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Universal Transparent Gloss Paint Protection Film with Self-healing Topcoat

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Universal Transparent Gloss Paint Protection Film with Self-healing Topcoat


Get ready to experience the ultimate armor for your beloved ride with the Universal Transparent Gloss Paint Protection Film by Vinyl Frog! Unleashing a new era of sleek and unbeatable protection, this revolutionary film is here to shield your vehicle's paint job like never before. 

Say goodbye to the worries of scratches, chips, and other harsh environmental elements, as this transparent gloss film adds a layer of invincibility without compromising your car's stunning aesthetics. And here's the real showstopper - its self-healing topcoat magically erases minor scratches, leaving your car flawlessly radiant.

The glossy structure of our paint protection film exudes a captivating shine that effortlessly enhances your car's allure, while its remarkable transparency ensures your paint job remains on full display. In fact, it makes the color of your car more pronounced and eye-catching, making it gleam in the light. But wait, there's more! This premium film is not only a feast for the eyes but also light on the wallet, making it the unbeatable choice for smart shoppers. Grab a 5ft x 3.28ft roll for just $63.00!

Our Universal Transparent Gloss PPF is of supreme quality and is highly durable and long-lasting. It has a solvent-based adhesive that forms a secure bond with the surface it is applied to, ensuring that the film offers premium protection for a long time. Its self-healing top coat enhances its resilience making light scratches and swirl marks disappear with a light heat application to the film's surface.

Our film offers high transparency and is invisible to the eye once applied. It is UV resistant and will not get yellow under the scorching heat of the sun, bravely fighting the harmful rays. It is also stain resistant hence you don’t have to worry about discoloration of any sort. It will safeguard your original paint from rock chips, nicks and scratches and keep your vehicle looking as good as the day it rolled off the lot. This will also increase the resale value of your car in the long run. 

Applying this high-grade polymeric marvel is a breeze, but remember, it's the wet method that works wonders. Simply mix water or a soap-alcohol concoction, and let this magical film work its protective magic. This film offers a strong and secure hold, ensuring your vehicle stays protected for extended periods. Its initial grip is reliable and provides a solid bond right from the start. 

Removing the film is effortless as well, requiring minimal force. With a shelf life that ensures long-lasting performance, this film is a reliable investment. It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, making it versatile for various conditions. Whether it's humidity, salt spray, water, or chemicals, this film can handle them all without any detrimental effects.

Upgrade your vehicle's defense game with our Universal Transparent Gloss Paint Protection Film and let your ride become the envy of the road! 

Features And Specifications:

  • Premium quality film.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Scratch and stain resistant.
  • High endurance with a self-healing topcoat. 
  • Transparent, having superior clarity without the orange peel effect.  
  • Hassle-free installation and removal. 
  • Resistant to yellowing and cracking. 
  • Size: 5ft x 3.28ft, 10ft, 16ft, 33ft, and 49ft.
  • Finish: Transparent, glossy.
  • Packaging: Roll in a sturdy box.
  • Shelf life: 2 years from the date of purchase when stored at 50°F to 80°F (15°C – 25°C) and 45% to 50% relative humidity.
  • The optimum recommended storage conditions are 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity.

Physical Properties 

Classification Unit Spec Remark
Thickness Top protected film mm
0.05± 0.005


Surface materials mm 0.15± 0.005 PVC-Polymeric
Glue mm 0.015 ± 0.002 Solvent based
Release liner mm 0.075 ± 0.01 -
Surface Transparent
Width M 1.52
Length M 15

Physical Performance 

Features Test Method Results
Holding power paste on steel board, hang on by 1kg weight under 25℃ and 65%, GB4851 ≥ 12 hours
Initial tack 20 Minutes under 25℃ and 65%, GB4852 ≥ No.5 steel ball
Peel adhesion paste on steel board, 180° 20 Minutes under 25℃and 65%, GB2792 ≥1.2kg/inch
Release force paste on steel board, 90° 25℃ and 65%, GB2792 10 ~15g/inch
Shelf life 25℃and 65% 1-2 years
Application temperature /

+20℃ to +25℃

Temperature range / '-20℃ to +80℃
Humidity Resistance 120 hours exposure No Detrimental Effect
Saltspray Resistance 120 hours exposure No Detrimental Effect
Water Resistance 120 hours immersion No Detrimental Effect
Chemical Resistance 1hour diesel oil immersion,4hours antifreeze immersion No Detrimental Effect
Time Limits  Must use it within 3 Months after you receive the wrap film 3 Months


Shelf life: 2 years from date of purchase when stored at 50°F to 80°F (15°C – 25°C) and 45% to 50% relative humidity. Optimum recommended storage conditions are 72°F (22°C) and 50% relative humidity.

Common Applications:

▲ Protection of the highly sensitive external surfaces of the vehicle like; bumper, side mirrors, hood, headlight & wheel arches.

▲ Protection of internal surfaces like, luggage racks or chairs in busses or trains

▲ Protection of surfaces in high traffic areas like, reception desks, door impact areas, wall panels and more

▲ Partial colour change to high gloss black to accentuate specific car parts like roof, mirrors, hood and more

Important Notice:

Information on physical and chemical characteristics and values in this document are based upon tests we believe to be reliable and do not constitute a warranty. They are intended only as a source of information and are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. Purchasers should independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of this material to their specific use. All technical data are subject to change. In case of any ambiguities or differences between the English and foreign versions of this document, the English version shall be prevailing and leading.

Warranty, Limited Remedy, and Disclaimer:

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Limitation of Liability:

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