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14 products

14 products

Glossy Pearl White Vinyl Wrap. Glossy Pearl White Vinyl Wrap.
From £51.00 GBP
High Glossy Crystal White Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Crystal White Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP
Matte Metallic Pearl White. Matte Metallic Pearl White.
From £49.00 GBP
Glossy White Blue Vinyl Wrap Glossy White Blue Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP
Glossy White Gold Vinyl Wrap Glossy White Gold Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP
Glossy White Red Vinyl Wrap Glossy White Red Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP
Glossy White Purple Vinyl Wrap Glossy White Purple Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP
Matte Silk Ivory White Vinyl Wrap Matte Silk Ivory White Vinyl Wrap
From £52.00 GBP
Matte White Purple. Matte White Purple.
From £51.00 GBP
High Glossy Simply White Vinyl Wrap High Glossy Simply White Vinyl Wrap
From £51.00 GBP

White Vinyl Wraps

White is a highly coveted color in the vinyl industry. Its most attractive feature is its exquisite finish – it’s not just a bland, mundane white it either has a glittery surface or it presents a brilliant display of different hues upon interaction with light that makes it truly captivating. If you are looking for magnificent white vinyl wraps for your car, the widest assortment is available at Vinyl Frog.

White is a color that denotes taste, orderliness, elegance, and is perfect for that classic simple look. Vinyl Frog makes sure to give you the best vinyl selection in order to achieve that feeling. Our white car wraps give your automobile a sleek, polished look and are offered in a variety of styles, hues, and finishes. Our wide range includes matte, gloss, satin, and many more.

Variety In White Vinyl Wraps

White vinyl is offered in a wide variety of surface finishes. You might have decided to wrap your car in white, but which one? It is crucial to research the options and determine which texture best suits your needs before making a choice.

The appearance of different white vinyl wraps varies and so also their price. They can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000, depending on the type of wrap chosen and the size of the car. This is just an estimated figure because there are a number of variables that affect the price of the vinyl wrap. Following are the options in white vinyl that we offer:

  • Glossy white.

High glossy.

  • Metallic white.

Rainbow metallic.

Glitter metallic.

Matte metallic.

Satin chrome.

Opal chrome.

Glossy White Vinyl Wrap

This shimmery vinyl will make your car stand out in the crowd. It is available in high glossy series as well. It is closer to the actual paint finish of the vehicle as far as its look is concerned and is always in high demand. Some of its shades are:

Glossy Pearl White Vinyl Wrap

Looking for a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting, and fashionable way to add a touch of class to your vehicle? Our glossy pearl white vinyl wrap is a great way to make your car stand out. It has a pearlescent finish that denotes elegance and sophistication giving your precious set of wheels a luxurious look.

Glossy White Gold Vinyl Wrap

This stylish glossy white vinyl wrap has a slight gold undertone. It is incredibly simple to apply, clean, and maintain. It will undoubtedly enhance the look of your vehicle adding a touch of opulence to it!

Glossy White Blue Vinyl Wrap

This gorgeous vinyl has a high gloss two-toned finish. Presenting white with a slight hint of blue, it makes your ride truly eye-catching. Use it as a partial wrap with other, darker hues or even paler blue tones and behold the amazing look.

High Glossy Crystal White Vinyl Wrap

For fans of even glossier wraps, you’re in luck! With this high glossy crystal white vinyl wrap, you can give your car a long-lasting, shiny finish that makes it even more appealing.

Any conventional car, truck, or SUV may achieve a brand-new look with our high glossy vinyl wrap. A premium-quality, color matched external vinyl skin, it will transform your car into a showstopper.

Metallic White Vinyl Wrap

Metallic vinyl is a high performance wrap with slight metal flakes for extra shimmer. At Vinyl Frog, we just don’t have the standard premium quality metallic wrap, our variety also includes added textures like rainbow, glitter and  matte metallic finish. You can choose from the following:

Rainbow Metallic White Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wrapping in rainbow metallic white can give your car a splash of color in an inconspicuous manner. It also ensures increased visibility at night thanks to its reflective components. The end result is a touch of refinement and beauty to your car. It is a high-gloss reflecting metallic vinyl with a rainbow effect and a pearl white base hue.

Glitter Metallic Diamond Blue White Vinyl Wrap

This wrap is ideal for you if you enjoy the look of metallic vinyl overlaid with minute flecks of glitter. A blue and white diamond design adorns this vinyl. The diamonds are white with silver glitter embellishments on a metallic blue background. If you’re a fan of sparkle with a hint of blue, this is the wrap for you!

Glitter Metallic Diamond Red White

This wrap has a glittery white base finish tinged with red. The dominant hue becomes evident in light and presents an awesome look. It swathes your car perfectly converting it into a jewel. 

Glitter Metallic Matt Aurora White

This wrap has a pale grayish white color. It is regarded as an all-purpose shade that can be applied to any type of vehicle. This design has a glitter texture that adds some glimmer to your car's bodywork!

Matte Metallic Pearl White Vinyl Wrap

The matte metallic pearl white vinyl wrap is a classic and elegant way to achieve the look of a freshly painted car. It's a pearlescent white that goes well with any color scheme and looks great with tinted windows.

Matte White Vinyl Wrap

For those who desire a seductive silhouette and a covert appearance, we have the matte white vinyl wrap. It comes in the following colors:

Matte White Purple Vinyl Wrap

This vinyl wrap's matte finish enables it to blend into most surfaces and add brightness to any environment. It has a low sheen and a neutral tone adding panache to the overall look.

Matte White Gold Vinyl Wrap

Our matte white gold vinyl wrap is perfect for you if you love a clean, refined appearance with more emphasis on the body of the vehicle. It will give any car the understated and striking appearance you've always desired.

Matte White Blue Vinyl Wrap

Our matte white blue vinyl wrap is the ideal option if you're searching for a simple approach to add some color to your car. It has a texture for a subtle yet intriguing appearance and a blue undertone with a faint, muted sheen.

Matte White Red Vinyl Wrap

If you want to go bold with your wrap, this is the vinyl for you. This striking vinyl may be applied to automobile doors and bumpers to improve the look and value of your car while providing superior material protection.

Satin Chrome Vinyl Wrap

Do you want your automobile to appear as though it came out of the future? Vinyl Frog has the perfect vinyl wrap for you! The satin chrome gives class and adds luxury to the vehicle. It comes in two colors:

Satin Chrome Silk Khaki Vinyl Wrap

This satin chrome vinyl wrap offers a beautiful, vintage appearance that covers the minor flaws of your vehicle. Your car will look costly with a luxurious satiny look presenting an amazing facade.

Satin Chrome Silk Ivory White Vinyl Wrap

Your car will be transformed into something incredibly magnificent with this bright, satin-finish vinyl wrap. It provides a simple approach to change the appearance of your vehicle by easily adhering itself and enhancing the overall look.

Opal Chrome White Vinyl Wrap

Opal chrome white vinyl may be just what you need to update the appearance of your vehicle making it stunning and vibrant. This vinyl comes in a variety of colors and has a smooth silky look that exudes sophistication and finesse.

Partial Wrapping With White Vinyl

A partial vinyl wrap covers about 25% to 75% of your vehicle. It is economical and does not burn a hole in your pocket. There are many design options that you can choose while partial wrapping with white. Mix and match it with other bright colors and apply it to look like a decal. This will completely customize your vehicle depicting your personal style. 

You can also opt to completely cover the roof, trunk or hood of your vehicle. Play with the colors and apply white in contrast with other shades. Check out options in red and blue with white. Certain shades of green also go well with the white vinyl wrap. You can also make a white partial wrap work in contrast with your vehicle’s paint color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you clean white vinyl wraps?

White vinyl wraps are easy to clean. Just keep a spray bottle filled with two parts isopropyl alcohol to one part water handy. This cleaning solution will take out the sturdiest stains and keep your white vinyl spick and span.

Q: Can you wrap a dark car white?

Yes. You can. The original color of the car does not show through a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps can be placed on the vehicle of any size and color.

Q: How do you wrap crevices with vinyl?

It is a bit time consuming but not very difficult. Apply heat over the curves and edges of the vehicle to soften the vinyl and make it more flexible. You can use a heat gun for it. Now mold the wrap around these areas. You can use the hard side of the squeegee to stuff the wrap down into crevices.

Q: Can you put vinyl wrap over dents?

Do not make the mistake of installing vinyl wrap over dents thinking that it will hide the flaws. Vinyl is naturally designed to adjust itself to the shape and contours of a vehicle. When there is a scratch or dent, the vinyl can actually make the damage more visible.

Q: Do white vinyl wraps look as good as paint?

Even if you don’t want to make a large statement with your vehicle, vinyl can be a cost-effective substitute for paint because a wrap can be a solid color scheme that looks exactly like paint to the casual eye. 

Final Words

All in all, white vinyl wrap is a great way to create a simple and elegant look for your car. Before selecting, make sure to research well and also think of contrasting shades. You have a vast variety to choose from because there are numerous options in texture, design, and color.