Chrome Silk Prussian Blue, Satin Chrome Saint Patrick Blue, and Satin Chrome Silk Ultramarine. Whether you want a full or partial wrap for your car, it will undoubtedly transform it into a hot, roaring set of wheels.

Satin Chrome Silk Azure Blue

Azure is a different shade of blue brimming with vibrance. The color's satin component lends it a velvety, silky look, while the chrome finish adds a reflecting sheen. It gives an automobile a sleek and modern appearance, with the satin and chrome aspects presenting a distinct aesthetic impression.

Partial Wrapping With Blue

Partial wrapping is a blessing for many car enthusiasts as it is not only lighter on the pocket but gives them ample room to display their creativity on their vehicle. Plus you don’t have to spend hours wrapping your vehicle. You can create a unique look with half the time and half the price. You can go with a black and blue, or white and blue combination for your car covering only the door panels and bumper with blue vinyl. Or you can just cover the roof and the hood. Some people only like as little as covering the wing mirrors and bumpers with blue vinyl wrap.

If you want to create a design, you can go for blue stripes on the hood or create a lightning design on the side fender. You can also mix and match blue with other amazing vinyl colors of the same category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do blue vinyl wraps scratch easily?

ANS: Blue, like any other color of vinyl, is highly durable and can bear minor scratches. Vinyl wraps are made to be sturdy and bear the brunt of everyday minor hazards may they be environmental or otherwise. Even if a wrap does get scratched, the damage does not reach your car's paint making vinyl car wraps a good investment.

Q: What ruins a vinyl wrap?

ANS: There are many elements that can ruin a vinyl wrap. Sun exposure, however, tops the list. This can fade the color of the wrap eventually which is a common problem faced by the owners of wrapped vehicles. This doesn't happen in a day though. It takes a lot of time for a vinyl to fade, especially when the car is exposed to a lot of sunlight and heat. These can even distort the vinyl by causing it to shrink or warp.

Q: Why is my vinyl wrap peeling?

ANS: If the vehicle was not cleaned properly and there was grease and dirt on it when vinyl wrap was being installed, it will start peeling and coming off soon. Vinyl wraps should only be applied to thoroughly cleaned and degreased vehicle exterior to ensure longevity and strong adhesion. There should also be no scratches, dents, or rust at the time of installation.

Q: Is blue vinyl hard to keep clean?

ANS: No, on the contrary it is the easiest to keep clean because it does not show dirt as easily as other car colors. Plus it will keep your car looking perfect at all times.


If you are looking for something that will add a little bit of pizzazz to your vehicle and make it look more appealing, this is the right color for you. You will not regret the purchase because customers have been saying that it works wonders when it comes to enhancing the appearance of their vehicle and making them look better than ever before!