Truck Wraps - Wrap Your Track in Style

by Vinyl Frog on April 06, 2022

Wrapping your truck with vinyl is an excellent way to change its appearance by adding an attractive graphic or casting color. You can choose full or partial truck wraps, making it easy to select vinyl wraps to fit your specific needs and wants. 

There is an attractive truck wrap for every truck, whether you drive a full-sized dually diesel or a midsize pickup. It's becoming increasingly popular to wrap trucks. While some truck owners would like to promote their business, others would like to change the appearance of their trucks. 

Wrap advertising on trucks traveling around Ogden, Kaysville, Salt Lake City, or other areas along the Wasatch front can reach 30,000 impressions in a single day! The Truck wrap is more likely to be remembered and noticed by people than other forms of advertising. 

Wrapping the trucks in your fleet-or your pickup truck-can be an effective way to promote your brand. Your company trucks can be converted to mobile billboards for your brand by Revolution Vinyl.

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Vinyl Truck Wrap

Vinyl sheets with an adhesive back are used for truck wraps. The vinyl comes in different designs and colors, and it adheres to your truck-like paint, creating a smooth and professional appearance. The vinyl wrap business and color change advertising grew in popularity due to wrapping trucks.

It was a milestone in transitioning from small-scale vinyl lettering to full-scale truck vinyl color changes. Any decommissioned truck before this point had to be heavily discounted or repainted entirely. Unlike vandalism, removing vinyl truck wraps could be done without damaging the paint underneath, so the truck did not require repainting or discounting. As a cosmetic enhancement, installers of advertising vinyl began to add accent and full-length vinyl wraps to their services. 

Owners of trucks pushed for vinyl wraps designed to match their tastes. It was more efficient to change the color and finish of the trucks than to advertise a company or brand. Vinyl wrap manufacturers followed this trend with more colors and materials that were easier to install.

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Aspects of truck wrapping

  • Mobile billboards advertising your company
  • The branding of fleets is an important aspect
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Changeable if damaged
  • Protects aluminum or paint
  • Individually-tailored
  • You must defend yourself
  • The best alternative to painting
  • There will be less downtime

Benefits of vinyl tuck wrap:

Engage the audience

A striking truck wrap is sure to catch the attention of all the passersby and other vehicles on the road. When you see a beautiful truck covered in attractive colors, you always notice it while you are stuck in traffic. The success of any advertisement depends heavily on its ability to raise brand awareness. A truck wrap is an effective way to increase brand recognition.

Free of interruptions

You can also market your product using truck wraps without disrupting someone's routine. Print, radio, and even television advertisements grab your attention by interrupting your experience. On the other hand, truck wraps don't cause such disruptions. As you are waiting for the bus or stuck in traffic, make sure you know your surroundings. It ensures that truck wraps capture attention without interrupting people's routines.

Suitable for trucks

Wrapping your truck can also provide exceptional protection for it and prevent scratches and dents. The vinyl truck wrap on your tuck offers protection to keep it in top condition. Vinyl truck wraps can easily be removed, revealing the vehicle's exterior without scratches or dents.


As a reasonable yet cost-effective method of advertising a company, truck wraps are also an excellent advertising tool. Any advertising that reaches such a large number of people involves a lot of money. Vinyl wrapping a truck may be expensive initially, but it lasts well and reaches a larger audience.


Truck wrap advertising promotes the product even while it is parked. Ads of this type are advantageous because they can be displayed when a truck is in a parking lot to attract passersby.

Truck Wrap


Wrapping Tools 

  • Buffer.
  • Tucking Tools.
  • Hot gun holders.
  • Hot guns.
  • Vinyl.
  • Blades & Knives.
  • Wrap the poles.
  • Hoods, trunks, and doors.

Pros Cons of Car Wraps


  • Applying vinyl around curves is more accessible.
  • It's faster and cleaner.
  • Dry methods save time and money.
  • Vinyl adheres immediately to your car.
  • No extra squeegeeing is needed after 24 hours.


  • The dry application requires more skill.
  • Water won't help you reposition the film.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does a truck wrap last?

It is expected that your truck wrap will last five to seven years, depending on how it is finished and maintained.

How do Wrapping trucks work?

A vinyl wrap is a large graphic or decal covering the whole surface. It is applied directly over the original paint on the truck surface. Using a wrap provides you with a quick and easy way to change a truck look within a brief period. It is possible to remove the wrap from the truck as well so that it can once again display a classic appearance.

Do you know what it costs to wrap a truck?

Several factors determine a truck's wrap cost, but most trucks cost $1,500 and $5,000. The size, complexity, and type of vehicle used for the wrap are some of the determining factors.

How do you wrap a truck?

It is possible to make your truck look brand new and fresh with vinyl wrapping, even if you do not like the color anymore. Wrapping your vehicle in vinyl is another excellent way to make your vehicle a mobile billboard for your business.


To improve the overall appearance of your truck, you can customize your vinyl truck wrap so you can customize either the whole vehicle or specific parts of the vehicle. From camo to colored films to matte to chrome, vinyl covers can transform your truck in several ways, depending on the application


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