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17 products

All About Yellow And Orange Vinyl Wraps

Give your car a high dose of energy and vibrance with the premium quality Yellow and Orange Car Wraps by VinylFrog. These two are not the shades that one normally sees on a vehicle. They are the perfect solution to turn your plain car into something special and out of this world! If you want to take your vehicle from drab to fab, these are the vinyl wrap colors for you.

Yellow is a cheerful vinyl color associated with happiness, joy, and high spirits. Orange, on the other hand, has an electric vibe. Above all else, both colors symbolize life and liveliness. Use them together or separately on your vehicle, or create an amazing design with them, the choices are unlimited.

Explore Yellow Vinyl Wrap For Different Vehicles

Yellow Car Wrap
Yellow Car Wrap
Yellow Car Wrap

Explore Orange Vinyl Wrap For Different Vehicles

Orange Car Wrap
Orange Car Wrap
Orange Car Wrap

The Orange And Yellow Vinyl Wrap Cost

For those who own a standard sedan and would like to fully wrap it in an orange or yellow vinyl, the cost starts from $2000. This includes the price of the material and installation. If your car has any dents or marks that have to be taken care of before applying the vinyl, the overall expense of installation will increase.

The cost may go up to $5000 for larger vehicles with more surface area to cover. Installation on high-end luxury vehicles such as Ferrari or Lamborghini may even go up to $10000. If you are partially wrapping your vehicle or taking the DIY route, you might save a lot. Only apply the vinyl yourself if you have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and tools.

Variety In Yellow And Orange Vinyl Wraps Colors

We have many shades of yellow and orange vinyl car wraps in different finishes. Here’s what we offer:

  • . The Gloss Series
  • High glossy.
  • . The Metallic Series
  • Candy metallic.
  • Glossy metallic.
  • . The Chrome Series
  • Mirror chrome.
  • Opal chrome.
  • Satin chrome.

The Glossy Series

Our glossy vinyl wraps are high in demand as they give a paint-like finish to your vehicle. They add a smooth sheen to the overall look of your car as if you have just taken it out from the showroom. The different yellow car wrap colors in this glossy series are High Glossy Pastel Yellow, Racing Yellow, and Chartreuse Yellow to name a few. High Glossy McLaren Orange gives your car a stunning, vibrant, and attention-grabbing look just like that of a high-performance supercar.

The Metallic Series

These wraps have a metal-like sheen on their surface. They are available in candy and glossy metallic finishes in Yellow and Orange vinyl colors. If you love the neon look, go for the Candy Metallic finish. Our Candy Metallic Neon Yellow Vinyl Wrap is a must-have. We also have the Neon Orange Vinyl Wrap for you. Glossy metallic is a high-shine category that shimmers when light falls on it. We have Golden Yellow, Champagne Gold, Bronze Orange, and Copper Vinyl Wrap for you.

The Chrome Series

Chrome vinyl is for those who think out of the box and love to do something extraordinary. For a truly elegant look with just the right amount of shine, we have Satin Chrome Silk Bronze Orange Vinyl Wrap for you. This will give the impression of your ride being wrapped in silk. If you want a mirror-like shine with high reflectivity, we have the Mirror Chrome Gold Car Wrap that is truly out of this world. 

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Our Yellow and Orange vinyl wraps are the perfect addition to any vehicle. They give your ride a smooth finish and a fresh look. They are an excellent investment for anybody who wants to upgrade the look of their car making it brand new again.