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17 products

All About Yellow And Orange Vinyl Wrap

Yellow and orange are the colors full of vitality and positivity. They are loved by those who brim with immense warmth and enthusiasm, and want to spread good cheer all around. Everything around them is a depiction of their vibrant persona, and this includes their vehicle as well.

Yellow and orange add a bit of zing to your car, that much needed pizzazz that makes it a real head turner since these two are not the shades that one normally sees on a vehicle. They are the perfect solution to turn your plain car into something special and out of this world! If you are looking to take your vehicle from drab to fab, this product is for you.

Yellow is a cheerful color that is associated with happiness, joy, and high spirits. Orange, on the other hand, has an electric vibe. Above all else, both colors symbolize life and liveliness. Use them in conjunction or separately on your vehicle, or create an amazing design with them, the choices are unlimited.

Variety In Yellow And Orange Vinyl Wraps

Orange and yellow vinyl colors add some fun and joviality without going overboard. They are a popular choice for many businesses who want to advertise their brand on cars or to give their vehicle a bold appearance. Following are the many varieties of yellow and orange vinyl wraps available at Vinyl Frog:

Yellow And Orange Glossy Vinyl Wrap

The glossy series in vinyl wraps is highly coveted. It adds a smooth sheen to the overall look of the vehicle and is closer to the original paint job. With the right design, these wraps can make your vehicle look like you have just bought it from the showroom. At Vinyl Frog, the price for a 5ft x 3.28ft starts from $61. It comes in two categories depending on the level of shine: High and super glossy.

High Glossy Racing Yellow

This color is often associated with high-performance vehicles and is popular among racing enthusiasts. It is one of the most stunning finishes that we offer in our vinyl wraps. The gloss surface has a zesty look that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle making it a real speedster.

Super Glossy Orange Poppy

Super glossy orange poppy is a dazzling, eye-catching orange with a high gloss texture. It adds a touch of brightness to the vehicle and its super gloss finish lends the hue a strikingly attractive appearance that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Yellow And Orange Metallic Vinyl Wraps

These wraps have a metal like sheen on their surface. They are available in candy, glossy and matte metallic finish in these shades. Candy metallic is a distinctive variety of vinyl wrap that will turn heads and make the car stand out with vibrant and lively candy shades. It also makes a statement about your taste in cars. It costs around $61.00 - $63.00 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Glossy metallic is a high shine category that shimmers when light falls on it. It turns your car into a precious ornament on the road. The matte metallic look, on the other hand, gives your vehicle an extra punch of style. Whether you're looking for a subtle or bold look, matte metallic is one of the most popular choices when it comes to automotive wraps. It costs around $59 - $63 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Candy Metallic Neon Yellow

Candy metallic neon yellow is a bright, vibrant shade of yellow with a metallic finish. It is used to add a bold, eye-catching touch to vehicles. The metallic finish of the color gives it a reflective, shimmering appearance that changes as light hits it at different angles.

Matte Metallic Pearl Yellow

The matte metallic finish gives your vehicle a very slight shine. It is almost muted as the matte finish creates a smooth, non-reflective surface. This vinyl also has pearlescent qualities making it highly sophisticated. The yellow color adds a dash of happy sunshine.

Glossy Metallic Bronze Orange

This is a deep rich, shiny shade of orange that resembles the metal alloy bronze. It is a distinctive color uncommon in cars hence perfect for a rich, luxurious look. Defy the norm, go for bold and get this shade to captivate the audience on the road.

Orange And Yellow Matte Vinyl Wraps

Chrome vinyl in yellow and orange have a reflective surface that glimmers in light. It also comes in a silken finish that is an emblem of grace. The mirror chrome finish on the vinyl makes your vehicle stand out and improves its overall appeal. Satin chrome is a one-of-a-kind finish with a contemporary appearance. As evident from its name, it has a satiny finish with a modest sheen. At Vinyl Frog, we have the best quality chrome vinyl available starting from $63 for a 5ft x 3.28ft roll.

Satin Chrome Silk Bronze Orange

The satin chrome finish gives the color a smooth, silky appearance that is slightly muted, while the orange color adds a bright, energetic touch. It is durable and flexible, providing flawless coating and giving your car a compelling look.

Mirror Chrome Gold

It is a bold, attention-grabbing vinyl that will add a touch of glamor and vivacity to your vehicle. This mirror chrome gold vinyl wrap will transform your car into a shiny masterpiece and make it distinctive from others on the road. If you have a vehicle that needs some serious attention, this is the product for you!

Opal Chrome Black

This vinyl wrap is super dazzling. Though it says black but it has a highly reflective golden yellow finish. It feels like your car is a gleaming, fiery star descended on the road.

Partial Wrapping With Orange And Yellow Vinyl

Partial wrapping is perfect for creating a customized look that has your stamp on it and making a bold statement on the road. The best thing about partial wraps is that though they are budget friendly, they make a big impact. For this, orange and yellow vinyl wraps are ideal. Using these vinyl you can contact automotive experts to come up with a unique design for your vehicle.

If you own a black or a white car you can create an amazing look with our candy metallic neon yellow or high glossy chartreuse yellow or glossy metallic bronze orange on the hood or the roof. You can also use these to cover from the hood to the trunk in one line. Another option is to use opal chrome black on the wing mirrors only. They will shimmer from afar.

Matte metallic golden yellow or super matte yellow chartreuse is perfect for wrapping only the grilles or spoilers and wings. The possibilities are endless. You simply have to make your creative juices flow with amazing ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and in some cases, even better. A car swathed in a bold shade such as orange or yellow will definitely make a statement.


Our yellow and orange vinyl wrap is the perfect addition to any vehicle. It can be applied to the exterior of your vehicle, giving it a nice smooth finish and a fresh look. This can be done at home or in the shop, depending on how much time and budget you have available. Our orange and yellow vinyl car wrap is an excellent investment for anybody who wants to stand out from the crowd and give their vehicle an updated style that will make it look fresh and brand new again.